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Home » Sony Music Labels Inc. asmi releases music video for new song “UTAGE”! It was revealed that Rin Oto, Kubot a Kai, A Natsume, ICARUS, and Kizuna also participated in this song!

Sony Music Labels Inc. asmi releases music video for new song “UTAGE”! It was revealed that Rin Oto, Kubot a Kai, A Natsume, ICARUS, and Kizuna also participated in this song!

Sony Music Labels Co., Ltd.
asmi releases music video for new song “UTAGE”! It was revealed that Rin Oto, Kubota Kai, A Natsume, ICARUS, and Kizuna also participated in this song!
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] asmi, the “most used singing voice on SNS”, has released a new song “UTAGE” and also released the music video.
“UTAGE” is a new song that will be included in the major 1st album “Ribbon” to be released on May 29th (Wednesday), and at the same time as the music video was released, the feat artists include Rin Oto, Kubota Kai, A Natsume, ICARUS, It was surprisingly announced that Kizuna also participated in the song.
Maeshima Soshi also participated in the composition and arrangement. In the music video that was released at the same time, you can see asmi being sucked into a book, being thrown around in an extraordinary world, and watching an otherworldly fantasy party where asmi and her friends from another world weave together.
asmi’s first major album “Ribbon” to be released on May 29th (Wednesday) includes songs such as “PAKU”, which has generated a huge buzz with an astonishing 3.4 billion views on TikTok, and the TV anime ” Also included are “Dokimeki Diary”, which was used as the opening theme for “Pokemon”, and “Kaisei”, the insert song for the TBS Tuesday drama “My Second Aoharu”, as well as two Blu-ray discs included in the limited edition. The asmi special live tour “Do you know me?” was held at Namba Hatch in Osaka on Friday, December 23, 2022, and at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA in Tokyo on Thursday, November 23, 2023. It has also been decided that two live videos from asmi special live “Wonder Closet” will be recorded.
[Image 2:×3900.jpg] ASMI has announced that they will be holding a tour starting in June, and it has also been decided that the title of this tour will be ASMI Special Live Tour 2024 “Ribbon wo Untied.” This tour will cover nine cities across the country in support of the album “Ribbon.”
■asmi “UTAGE feat. Rin-on, Kubota Kai, Natsume A, ICARUS, Kizuna” Streaming/Download:
Music Video:
■ asmi “ribbon”
Limited production edition: SRCL-12910~12913 / CD+2BD+included bonus / ¥9,500 (tax included)
Regular edition: SRCL-12914 / CD / ¥3,300 (tax included)
CD reservation link:
[Purchaser benefits by store]
・Target stores/benefits details
■Rakuten Books…Can Badge
■TSUTAYA RECORDS (excluding some stores) / TSUTAYA Online Shopping…B3 Poster ■Seven Net Shopping…Mini acrylic stand key chain
■Sony Music Shop… B2 announcement poster
■asmi support store benefits…Stickers
-Benefits for each form-
Limited production edition (SRCL-12910~12913): 3-piece visual sheet set Regular edition (SRCL-12914): Mega jacket
*The number of benefits is limited, so it will end as soon as it runs out. Please note.
*There will be no distribution outside of the above stores. note that. *Supporting stores and bonus designs will be announced later. *Please note that it may take some time for the cart to be published for each online shop.
*, Rakuten Books, and some other online shops have “product pages eligible for benefits” and “pages for products not eligible for benefits.”
When making a reservation, please check that it is the desired product page before making a reservation.
▼asmi special live tour 2024 “Untie the ribbon”
9 cities nationwide TOUR
June 8th (Sat) Nagoya ell.FITS ALL
June 9th (Sun) Kanazawa Kanazawa AZ
June 15th (Sat) Sapporo Sapporo BESSIE HALL
Sunday, June 16th Sendai Sendai darwin
June 22nd (Sat) Takamatsu Takamatsu DIME
June 29th (Sat) Hiroshima Hiroshima CLUB QUATTRO
June 30th (Sun) Fukuoka Fukuoka BEAT STATION
July 6th (Sat) Tokyo Zepp DiverCity (TOKYO)
July 14th (Sun) Osaka Zepp Namba (OSAKA)
Live house performance (all free): 4,900 yen (tax included) Student discount: 4,400 yen (tax included)
Zepp performance (all seats reserved): 5,900 yen (tax included) Student discount: 5,400 yen (tax included)
*A separate drink fee will be charged.
Age restriction: Preschool children are not allowed to enter. ■Playlist with all ASMI songs
“Do you know me? : asmi Complete”
■ asmi “open blue”
Music Video:
■asmi feat. Chinozo “Dokimeki Diary”
Music Video:
■ asmi “About the night before destruction”
Music video:
■ asmi “PAKU”
Music video:
Music video:
■asmi Profile
[Image 3:×1803.jpg ]
23-year-old singer-songwriter “asmi” is known for having the “most used singing voice on SNS”
