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Home » Shogakukan Co., Ltd. Angerme Rikako Sasaki graduation commemorative photo book to be released on Tuesday, June 4, 2024! Packed with the brilliance of an idol! !

Shogakukan Co., Ltd. Angerme Rikako Sasaki graduation commemorative photo book to be released on Tuesday, June 4, 2024! Packed with the brilliance of an idol! !

Shogakukan Co., Ltd.
Angerme Rikako Sasaki graduation commemorative photo book to be released on Tuesday, June 4, 2024! Packed with the brilliance of an idol! !
Announcing her graduation, the unseen charm of the “cool” idol Rikako Sasaki is at full throttle!
[Image 1:×2927.jpg] Photography/Kentaro Kobe
▲The shocking and sexy expression is unique to photo books.
Rikako Sasaki announced her graduation from ANGERME and “Hello! Project” with the spring tour in 2024. It has been decided that the graduation commemorative photo book (title undecided) of her, who is charismatic and popular among the group, will be released by the Shogakukan CanCam editorial department on Tuesday, June 4, 2024. On stage, Ms. Sasaki captivates the audience with her powerful dance performance, which has been called “baku-ike” by her fans, and her sweet, emotional singing voice, while at the same time captivating the audience with her friendly and innocent character and her “gap moe” style. . Taking advantage of her love of fashion and her beautiful visuals that girls admire, she has also been an exclusive model for the magazine “CanCam” since 2021.
The concept of this work is “Rikako Sasaki that no one knows yet.” In addition to visual pages full of intimacy that will make you feel as if you are spending the day together, there are behind-the-scenes documents that give you a glimpse of the relaxed nature of spending time with the members until the group’s graduation, and long interviews that look back on their lives so far. We will take a closer look at the unknown inner world. During the photo shoot for the visual page, there was a scene where they strolled around Nakano, a place where they had fond memories of performing on stage many times as a group. From the sweet real faces photographed with no make-up to the sexy expressions that will thrill both men and women… Unseen charms are at full throttle! This is a book full of highlights, where you will be overwhelmed by the expressiveness of the models as they wear various fashions and makeup.
There is also a “morning routine style” shot of what you usually do in the morning from the moment you wake up.
[Image 2:×2700.jpg] Photography/Kentaro Kobe
“The tip of a strawberry is the sweetest!” While showing off some trivia, he copied his favorite strawberry.
[Image 3:×2700.jpg] Photography/Kentaro Kobe
While taking a walk around Nakano, where I have visited many times for live performances.
[Image 4:×2700.jpg] Photography/Kentaro Kobe
[Message from Rikako Sasaki]
“It’s been four years since I published a book, so I’m really happy to be able to capture my image as an idol!
It’s the various aspects of myself that I’ve discovered through my activities, my “colors,” my true self, my words, and my friends. It’s filled with such important things and love, so I hope it’s conveyed to those who watch it. After I graduate, I think there will be more time where I won’t be able to see you than before, but I won’t be alone. I would be happy if I could share smiles and happiness through this photo book and become a book that touches someone’s heart.”
Don’t miss out on special benefits such as live photos and lottery autographed books!
A real photo will be distributed as a bonus to those who purchase at “Shosen/Horindo Bookstore”, “Tower Records”, “HMV&BOOKS”, “Kinokuniya Bookstore”, “Hoshino Shoten Kintetsu Passe Store”, and “Hello! Project Official Shop”.
There is also a campaign in which those who purchase at “Seven Net” can win a random check, and those who purchase at “e-LineUP!Mall” can win a signed book through a lottery. Other information regarding the photo book will be released on Official X (@rikako_book) from time to time, so please look forward to it!
[Photobook overview]
Book title: Angerme Rikako Sasaki Graduation Commemorative Photo Book *Title to be determined
Release date: June 4, 2024
List price: 2,970 yen (tax included)
Format: A4 format, 128 pages
Released by: Shogakukan
[Rikako Sasaki Profile]
Born on May 28, 2001. Born in Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture. Joined ANGERME in 2014. Also, from the August 2021 issue, she will be an exclusive model for the magazine “CanCam”.
Official Instagram: [Angerme Profile]
April 2009, Hello! Formed from project trainee members (“Hello! Project Egg” at the time). The group name is “Smileage”, a coined word that combines the words “smile” and “age” (generation).
After working as an indie artist, he made his major debut in May 2010 with “Yumeru 15 Sai” and won the Best Newcomer Award at the “52nd Japan Record Awards” in the same year. In October 2014, they announced the addition of a third generation member and a change in the group name, becoming “ANGERME.”
It is a coined word that combines the French words ange (angel) and larme (tears), and has the meaning of “Let’s shed all kinds of tears together with a gentle heart like an angel.”
*When using the photo, please credit the photo as “Photographed by Kentaro Kobe.”
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