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Home » In fact, only a little less than 20% of people use the “Kitamakura”, which improves financial luck. ~Is it because of the orientation and color of the pillow that you have bad financial luck?~

In fact, only a little less than 20% of people use the “Kitamakura”, which improves financial luck. ~Is it because of the orientation and color of the pillow that you have bad financial luck?~

In fact, only a little less than 20% of people use the “Kitamakura”, which improves financial luck. ~Is it because of the orientation and color of the pillow that you have bad financial luck?~
There is a saying, “You never remember the dawn when you sleep in spring,” but aren’t there many people who feel sleepy when spring comes? Therefore, Takami, a money luck master who is the author of “Financial Luck Yearbook” and “Amulet Rules to Improve Your Luck Just by Sleeping”, and who runs the YouTube channel “Financial Luck Increasing Channel” with over 270,000 subscribers. conducted a survey on “pillows” among 1,000 men and women nationwide aged 20 to under 70.
[Image 1:×720.jpg] Survey overview
Survey period: March 27, 2024
Research method: Internet survey
Survey target: Men and women aged 20 to under 70 nationwide
Sample size: 1,000 people (100 men and women in 10-year increments) Research institution: Freeeasy
*When using the survey results of this release, please specify “Investigation of financial luck increasing channel”.
Investigation result
When asked, “Is there anything that applies to you about your sleep?”, 70% answered “I don’t sleep well” (35.4%), “I feel like I don’t get enough sleep” (29.5%), and “I feel sluggish and have no energy after waking up” ( 29.4%) and “I can’t feel tired at all even after a good night’s sleep” (27.7%).
[Image 2:×451.png ]
Next, when asked, “Do you care about the direction in which you place your pillow?”, only about 10% (9.7%) said they were “very concerned” and 70% said “it doesn’t bother me at all” (36.7%). 30.7% of respondents answered, “I don’t really care” (30.7%).
[Image 3:×451.png ]
Next, I asked, “Which direction should I put my pillow?” The most common answer was “East” (32.1%), followed by “South” (29.9%), “West” (19.5%), and just under 20% (18.5%) said “North”.
[Image 4:×451.png ]
When asked, “What color is your pillowcase?”, “white” (31.9%), “blue/light blue” (24.2%) stood out, followed by “pink” (8.6%), “beige” (6.6%), and ” This was followed by “brown” (5.3%) and “gray” (5.0%).
[Image 5:×451.png ]
Finally, I asked, “Is there anything that applies to you about the bedroom?” Just under 70% answered “Nothing that applies to me”, but “The bedroom is messy/dirty” (13.9%), “The pillow is under the beam” (12.2%), and “The toilet is About 10% of respondents answered, “I place my pillow facing a certain direction” (9.8%).
[Image 6:×451.png ]
Money fortune teller Takami will teach you! “Pillow direction and pillow cover that affect your luck”
The bedroom is a place to absorb good luck. The position of your pillow may be affecting your current luck.
Have you ever had a good night’s sleep but still can’t get rid of your fatigue?In fact, have you ever felt like you can’t sleep anymore? When I wake up in the morning, I feel sluggish and have no energy, and I don’t want to go out. In such a case, the direction in which you are placing your pillow may not be suitable for you.
It is said that we spend 25 years of our lives sleeping, and we spend about one-third of our lives sleeping. The bedroom is so important, and the direction of the pillow is also important.
Therefore, this time we will tell you about the effects and meanings of the direction of the pillow and the color of the pillow cover. Please check it out.
[Direction of pillow]
In the past, it was said that Kitamakura was not good. However, according to Feng Shui, the best direction is the north, which is said to have the effect of restful sleep, health, and regeneration.In Feng Shui, placing your pillow in the north, which corresponds to water, cools your head and keeps your feet cool. It is also said to be good for your health as it keeps you warm and allows you to sleep well. Additionally, it is said that money luck flows from the west to the north, so Kitamakura is said to be able to catch money luck flowing from the west.
●East pillow
Because the east is the direction where the sun rises, the East Pillow is recommended for people who don’t feel energetic in the morning. If you want to energize yourself or feel energized in the morning, Azumakura is a good choice. East is the direction that receives the morning sun. It is suitable for those who want to feel empowered, want to grow more than they are now, and want to change the current situation.
Minamakura is recommended for those who want to improve their popularity while maintaining their money and health luck. In Feng Shui, the direction corresponds to fire, so it is said that if you raise your energy too much, you will become irritated and stressed, making it difficult to sleep soundly. If this happens, change the direction of your pillow.
Nishi-makura is a recommended direction for those who tend to lack sleep. This is the direction where the sunlight reaches the slowest and allows you to stay dark for a long time, making it suitable for people who tend to get a good night’s sleep or who want to get a good night’s sleep.
However, although you can get a good night’s sleep, you should be a little more careful if you find yourself relaxing too much and losing motivation.
[Places of pillows you should be careful about]
From now on, I would like to tell you about the two things that I am most careful about, and in some ways it is better to be careful than the direction.
●Place your pillow facing the direction of the toilet.
It’s not a good idea to have your head facing the direction of the toilet. The toilet is a place to get rid of bad luck. And it becomes a place where misfortune accumulates and misfortune flows. Avoid placing a pillow facing such a toilet as it may absorb evil energy.
●Place the pillow where there is a “beam”
It is not good to sleep directly under the beam. This is not the direction of the pillow, but the placement of the pillow, but it is said that if you place a pillow under a beam, you will not be able to sleep soundly. As a result, no matter how good the direction is, you may not be able to get a deep sleep, or you may end up having shallow sleep. This may make you feel restless or anxious, so take measures such as moving to a place with no beams or covering the beams with loose cloth. This is a very important action because just by doing so, you can avoid bad luck.
