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Home » Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Co., Ltd. April 10th is Ekiben Day. All new! Approximately 40 types of ne w bento boxes are now available! Spring debut event “New Bento Fair” held

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Co., Ltd. April 10th is Ekiben Day. All new! Approximately 40 types of ne w bento boxes are now available! Spring debut event “New Bento Fair” held

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Co., Ltd.
April 10th is Ekiben Day. All new! Approximately 40 types of new bento boxes are now available! Spring debut event “New Bento Fair” held April 10th (Wednesday) – May 7th (Tuesday) / Daimaru Tokyo Store Basement Food Hoppe Town
Special site URL → Adjacent to Tokyo Station, there is a 60 meter long “Bento Street”, and the Daimaru Tokyo store sells about 1,000 types of bento a year on the entire floor, and in conjunction with Ekiben Day on April 10th, the 2023 annual event will be held. The top 10 bento rankings will be announced at the sales floor from April 10th (Wednesday) to May 7th (Tuesday). At the same time, we will be holding a spring debut competition, “New Bento Fair,” featuring approximately 40 new bento varieties aiming to be among the top 10 next-generation regulars. We will introduce 21 particularly recommended new bento items that have been seriously thought out by various side dish and bento shops and are aiming to be ranked in the top 10 most popular items in 2024. -Nihonbashi Niyama-Three seasoning pork fillet cutlet bento 1,000 yen Tender domestic pork fillet cutlet is grilled in healthy breadcrumbs with three types of seasoning: curry, cheese & herbs, and mayonnaise. *Limited to 6 meals each day
[Image 1:×264.png ]
-Taste of Umebachi-Yonezawa Beef Steak/Yakiniku Bento 1,980 yen Both use Yonezawa beef, and the steak is seasoned with garlic and onion. Season the yakiniku with soy sauce. You can enjoy two flavors.
[Image 2:×201.png ]
-Kaneko Hannosuke-Spring Kakiage Bento 1,400 yen
The extremely popular bento box, which is kakiage made with the spring flavors of rape blossoms and bamboo shoots, along with shrimp and squid, is back for a limited time.
[Image 3:×287.png ]
– Minokichi – Eggplant dengaku and beef shigureni soup stock roll bento 1,512 yen
The popular beef shigureni is topped with saikyo miso eggplant dengaku. *20 scheduled each day
[Image 4:×233.png ]
-Taimeiken-Omelet rice beef stew 1,580 yen
Fluffy omelet rice topped with plenty of beef stew with large chunks of meat. It’s full of volume.
[Image 5:×207.png ]
-Paul Bocuse Deli-Roast beef donut Sushi 540 yen
Roast beef sushi made in a donut shape. Shrimp and tobiko are used as toppings for a brightly colored dish.
[Image 6:×251.png ]
-Hirashima-Premium special flyer 2024 1,980 yen
Premium special chirashi sushi with sea urchin, salmon roe, and giant crab.
[Image 7:×370.png ]
– Creative Sushi Restaurant Takimoto – Golden Mille-feuille 3,240 yen Golden ingredients such as sea urchin and herring roe, king salmon, and golden squid are added to the golden ingredients to create a luxurious mille-feuille perfect for Golden Week.
*20 scheduled times each day
[Image 8:×296.png ]
– Western Ginza – Comparison of beef fillet meat – GW holiday lunch box 2,376 yen
A limited-time bento box where you can enjoy the taste of beef fillet prepared in two ways: “cutlet” and “steak.”
[Image 9:×224.png ]
-Kameido Masumoto-Noriben 972 yen
When you think of bento, you think of “Noriben”! “Noriben” finally debuts from Kameido Masumoto. A new work that embodies Masumoto’s handmade taste and confidence in the simple salmon seaweed bento. (*Some contents may change depending on the availability of
[Image 10:×327.png] -Kanda Myojin Shita Miyabi–Tokyo limited-Raccoon fox 6 pieces 1,296 yen A juicy dish made with thick fried tofu made with an original sauce from Sagami-ya, a restaurant that has been loved since its founding in 1898 and has been devoted to deep-fried tofu. Contains 6 pieces: raccoon fox, Japanese black beef stew, mustard greens, Nanko plum, soybean meat dandan, and plain.
[Image 11:×346.png ]
-Tomiso Uodoraku-Koraku bento 1,188 yen
A colorful bento packed with sea bream and white rice, Menuke Saikyo, Salmon Trout Saikyo, simmered dishes, and tempura.
*Limited to 10 pieces each day
[Image 12:×293.png ]
-Aji no Hamadou – Directly delivered from Toyosu, marinated grilled tuna, 2,500 yen
We use tuna from Toyosu Market’s tuna specialist wholesaler Hicho. A very fatty tuna fillet is marinated and grilled to go well with rice.
[Image 13:×336.png ]
-Okazu Honpo Tsukuda Asa – Small balanced bento “Haruzuki” – Fish 896 yen, Small balanced bento “Haruzuki” – Meat 918 yen
This is a slightly smaller bento box with a different main side dish depending on the season. In the spring of 2024, the main fish will be fried mackerel, and the main meat will be chicken salt and koji grilled with yuzu and pepper sauce.
[Image 14:×211.png ]
– Kyodo Suisan – Sanriku coho salmon bento 780 yen
Selected thick-sliced ​​silver salmon from Sanriku is simply grilled with salt to bring out the flavor of the ingredients.
*April 10th, Thursday, Saturday, and Monday only
[Image 15:×190.png ]
-Nakajima Suisan – Spilled crab warship 999 yen
This is a dish where you can enjoy the blessings of the sea in one bite. Flavorful crab meat spilled luxuriously.
[Image 16:×196.png ]
-Tsukiji Suzutomi Sushitomi-Suzutomi Maki 2,700 yen
Futomaki from a sushi restaurant! ! Luxuriously wrapped with plenty of lean natural tuna and medium fatty tuna.
[Image 17:×176.png ]
– Fairy tale – Mochi cream sandwich (Matcha) 540 yen
The best match of chewy matcha bean paste and fresh cream.
*10 packs scheduled each day
[Image 18:×372.png ]
-Shiretoko Sushi – Three kinds of bluefin tuna 1,944 yen
Three pieces of bluefin tuna: fatty, medium fatty, and lean. *Scheduled number of tickets each day: 20
[Image 19:×226.png ]
-Kimuraya-Rice ball pantuna (1 piece) 311 yen
Contains a Japanese-style tuna salad made with tuna and onions. The glue is expressed using fabric containing bamboo charcoal powder.
[Image 20:×303.png ]
*All prices include tax.
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