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Hell level has been implemented in the story dungeons “Forbidden Land/Evil Corpse Prison” and “Palace of Fresh Blood” in “Fantasy Sanctuary -Another Fate-”! “GW Special Event 2024” will be held to enjoy Golden Week!
Moon Rabbit Co., Ltd. has implemented a hell-class dungeon of “Forbidden Land/Evil Corpse Prison” and “Palace of Blood” in the PC MMORPG “Fantasy Sanctuary -Another Fate-“, as well as various events to enjoy Golden Week. has been held.
■Hell level has been implemented in the story dungeons “Forbidden Land/Evil Corpse Prison” and “Palace of Fresh Blood”!
[Image 1:×178.jpg] We have added a higher difficulty level, “Hell Class”, to the dungeons “Forbidden Land/Evil Corpse Prison” and “Palace of Fresh Blood” visited in the latest main story. In the Hell class, which is challenged with a party of up to 5 people, the phantom gods “Eirene” and “Demeter” will appear with a certain probability after defeating the boss monster. If you defeat a phantom god, you can obtain the “Key of Origin” necessary to recruit a phantom god, and the “Proof of the phantom oath,” which is exclusive equipment for a phantom god.
[Image 2:×352.jpg] -Herald of Peace-Eirene
[Image 3:×352.jpg] -Guardian of the Sacred Forest – Demeter [Update introduction page
URL]■We will hold “GW Special Event 2024” to enjoy Golden Week!
[Image 5:×178.jpg] We held “GW Special Event 2024” where you can acquire phantom gods and NPC partners. Please enjoy the fantasy realm during Golden Week! ●The arrival of the world boss “Bewitching Succubus” The “Bewitching Succubus” will descend into the Merunya Forest as the world boss. If you successfully defeat the Succubus, you will be able to obtain the “Demon King Lapis Treasure Box” which contains the origin key needed to recruit the Succubus and Lapis that can greatly enhance your skills.
[Image 5:×178.jpg] – Bewitching charmer – Succubus ●Enjoy Golden Week by participating in a variety of events! We are holding many other events that will give you an advantage on your adventure, so don’t miss out! – Gained experience points & drop rate increased!・Anjou’s grateful meal ・Friendship made by flowers ・Save the hungry dragon!・Portrait selection box added to the lineup!・Increase in potential
ability!・Double bonus points! [Event introduction page URL]▼Fantasy Sanctuary official website Title: Fantasy Divine Realm -Another Fate- Genre: Animetic Fantasy MMORPG Development company: X-LEGEND Entertainment Corp. Price: Free to play (item sales system) Copyright: (C) 2020 – 2024 MoonRabbit Corporation. All Rights Reserved.(C) 2020 – 2024 X-LEGEND Entertainment Corp. All Rights Reserved.

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