[Image 7:×475.jpg] We have told you about the phenomena and effects of each direction, but please choose the direction that suits you at the moment. If rearrangement is not possible, we recommend adding salt. It is also a good idea to place a pile of salt by your pillow or coarse salt in the four corners of your bedroom. Also, if you have trouble getting a good night’s sleep, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the quality of your pillow.
[Good colors for pillowcases]
●White (off-white, ivory)
White is said to be the color of purification, flushing out bad energy and bringing in good energy. Therefore, it is said to not only improve the quality of your sleep and provide healing power, but also improve your financial luck. However, since pure white has the property of reflecting energy, it may stimulate you instead of giving you the deep peace you need when you go to sleep. When it comes to white, we recommend something with a bit of color, such as beige, off-white, or ivory, rather than pure white.
●Earth color
Earth colors are colors that evoke the natural colors found on the earth. Brown colors found in nature, such as the colors of tree trunks and soil, have the effect of calming and relaxing the mind, while green colors, such as the colors of forests and leaves, suppress excitement and lower blood pressure. In addition to its promising effects, it is also said to be a color that promotes the ability to build muscles, bones, and body tissues. This color is recommended when you are feeling tired or want to refresh yourself. It is also a color that promotes good luck in health and relationships.
●Yellow (pastel yellow, cream color)
Yellow is a color that leads to increased overall financial luck. Choosing a shiny satin material will further increase your financial luck.
●Light pink
Pink is a color that increases femininity. Expectations for new encounters and the development of relationships with people you are interested in will increase, and your luck in love will increase. If you choose a floral pattern, you can expect better luck.
However, if you are a married couple or sleeping with a man, avoid pink. Pink is a color that enriches women, who are the presence of “water,” but it leads to the decline of men, who are the presence of “fire.” be careful.
●Light blue
Light blue has the effect of calming the mind and increasing concentration, and is also said to be a color that makes it easy to gain trust. This color is also recommended for those who are thinking about starting a business or those who have just started their own business. Having a clear head and being able to make calm decisions will improve your luck at work. It also has the effect of suppressing appetite, making it suitable for people on a diet.
However, in Feng Shui, women are in the “yin” role. Therefore, if you incorporate cool-colored items such as blue or gray into your bedroom, you will bring in too much “yin” energy and bring down your luck. be careful.
[Colors that are not good for pillowcases]
●Black or gray
Black and gray can be associated with “shadow” and have the effect of maintaining the status quo.
In Feng Shui, black represents the spirit of “water,” so if you use black too much, the space will become flooded and your fortune will collapse from under your feet, but there is no problem using black as an accent.
Gray is a color that symbolizes stagnation and neutrality.
Red can make you excited and nervous, which can disturb your sleep. ●Primary colors (bright, eye-catching colors such as orange and purple) Like red, primary colors are highly stimulating and easily lead to excitement and excitement in the nervous system, making it difficult to sleep.
The bedroom is where you spend one-third of your life. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the most important place in the house. Even if you decide on the direction of your pillow, if your bedroom is dirty or unorganized, you will be out of luck, so it is important to keep your bedroom clean. The bedroom is a place to absorb and recharge your luck. Also, sleep is said to be a state of communication with the gods and ancestors. Make your bedroom a good space so that you can communicate with God properly. If evil energy accumulates, God will not approach you, and conversely, the god of poverty will approach you. “Dust is evil.” Clean regularly.
Also, in order to improve the quality of your sleep, it is a good idea to sleep with an awareness of purification through sounds and affirmations (*1). The quality of your sleep will improve by getting rid of all evil spirits before going to sleep.
When you feel sleepy, it is when the door of your subconscious mind opens. If you do something to increase your financial luck at that time, it may drop suddenly, so it is a good idea to do some
affirmations before going to bed. The time you spend in your bedroom is, in a sense, an opportunity time. There’s no way you can miss that chance. Try to find a good sleeping area and pillow position for yourself.
(*1) Affirmation is when you visualize your ideals, positive future, and achieving your goals, and declare, “I am already in XX state.” Takami profile
We mainly work to provide support to improve your luck, including financial fortune tellers who tell you various things that will improve your financial luck. He runs the YouTube “Financial Luck Increasing Channel” and has over 260,000 subscribers. He has a particularly good reputation for being able to precisely pinpoint what he wants to do or avoid on a particular day, using his unique method that makes full use of the Chinese Perpetual Calendar, Mayan Calendar, and calligraphy.
Originally working at a financial company, he was ranked No. 1 in sales for 3 years and 6 months in a row. From there, he developed the illusion that he could do everything by himself, which caused communication to become strained and conflicts in interpersonal relationships. He attempted suicide, became a social shut-in, and ended up with 15 million yen in debt.
From that experience, I focused on conveying my experience and what I have with all my heart, rather than chasing immediate money. As a result, the money started coming in later and the debt was paid off. She is working tirelessly to encourage many people so that they don’t have to go through the same experiences she did.
His books include “Financial Luck Yearbook: Attracting Money 365 Days – A Manga-Based Action Manual” (Kanki Publishing) and “Phoenix’s Money Luck Increasing Action: How to Seize Living Money, How to Let Go of Dead Money” (KADOKAWA), published in 2023. In December 2017, he published his long-awaited third book, “Laws of amulets that will improve your luck just by sleeping” (Arcadia Publishing). “Money luck increase channel”:
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