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Home » “Music that will take you out” 17 albums and 113 songs needed in this day and age will be released from the new label “IDEOTO RECORDS”

“Music that will take you out” 17 albums and 113 songs needed in this day and age will be released from the new label “IDEOTO RECORDS”

“Music that will take you out” 17 albums and 113 songs needed in this day and age will be released from the new label “IDEOTO RECORDS”
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Press release: April 3, 2024
“Music that will take you out” 17 albums and 113 songs needed in this day and age will be released from the new label “IDEOTO RECORDS” *Ide Oto Research Institute brings together the sensitivity, know-how, and technology cultivated over 40 years and more than 1,000 projects. RECORDS” has been launched. The first one is “IDEOTO BEST”. * New label “IDEOTO RECORDS”
Ide *Oto* Research Institute has launched a new label “IDEOTO RECORDS”. As the first release, “IDEOTO BEST” is available on iTunes. It was released today on Store / Apple Music, etc.
You can listen to all the songs on the “IDEOTO RECORDS” official website.

Future release plans include the second volume “Lulla
Music” 77’s third volume is a spatial audio piece created from over 5,000 hours of 3D sound sources, and we are also planning to release an analog record.
– Ide *Oto* Research Institute
– iTunes Store What is “music that takes you out”?
Comment from producer Yuaki Ide
We continue to face situations that seem beyond our own efforts, such as abnormal weather, natural disasters, and the environment
surrounding our lives.
I think one of the things that music can do in times like this is to “escape.” When it looks like it’s going to break even if I hit it, it feels like it’s not going to be head-on, but it’s going to be like a judo technique, and it’s going to dodge. You could call it a distraction. The only thing you can change is your own feelings and heart, so if we can help you do that, the label’s concept is “music that takes you out.”
I believe that this music will “take you out” to landscapes that will soothe your mind and entertain you.
Please enjoy this “feeling excursion”.

First edition IDEOTO BEST
Released 17 albums and 113 songs mainly on iTunes.
The official IDEOTO RECORD website has also been released, where you can listen to the best of 113 songs from all 17 albums and see artist comments.


The highlight of the work
No.1 OTOSUI ~Inhale music~
From “listening to music” to “breathing in music”
What lies beyond “listening”?
We named the sound suction “OTOSUI” by comparing it to the sense of security that comes from burying your face and sniffing, such as sucking on a bird, sucking on a cat, sucking on a dog, sucking on someone you like, etc.
No.7 Sonification
Is the universe a melody?
We have developed an artistic algorithm that converts the universe into music, and this music is created through collaboration between various phenomena and the creativity of artists. The love hormone “oxytocin”, the sleep hormone “melatonin”, the speed of falling drops, and the sounds inside the tree became melodies.
No.5 Keyboard harmonica song
Keyboard harmonica music collection
Music created by recording and mixing specifically for keyboard harmonicas. This is a confident work by a keyboard harmonica professional. It’s a tone that feels nostalgic and hopeful, different from an accordion or a harmonica.
No.11 BRIDAL -Dream wedding-
High-quality wedding music born from consultation with brides It was created based on the voices of brides who were worried about the lack of music that matched the sanctity of a wedding.
The entrance of the bride and groom, the introduction of their profiles, the memory movie, the gratitude to their parents…We have heard that not only the bride and groom but also the attendees were moved.
No.12 Memorial Ceremony -At the time of farewell-
Warm up your farewell time
It’s music that makes the space peaceful.
It heals and purifies deep sadness and sense of loss.
No.10 GIFT -Give it to someone you want to encourage-
Give the gift of music to a friend you want to empower.
Even if you try to cheer someone up by sending them cheerful words or music, they often end up feeling depressed instead.
This album was inspired by the “principle of homogeneity” in music therapy (starting emotional contact with music of the same quality as your state of mind, and moving in a positive direction from there). No.9 French old amusement park
Please enter the phantom amusement park with a slightly nostalgic feel. It was created with the image of the merry-go-rounds of old French amusement parks and mobile amusement parks. There are many old instruments from the Middle Ages.
Track 1 is a 30-minute masterpiece featuring various melodies. The other tracks contain separate performances by each instrument. No.13 KIDS
I want to be comforted with a sound toy
We have put together a collection of music that will soothe your baby, just like Mary playing with it.
It’s fun, nostalgic, and music that brings you back to your childhood. No.17 Happiness
The reason for happiness is nearby
A child laughed, a cat approached, the flowers were beautiful, I felt the scent of spring, I entered a warm room from outside in the cold winter, the sky was clear…
A small trigger of happiness spreads in my heart.
Ideal for commercial use such as events, videos, movies, commercials, etc. ・All or part of the sound source can be used commercially
(paid/license required)
・You can also request music production based on existing songs. Please contact us using the dedicated form.
Ide *Sound* Research Institute
iTunes Store

Ide Sound Research Institute
A cutting-edge group creating the future of sound.
Expressing the feeling of “sound”, infusing the future into “sound”, and opening up the next field of music.
Major works include JR Shinjuku/Shibuya Station departure bell celebrating its 30th anniversary, Aichi Expo, Shanghai Expo, Lake Hamana Flower Expo, Omotesando Hills, Grand Front Osaka, Tokyo Ginza Shiseido Building, TOYOTA
i-REAL content, TOYOTA Concept-i, SHARP AQUOS, Tachikawa Cinema City, World Design Expo, etc.
MD Anderson Cancer is also the largest cancer center in the United States. In addition to conducting clinical research on music therapy at the Center, he is also working on the fusion of science and music. Recently, in collaboration with L’Oréal Japan, we have developed a technology that conveys the health status of your hair and skin through sound. The 29th IFSCC World Championship, the Olympic Games for the cosmetics industry, was held in Florida, USA, and ESOMAR, the world competition for PR.
Received the Grand Prix in 2017. Special programs and many books. *About details about this release*

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