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I-Fran Co., Ltd. I-Fran We are holding a member-only bus tour (held in April) with the aim of “promoting health while having fun” in our warming fitness business!

Whom it may concern
Ifran Co., Ltd.
[I-Fran] A member-only bus tour (held in April) aimed at “promoting health while having fun” in the warming fitness business!
Ifran Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President and CEO: Taishi Shikamura, hereinafter referred to as Ifran) is a hot-life fitness business operated by Ifran, which not only promotes health through exercise, but also promotes health through experience. We are pleased to announce that in April, we will be holding a “Wind chime painting experience & deluxe lunch and Fusa no Eki tour” on a members-only bus tour that fills the spirit and creates connections between people “while having fun.” Masu.
[Image 1:×551.png ]
Until now, Onkatsu Fitness has been a women’s-only fitness center, working with each customer individually and providing the optimal menu for them. While interacting with many customers, we have continued to pursue the essence of health, and we believe that not only physical activity improves health, but also the well-being of “body, mind, and social connections” that leads to health. I have come to believe that this is a necessary element in order to become one.
We continually carry out bus tour projects exclusively for members, and through communication with those who participate in extraordinary experiences, they can find friends who can work hard at exercise together, which can lead to “mental fulfillment” and “social We will create “connections”.
Bus tour overview
In April, it will be “Wind chime painting experience, luxurious lunch, and Fusa no Eki tour”. Enjoy preparing to feel the season before the start of summer. Listening to the beautiful sound of wind chimes makes you feel calm. This is an experiential tour where you can create a wind chime with “your own picture” to satisfy your heart. ■Schedule
・Gumyoji Arcade store
Sunday, April 21st
9:05 Gather in front of Gumyoji Arcade store
16:00 Dissolution in front of Gumyoji Arcade store
*Lunch will be Shokado bento.
Wednesday, April 24th
9:05 Gather in front of Gumyoji Arcade store
16:00 Dissolution in front of Gumyoji Arcade store
*Lunch will be a clay pot sukiyaki and tempura set meal.
・Maruetsu Seya store
Friday, April 26th
8:50 Meet in front of Maruetsu Seya store
16:30 Dissolution in front of Maruetsu Seya store
*Lunch will be a clay pot sukiyaki and tempura set meal.
*Application deadline: Until Wednesday, April 10, 2024
*All transportation will be provided by our own limousine bus. There is no cost to ride.
*This event is only available to Onkatsu Fitness members.
*On-site costs will be paid by the customer.
\Please contact the store for details/
Phone number: 0120-045-353
Limited time only! Implemented transfer campaign
We are running a limited time transfer campaign until April 30th (Tuesday). We will cover the cancellation fee of 10,000 yen at the previous gym. A free trial is also available. You can have a hands-on experience while learning from the staff.
Features of Onkatsu Fitness
[Image 2:×300.png ]
30 minutes of easy exercise for women only
By alternating between machine training and well-researched
stretching, you can see results in a short amount of time! You can visit as many times as you want without any reservations, and you don’t need to bring your own shoes, so you can come empty-handed.
[Image 3:×300.png ]
Menu that changes every month
The stretch menu changes every month. It’s fun and you can continue without getting bored, so you can expect good results!
[Image 4:×300.png ]
Blood flow health check that you can feel
We have a special scope installed that allows us to actually see blood flow. Some people may be surprised at the difference in blood flow before and after exercise! This is a special health check that you won’t find at other facilities.
[Image 5:×300.png ]
The more you use the free service, the better value it is.
You can drink all-you-can-drink hydrogen water for free, which is a companion to healthy habits that has become a hot topic in the media! Lockers with free keys are also permanently installed, and the more you use them, the more you save.
What kind of company is Ifran?
◆Our company operates Otakara-ya, a store specializing in purchasing brand-name products and high-end jewelry in the reuse industry, which is growing to a scale of 3 trillion yen. The reuse industry is an “earth-friendly eco-business,” and has long been widely supported by people around the world as a business that contributes highly to society. Particularly in the current unstable economic climate, this industry is attracting attention as an industry that is extremely unaffected by economic conditions.
◆While the industry growth rate is 130%, our company’s growth rate has been 700% in the past 5 years, and we continue to be a driving force in the industry’s growth. We have grown to have 700 employees, and our most recent results are 47 billion yen in sales for the previous fiscal year, and we are forecasting 70 billion yen for this fiscal year.
◆”Otakaraya” boasts the industry’s highest number of store openings (more than 1,000 stores nationwide), has achieved No.1 purchase price satisfaction (Japan Customer Satisfaction Research Institute), and has earned the trust of its customers. I’m here.
◆In addition, we are developing businesses that will become a hub that connects “value” to the future, such as the healthcare business “Onkatsu Fitness Kenko no Mori”, the golf business “E-swing-PREMIUM-“, the franchise business, the auction business, and the real estate business. I am.
[Overview of Ifran Co., Ltd.]
Company name: Ifran Co., Ltd.
Established: March 2000
Representative: Taishi Shikamura
Address: 15th floor, Queens Tower B, 2-3-3 Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 220-6115
Business details: Reuse business, luxury jewelry, watches, and bullion business “Otakaraya”, health care business “Onkatsu Fitness Health Forest”, golf business “E-swing-PREMIUM-“, franchise business, auction business, real estate business
Contact point for inquiries regarding this matter
Ifran Co., Ltd. Public Relations: Yaekura
TEL: 045-330-1474
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