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Home » Survey Report What has changed in the four years since 2020? Sacred Heart Beauty Clinic releases “Beautiful Skin Awareness Survey 2024 Edition” in 47 prefectures nationwide

Survey Report What has changed in the four years since 2020? Sacred Heart Beauty Clinic releases “Beautiful Skin Awareness Survey 2024 Edition” in 47 prefectures nationwide

Sacred Heart Beauty Clinic
[Survey Report] What has changed in the four years since 2020? Sacred Heart Beauty Clinic releases “Beautiful Skin Awareness Survey 2024 Edition” in 47 prefectures nationwide
One in three people uses sunscreen regardless of the season! By prefecture, “Go to a cosmetic dermatologist for skin concerns” ranked first and last, with a difference of more than 30%
Sacred Heart Beauty Clinic provides high-quality beauty care with the slogan “Aesthetic medicine taken very seriously.”
( Bishokai Medical Corporation Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo and 10 other hospitals)
We conducted a “Skin Awareness Survey” targeting 2,820 women in their 20s to 40s from 47 prefectures nationwide.
A comparison was made with the results of the same survey conducted in 2020. [47 Prefectures Nationwide Skin Awareness Survey 2024 Edition] Main Topics ■One in three people wears sunscreen every day, regardless of the season! ・The number of people who apply it every day has increased
significantly from 18.3% four years ago to +14%!
・Is sunscreen increasingly recognized as an essential care for maintaining beautiful skin?
■A parasol is now a must-have item for UV protection. Used by 48.4%. ・Used in conjunction with a drinkable sunscreen (prescribed by a cosmetic dermatologist) for even more solid protection.
■80% of people have skin problems. 46.1% have been worried for more than 5 years.
・Approximately 90% of respondents in Fukushima, Ibaraki, Mie, , Fukuoka, and Nagasaki answered that they had skin problems. ■Shiga has the highest rate of going to a cosmetic dermatologist at 43.2%, while Hokkaido has the lowest rate of 11.1%, a difference of over 30%!
・First, go to a dermatologist. If treatment is difficult, we recommend consulting a cosmetic dermatologist.
・With advances in technology, many symptoms that were difficult in the past can now be improved.
[Survey overview]
Survey target: Women aged 20 to 49 nationwide *No target conditions other than age, gender, and place of residence
Number of samples: 2,820 samples (20 samples from each age group out of 60 samples from each of the 47 prefectures)
Research method: Internet research
Survey period: March 8, 2024 to March 11, 2024 (previously conducted: February 25, 2020 to February 27, 2020)
*If you wish to use the data in this release, please contact the Sacred Heart Beauty Clinic PR Office in advance.
(Please refer to the last page of this release for contact information) In 4 years, my awareness of UV care has improved significantly! One in three people apply sunscreen every day, regardless of the season. We asked them about the timing and frequency of using sunscreen, which is essential for maintaining beautiful skin.
Nationwide, 32.3% of people answered that they apply it every day, regardless of the season.
This has significantly increased from 18.3% four years ago (2020). -Ranking by prefecture-
・Wear sunscreen every day: 1st place: Shiga Prefecture 50.0% 2nd place: Nagano Prefecture 46.7% 3rd place: Nara Prefecture 45.0% ・Not applying sunscreen: 1st place Okinawa Prefecture 25.0% 2nd place Yamanashi Prefecture 23.3% 3rd place Miyagi Prefecture/Akita Prefecture 21.7%
[POINT] UV damage can cause spots, freckles, wrinkles and sagging. Even if the sky is cloudy, UV rays are always shining down on you, and even if you are indoors you will be exposed to UV rays coming in through windows, so it is important to take care of your skin every day.
[Image 1:×917.png ]
Q1. Do you wear sunscreen? (Single answer/n=2,820)
While the number of people who apply sunscreen every day has increased, when asked about the number of times they reapply sunscreen,
The number of respondents who answered “0 times” has worsened by more than 3% compared to 2020.
[POINT] In order to maintain the effectiveness of sunscreen, you actually need to reapply it every 2 to 3 hours, but you may not know this, or even if you do know, you may be too busy to do it.