With her unique and lovely singing voice, she sings about the love troubles and everyday thoughts that young girls have.
He created a huge buzz with his own song “memory” and MAISONdes “Yowanehaki feat. WaNuka, asmi”, which won the TikTok Buzzword Award 2021 “Music Category Award”, and “PAKU” released in March 2022 won the TikTok 2022 “Music Category Award”. She is a new generation pop icon who also won the Trend Challenge Award in the first half of the year and has now become the “voice most used on SNS”.
Won the grand prize at Judai White Paper 2020.
His 1st album “bond” won the CD Shop Award 2021 Kansai Block. In January 2023, he joined MAISONDES again and performed the opening theme for the TV anime “Urusei Yatsura” with “Aiwanamuchu feat. asmi, Surii”, and in April, performed the opening theme for the TV anime “Pokémon” as asmi feat. Chinozo. In charge of the theme.
Official HP:
■Rin sound Profile
[Image 4:×1044.jpg] Born in Munakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture in 1998. He started his career as a rapper at the age of 18 and rose to prominence by appearing in numerous rap battles. The number of YouTube channel subscribers exceeds 190,000, and the total number of views has reached 150 million. Received the “Newcomer Award” at the “62nd Shining! Japan Record Awards”. In October 2022, she will perform the theme song for the TBS drama “Sister” for the first time. In June 2023, she performed the W theme song for the Netflix series “Let’s Divorce.”
In addition, he has created a number of tie-up songs, collaboration songs, and provided songs that have become a hot topic.
YouTube: TikTok:
■Kubotakai Profile
[Image 5: &s3=13546-4141-D00765B93ECC790C5C42B06D1E 35-2000×1333.jpg]
Born in 1999 from Miyazaki Prefecture. Singer-songwriter/rapper. Started freestyle rapping and song production in 2017. Her lyrics are reminiscent of a wide range of music and literature, from Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock to Pop, and her heartrending and ephemeral singing voice attracts attention. Released debut EP “Myojo” in December 2019. His songs such as “Seikatsu” and “Spring ni Slight Fever” have become a hot topic with over 3 million views on YouTube. In April 2021, he released his first full album “Raikou” and since then, he has released digital singles “Sunset City” and “X Friend” in quick succession. When the digital single “Pierce” is released in July 2022, she will be selected as a Monthly Artist of “Buzz Tracker”, a program jointly supported by TikTok and Spotify to support artists, and will attract attention. Since then, they have released heart-wrenching
heart-wrenching love songs such as “It Was Romance” and “If We Met in a Dream,” which have garnered attention. In addition,
collaborations with artists of the same generation and songs provided have become smash hits one after another, and “Next Door” has been used as the theme song for the movie “Side by Side Next Door” starring Kentaro Sakaguchi, which will be released in April 2023. He is showing success in the.
In October 2023, he will release his 2nd album “No Reply”.
YouTube: TikTok:
■A Natsume Profile
[Image 6: &s3=13546-4141-4141-4141-4141DB3D4 8b4-3900×2600.jpg]
Natsume A is a 21-year-old rapper from Kumamoto Prefecture. Their mellow sound and unique lyrics leave a big impression on listeners, and they also create their own artwork, showing off their
multi-talented talent. Started producing music in 2020. He
participated in ABEMA’s original program “Koisuru (Heart) Weekend Homestay 2020 Winter Tokyo” and produced “Winter in Tokyo”, which debuted at number 1 on the LINE MUSIC Song Top 100. Their first major album “Gum” is scheduled to be released in April 2024.
YouTube: TikTok:
■ICARUS Profile
[Image 7: &s3=13546-4141-77E2CE523649C96B0C76B43 436-2000×1333.jpg]
ICARUS is a rapper living in Fukuoka who belongs to ROOFTOP, following Rin Oto, Kubota Kai, asmi, and A Natsume. Participated in Shinkiba STUDIO COAST for the final round of the audition “Unidentified Festival” for the first time. He performed everything from TRAP to CHILL OUT type mellow rap, and co-wrote “Sweet Melon” with Rin Sound, which was included in Rin Sound’s 1st album “swipe sheep”, which continued to be a long hit and reached number 1 on the LINE MUSIC ALBUM chart. Currently serves as the MC of Space Shower TV’s “FUKUOKA COLLECTIVE Remix.”
Instagram: YouTube: ■Kizuna Profile
[Image 8:×851.jpg] Kizuna, a 20-year-old rapper from Kumamoto Prefecture, has created a memorable song with life-sized lyrics and a sweet singing voice. He has demonstrated his multi-talented abilities by producing his own videos and appearing in numerous MC battles such as the UMB Kumamoto Preliminaries and the Hifumiya Cup. A promising newcomer to ROOFTOP, who has produced artists that are currently trending such as Rin Oto, Kubota Kai, asmi, and A Natsume.

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