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BIJIN&Co. K-POP world’s top project team “PROJECT K” strengthens training and sales of girl groups produced in partnership with crowd casting

[BIJIN&Co.] K-POP world’s top project team “PROJECT”
K” strengthens the development and sales of girl groups produced in partnership with Crowdcasting

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Press release: April 2, 2024
PROJECT K, a top-class project team in the K-POP world, strengthens the development and sales of girl groups produced in partnership with crowdcasting
BIJIN&Co. Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as our company; Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo)
Representative Director: Shinya Tanaka) is a member of the project team “PROJECT”, which has provided songs and dances to top-class groups in the K-Pop world, led by producer Lee Ho-young.
In partnership with “PROJECT K,” we will strengthen the development and sales of the girl group produced by “PROJECT K.”

BIJIN&Co. is hosting Japan’s largest online audition “Project The girl group “UNICODE”, which consists of five members selected through “K”, and the audition were broadcast on the music information program “Utanavi!” (TOKYO
We will support “2FACE”, a group of seven members selected from the new generation girl group audition “Gulls Navi” broadcast on MX and 13 other stations nationwide.

UNICODE is outstanding in vocals, dance, and Korean, and not only is it a hot topic as K-POP made up of only Japanese people, but it is also the first group to debut in Korea using the K-POP production system, where the entire production process is The Japanese team is scheduled to officially debut on April 16, 2024.

Their pre-debut will be at the K-POP concert “NGLA” to be held at Yokohama Pia Arena on April 7th. In addition, from February 23, 2024, the channel “ALL” on the video posting site “YouTube” will be added every Friday from 6 p.m.
The debut story has been released through “UNICODE:ON&OFF” distributed by “THE K-POP”, and it has become a hot topic even before their debut.

“2FACE” is a girl group consisting of 7 members who were selected from a total of over 1,500 applicants in the fourth and final screening, with recruitment starting in October 2023 on the new generation girl group audition “Galsnavi”. , is a group that combines the powerful performances of K-Pop and the cuteness of J-Pop, and is scheduled to debut around summer this year.

* ■About PROJECT K*
We are a project team that has provided songs and dances to some of the top groups in the K-Pop world. ICONIC, NiziU, which also handles many top K-POP idols such as BTS, 2PM, EXO, TWICE, BLACKPINK, NiziU, as well as major Japanese artists such as Namie Amuro, Kumi Koda, Daichi Miura, and EXILE. We are Korea’s best production team to discover K-POP idol groups that can be active in the world, formed from “alien” who perform dance choreography such as “Alien” and TWICE.
* ■PROJECT K member overview*
* ・Music production: ICONIC*
Main Producer:Maxx song
・EXO- Overdose, Growl, Monster, Lotto, Lucky One, Heaven, Baby don’t cry ・Red Velvet-Bad Boy
・BTS-My Time
・BoA-Only One, Kiss my Lips
・RAIN-Love Story
・Girls’ Generation-The Boys, Mr.Mr., Dear Mom, Genie
・Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation) Jonghyun (SHINee) -Breath
・Dean-I am not sorry
・Namie Amuro-Love Story, GO Round, Yeah Oh
・Produce 101- In The Same Place
・Exile -No Limit, All Night Long
・Daichi Miura -Go for It, Bring it Down
・Koda Kumi ‐Show me your holla
・KAT-TUN -Unlock
・J-Soul Brothers -Break of dawn
・Exile the 2nd -Yeah Yeah Yeah
・SixTONES -Odds
・NCT-Kick it
・Taemin (from Shinee)-Danger
・B1A4-Solo Day
・Jay Park -All I Wanna do, Joah, Solo
・NU’EST-Knight of Queen
・SF9 -Summer breeze, RPM
・Black Pink Lisa – BVLGARI Campaign Music /Shoot /Planning
Many other works
* ・Dance/Choreography: Alien Dance Studio Yuanflow*
・NiziU _ Take A Picture
・TWICE _ Perfect World, Fake&True, I Want You Back
・ITZY * Dalla Dalla・PRISTIN V * – Spotlight
・gugudan _ Be My Self, Not That Type
・Nik _ Universe
・JBJ – Wonderful day, from today
・Rainz – Open Ur Heart
・Kim Dong Han – Tipsy
・Dance production of songs by Suzy _ Sober and many other singers ・Ozuna – Eres Top
・Alan Walker – Play
・Don Diablo – Put It On For Me
* ・TEAM PROJEC K Representative/Producer Representative: Lee Ho-young* Career:
・Established the world’s first K-POP hall
・Establishment of Japan’s first Korean town
・Produced the programs “Alex’s Romantic KOREA”, “Amazing Korea”, and “Korean Star TV”
・Program “EXO Kai’s Bucket List” project
・Production of the musical “Nairn”
・Appeared in the movie “Corista THE MOVIE”
・Special lecturer on K-POP business at the same branch women’s university ・K-POP artists who promoted and produced
HAHA/Kim Tae Woo/Nam Tae Hyun (former WINNER)/NORAZO Park Bom (former 2NE1)/Kim Donghan (former JBJ) / 10CM / ROMEO / MR.MR / B.I.G / LUKUS (LAU) / A.C.E / SHU-I / Daegu Danji / Alex / Lee ・
many others

* ■BIJIN&Co.|About BIJIN & Co.*
Update the entertainment industry.
We want to provide new opportunities for all talented people. Our company is a company that develops its business centered on casting services with this idea in mind. By combining technology in this area, which has been analogous until now, we will visualize the value of human content, achieve efficient matching, and connect talented people to market needs in the optimal way.
Through the evolution of casting, we will expand the possibilities of the entertainment industry. As an “entertainment technology company,” we continue to take on new and unprecedented challenges.
Crowdcasting / CLOUDCASTING:
[Company Profile]
Company name: BIJIN&Co. Inc. (English name: BIJIN&Co. Inc.)
Representative: Representative Director Shinya Tanaka
Location: 4-6-8 Shiba Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established: February 2010
Capital: 150 million yen (including capital reserves)
Business details: Management of CLOUDCASTING / Internet media business, etc. *Inquiries regarding this matter*
BIJIN&Co. Co., Ltd. 4-6-8 Shiba Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011 bijin-BLDG. Mail
Person in charge: Nonaka
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