Spray-type sunscreens are recommended for reapplying because they save time and don’t stain your hands.
[Image 2:×875.png ]
Q2. How many times a day do you reapply sunscreen? (Single answer/n=2,426) The number of people using UV protection other than sunscreen increased slightly by 3%.
Is a parasol a must-have item for protecting against UV rays, regardless of age? ? ?
76.1% of all respondents took measures against UV rays other than sunscreen, a slight increase from 2020 (73.1%).
The number one specific measure against UV rays for all generations surveyed was “Use a parasol.”
[POINT] The best way to protect yourself from UV rays is to use sunscreen, but we also recommend using a UV-blocking parasol to take multiple measures.
Taking care of your body from the inside out with drinkable sunscreen (which can be prescribed by a cosmetic dermatologist) will give you even more protection!
Drinking sunscreen:
[Image 3:×1893.png ]
Q3. Do you take any other UV protection measures other than sunscreen? (Multiple answers/n=2,820)
[POINT] When applying sunscreen, if you rub it between your hands before applying it, it will stick to your palms, so we recommend placing the sunscreen on several places on your face with your fingers first and then blending it in.
It is even more effective if you apply one coat, leave it for 5 to 10 minutes, and then apply a second coat.
[POINT] Ultraviolet rays will increase suddenly from April. The intensity is about 90% of the peak level in July and August, but April is a pleasant season so it’s easy to let your guard down. It may be harder to feel the intensity of the sunlight compared to summer, but be sure to take precautions against UV rays such as sunscreen in spring too!
[Image 4:×294.png ]
*“Monthly average value of daily integrated UV-B amount” Japan Meteorological Agency 2022
Approximately 80% of respondents continue to “never forget” to remove makeup before bed
On the other hand, there are bad skin habits caused by excessive face washing. When asked about forgetting to remove makeup before bed, about 80% of respondents answered, “I never forget,” as in 2020.
-Ranking by prefecture- *In order of “I will never forget” response rate ・Best: 1st place Shiga prefecture 88.3% 2nd place Hokkaido, Saitama prefecture, Gifu prefecture 86.7%
・Worst: 1st place Okinawa prefecture 66.7% 2nd place Miyagi
prefecture/Toyama prefecture 68.3%
[POINT] It is important to remove makeup before going to bed, as it can be quite a burden on the skin. Not removing your makeup won’t cause your skin to age all at once, but be careful not to make it a habit.
[Image 5:×1075.png ]
Q4. Do you ever forget to remove your makeup when you go to bed? (Single answer/n=2,820)
Regarding the amount of time spent on cleansing/washing, there was a positive trend with an increase in the number of people spending “less than 1 minute” and a decrease in “more than 3 minutes”. However, the number of people who washed their face with makeup remover even on days when they weren’t wearing makeup increased by about 4%.
[POINT] When washing your face, make sure to rinse it off within 30 to 60 seconds after applying the foam. If you put facial cleanser on your skin for a long time in an effort to clean it, it may strip away the necessary sebum for your skin, which can lead to skin problems. Over-washing your face can also irritate your skin, so on days when you don’t wear makeup, avoid using makeup remover and instead wash your face with cold or lukewarm water, or if you have oily skin, use a facial cleansing foam.
[Image 6:×835.png ]
Left: Q5. How many minutes do you spend cleansing or washing your face? Right: Q6. How do you wash your face on days when you are not wearing makeup? (Both single answer/n=2,820)
Approximately 1 in 3 people will continue to have bad skin habits in 2024 even though they think it’s good!
The number one bad habit that people tend to do is
“Carefully rub in the lotion with a cotton ball.”
In fact, all of them were asked if there was anything they did on a daily basis for their skin, choosing from the options of “bad skin habits.” It turns out that many people will still have bad skin habits in 2024.
According to the 2024 survey, the most practiced bad skin habits are the same as in 2020.
“Carefully rub in lotion with cotton (11.7%)”
This shows the sad reality that trying too hard to take care of things properly has the opposite effect.
