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Home » Value Design Co., Ltd. Value Design will start accepting applications for “Furumachi Pay” in April, which can be donated and used at stores and facilities visited

Value Design Co., Ltd. Value Design will start accepting applications for “Furumachi Pay” in April, which can be donated and used at stores and facilities visited

Value Design Co., Ltd.
Value Design will start accepting applications for “Furumachi Pay” in April, which can be donated and used at stores and facilities visited ……
Value Design Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Hideharu Hayashi, hereinafter referred to as “Value Design”), which operates a cashless service business under the umbrella of Pay Cloud Holdings Co., Ltd. (TSE Growth: 4015), has come to town. With Furumachi Pay, people can scan QR codes placed at local stores and leisure facilities with their smartphones to make hometown tax payments, and receive digital coupons that can be used immediately at those stores and facilities as a return gift. We would like to inform you that we will start offering and recruiting for
As a result, local governments will no longer be constrained by the increasingly intense competition for return gifts for local products, and by eliminating the need to use the Hometown Tax Donation Portal Site and pay for shipping, administrative costs will be reduced in response to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ stricter expense standards. compression can be achieved. By
encouraging not only tourists but also local satellite office users and commuters from nearby areas to use Furumachi Pay, local
governments can promote the appeal of the area to visitors and make donations. You can increase the number of scenes.
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Advantages of introduction for local governments
・In addition to local products, you can use attractive local stores and facilities as a gift in return for hometown tax payments on the spot.
・Because it is a digital coupon, costs such as shipping costs can be reduced. ・ Since visitors can easily use it on the spot, we can expect to gain new fan bases such as young people.
– Leading to regional revitalization by having various stores and facilities in the area become members.
-Main donation scenes-
1. Enjoy great deals on experiences at your destination (tourism-based local governments)
・Use coupon when entering the theme park
・Use coupons at leisure and experience facilities
2. Get a great deal on lunch at work (urban municipalities)
・Office workers use coupons for their daily lunches
3. Save money on staying at work destinations (local governments attracting satellite offices)
・Use coupons for lunch and dinner using local products
In addition, coupons can be used in a variety of ways, such as when making purchases at local antenna shops that sell local products, or using coupons when using a hire car as a means of local
Furthermore, since it is possible to outsource some of the hometown tax donation handling operations to stores that use coupons, it is also possible to redirect administrative expenses that previously went to businesses outside the area, such as hometown tax donation portal site operators, back to the local community. It becomes.
Benefits for member stores
・No coupon funds or payment fees
– No need to install a dedicated terminal
・ Expected to increase average customer spend and sales
Donor benefits
・ You can easily apply for hometown tax payment and use it immediately from your smartphone at stores and facilities while traveling. – You can easily donate on the spot, no need to download an app. While the hometown tax donation system, which started in 2008, has permeated the lives of many taxpayers, the competition for return gifts among local governments has intensified, and the rules regarding hometown tax donations will be tightened (*) from October 2023. I did. Value Design supports regional revitalization by expanding the range of return gifts by providing a system that allows local experiences in addition to local products to be treated as return gifts, and by fostering an environment where donors can easily donate. I will continue to do so.
*Reference: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications “Review towards the next designation of hometown tax donations” -Value Design Co., Ltd. Company Profile-
Company name: Value Design Co., Ltd. (100% subsidiary of Pay Cloud Holdings Co., Ltd.)
Location: 14th floor, Tokyo Square Garden, 3-1-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo URL:
Established: July 2006
Representative: Hideharu Hayashi, President and Representative Director Business details: We provide the following unique pay services that combine cashless payments and marketing.
・Cloud-based original brand electronic money issuing service “Value Card” ・“Value Wallet”, an original store app equipped with a unique Pay function ・“Value Gateway” supports connection to major QR code payment services ・“Value Insight” is a SaaS-type digital marketing tool that
specializes in increasing the effectiveness of introducing Unique Pay. ・Digital gift service “Value Gift” that can be easily sent via email, SNS, etc. *The contents, contact information, and other information published in the press release are current at the time of announcement. Thereafter, the information may be subject to change without prior notice. Please note.
*QR code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Co., Ltd.
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