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Yamagami Co., Ltd. Official website exclusively for FL Crystal Blinds released

[Yamagami Co., Ltd.] Official website exclusively for FL Crystal Blinds released

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Press release: April 3, 2024
Official website exclusively for FL Crystal Blinds released
*Instant light control film that “fascinates” with free ideas* *
Yamagami Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, Representative: Masahiko Ueda) has begun introducing the instant light control film “FL Crystal Blind” to the market. Accordingly, we have released a dedicated official website. *

The product protects privacy and optimizes natural light and can be applied in a wide range of applications, from offices, homes, medical facilities to leisure facilities. FL crystal blinds offer convenience and comfort and improve the quality of your space design.

Yamagami Co., Ltd. aims to provide a comfortable living environment through FL crystal blinds, leveraging its experience in interior decoration material sales and interior construction since its founding. For details, please see the official website and FL Crystal Blind dedicated website.

FL Crystal Blind is an instant light control film made in Japan that allows you to instantly control whether it is transparent or opaque with a single switch, and is of high quality and durable. It can be used freely as a substitute for curtains or partitions, or as a projection screen for displaying digital signage.
From now on, it’s time to make your space more attractive by using instant light control films.

*Recommended construction location*

* Office or conference room *
*Hospitals and clinics*
The photograph is an image
* Instant dimming film FL crystal blinds enhance the quality of various spaces. *
– * Shop windows of commercial facilities * * Educational
facilities (schools and libraries) * * Luxury residences and penthouses * * Hotel rooms and lobbies * *
As part of smart home systems* * Spas and relaxation facilities* * As design elements in entrances and lobbies* * Art galleries and museums* *
Permanent exhibitions and event spaces* * Sports facilities and gyms* * Restaurants and cafes*
*Features of FL crystal blinds*
*01 Ultra-thin*
It is thinner with a thickness of 0.27mm (normal type), compared to the world standard 0.4mm thickness, and exhibits excellent
* 02World’s first*
Developed the world’s first reverse type film.
Unlike the normal type, it can be switched to opaque when turned on and transparent when turned off.
*03Domestic production*
All film manufacturing and processing up to the final product is done domestically in a class 100 clean room.
Therefore, the quality is high and the support system such as maintenance is perfect.
*04Video projection*
Because the thickness of the liquid crystal layer is constant, beautiful projection is possible on any part of the film.
*05 Processability*
Can be freely processed with scissors etc. There is almost no deterioration even if the cut part is not sealed.
* Compatible with 06R side *
Uses a film that has high peel strength and is resistant to bending. *07 Operability*
Transparent/opaque can be controlled with a single switch.

*Information about FL Crystal Blind Gallery*
* Instant dimming film FL crystal blinds have been installed in the gallery and conference room at our head office (Kobe). *
This new technology greatly improves convenience in situations where light adjustment is required, making it possible to create comfortable spaces. Visitors can now view gallery exhibits more clearly and comfortably.
If you would like to view the gallery, please contact us in advance by phone or email. Please come and experience our technology and space. * [Inquiry about FL crystal blinds] *
For more information about FL Crystal Blinds, please visit the dedicated website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form.

* FL crystal blind dedicated site *

* Contact*

Yamagami Co., Ltd. will contribute to creating a comfortable space for everyone.

*What is Yamagami Co., Ltd.*
Yamagami Co., Ltd. was founded in 1938 as a wholesaler selling fusuma paper. Later, in response to changing needs due to the increase in
Western-style architecture, we now handle a wide range of interior products such as wallpaper, flooring, lighting, and curtains, as well as arranging craftsmen who construct such products. We have grown into a corporate entity that provides total support to customers.

In the long term, the construction industry is a mature and shrinking market due to the continued decline in population, so the number of new construction starts is expected to be difficult.However, as there are approximately 60 million housing units in stock, it is expected to become a remodeling and renovation market. There are very high expectations.
On the other hand, it is also true that there are serious problems such as delays in passing on skills due to a shortage of craftsmen and falling construction costs.
Since the original texture and feel of wallpaper and flooring materials can only be maintained if they are applied neatly, we believe that unless we create an environment that is comfortable for craftsmen to work in, they will not be good products. For this reason, about 20 years ago, Yamagami established an association of dedicated craftsmen called Sansui-kai, which holds training sessions, seminars, and information exchange sessions to improve construction techniques. We will continue to implement initiatives that not only distribute products, but also make end users happy and interior design shops happy.

In addition, same-day shipping and same-day delivery of products has now become commonplace in the interior decoration industry.
In the future, there will be an even greater need to create new services and added value to meet rapidly changing market needs in a short period of time. To achieve this, we listen sincerely to the requests of our customers and suppliers, and from an objective point of view, we also sense latent needs, and we formulate the principles of what we should do in order for our customers to prosper and the industry to develop. We will continue to conduct our corporate activities based on these principles.

* 【Company Profile】*
Company name: Yamagami Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 7-2-7 Minatojima Minami-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture
Representative Director: Masahiko Ueda
Business details: Sales of interior decoration materials, various interior construction works
Founded: January 10, 1937
Official website:
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