[POINT] The “stratum corneum” on the surface of the skin plays an important role in preventing foreign substances from entering from the outside and preventing moisture from evaporating from within, but it is very thin and delicate, with a thickness of approximately 0.02 mm. Therefore, even a light scratch can cause damage.
When applying lotion, it’s OK as long as you apply it gently so that it blends into your skin without moving the flesh of your face. “Rubbing” or “tapping” is not allowed.
[Image 7:×943.png ]
Q7. Is there anything you do on a daily basis for your skin? (Multiple answers/n=2,820)
[Image 8:×462.png ]
What we are specifically doing in Q7
80% of people have skin problems.
Approximately half of them have been suffering from this problem for more than 5 years,
Even so, the majority of people have never visited a cosmetic dermatologist. There is a difference of more than 30% between 1st place and last place!
When asked if they had any skin concerns, 80.0% answered yes. When asked about the period of time they have been worried about, nearly half (46.1%) answered “more than 5 years”.
-Ranking by prefecture- *In order of percentage of respondents who said they had skin concerns
1st place prefecture, Nagasaki prefecture 88.3% 3rd place Fukushima prefecture, Ibaraki prefecture, Mie prefecture, Fukuoka prefecture 86.7%
47th place (least skin concerns) is Wakayama prefecture at 70%, followed by Saitama, Kagoshima, and Okinawa prefectures at 71.7%.
[Image 9:×924.png ]
Q8. Do you have any skin concerns? (Single answer/n=2,820)
While many people have skin concerns, when asked if they had ever visited a cosmetic dermatologist to resolve them,
The majority answered “No” at 75.6%. By age group, 80.5% of those in their 40s said they had never visited a cosmetic dermatologist. By prefecture, a difference of more than 30% was confirmed between Shiga Prefecture, which ranked first, and Hokkaido.
-Ranking by prefecture-
・I attend (sometimes):
1st place: Shiga prefecture 43.5% 2nd place: Tokyo 42.2% 3rd place: Toyama prefecture 39.2%
47th Hokkaido 11.1% 46th Aomori 11.4% 45th Chiba 13.6%
[POINT] If you have skin problems, first consult a dermatologist before you cause skin problems with self-care.
If you find that treatment is difficult, please consult a cosmetic dermatologist!
At a cosmetic dermatology clinic, you can receive treatments that are not covered by insurance.
[POINT] Skin care has progressed with the development of drugs and machines, and although symptoms that were difficult in the past can now be improved.
[Image 10:×708.png ]
Q9. Have you ever visited a cosmetic dermatologist to resolve your skin concerns? (Question only for those who answered “Yes” in Q8/Single answer/2020 n=2,171 2024 n=2,256)
Evolution of technology also applies to “diagnosis”!
Easy measurement of skin age and skin condition.
Our clinic’s skin imaging diagnostic device “VISIA” measures skin age and skin condition (number of age spots, etc.) in about 3 minutes (introduced at all 10 Sacred Heart Beauty Clinics).
In recent years, it has become a trend in aesthetic medicine to aim for further improvements by comparing the results of skin care in detail before and after using numerical values.
[Image 11:×125.png ]
-Image of skin age measurement- An example where the skin age was measured as 38 years old when the actual age was 44 years old (Measurement of staff at Sacred Heart Beauty Clinic)
About Sacred Heart Beauty Clinic
With the slogan “Total Serious Cosmetic Medicine,” we are the first cosmetic surgery clinic to obtain ISO9001:2015 certification. As one of Japan’s leading clinics in the cosmetic medical industry, we offer patient-centered proposals and treatments, increasing the transparency of the cosmetic surgery industry and being the first in the country to introduce cosmetic regenerative medicine.
Thanks to all of you, we will be celebrating our 30th anniversary in 2023.・Location: Sapporo, Roppongi, Ginza, Shibuya (S-Labo), Omiya, Yokohama, Atami, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka
・Official website (Sacred Heart):
■Interviews via video conference, telephone, or email are also possible. At Sacred Heart Beauty Clinic and S-Labo Clinic, we are actively accepting interviews with doctors.
In addition to face-to-face interviews, we also flexibly respond to interviews via email, video conferencing, telephone, etc.
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