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Home » Abeyoando Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Abeyoando Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells domestical ly produced high-purity NMN supplements and NMN skin care, will exhibit at “Beauty World Japan Tokyo 2024”!

Abeyoando Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Abeyoando Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells domestical ly produced high-purity NMN supplements and NMN skin care, will exhibit at “Beauty World Japan Tokyo 2024”!

[Abeyoando Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.] Abeyoando Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells domestically produced high-purity NMN supplements and NMN skin care, has announced the launch of “Beauty World Japan”.
Exhibiting at “Tokyo 2024”!

*View in browser* *Abeyoando Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.*
Press release: May 2, 2024
Abe Yoando Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells domestically produced high-purity NMN supplements and NMN skin care, will be exhibiting at “Beauty World Japan Tokyo 2024”!
*We will be holding a trial campaign for NMN supplements with the highest purity of 99.9% or higher manufactured in-house in Japan, a renewed liposomal NMN serum, and special events exclusively for visitors! *

Co., Ltd., a pioneer company that achieved NMN (*1) food certification in Japan. Abe Yoando Pharmaceutical (Adachi-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Tomotaka Abe) will be holding a comprehensive beauty exhibition “Beauty World” to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from May 13th (Monday) to May 15th (Wednesday).
We will exhibit at Japan Tokyo 2024.

Yoando NMN is the highest-quality NMN supplement that boasts an overwhelming intake of 3,000mg per day.
90000” and a wide variety of supplements, skin care, and pet supplements using domestically produced high-purity NMN to suit various lifestyles.

In addition, the liposomal NMN-containing serum “NMN 13 Serum” and “NMN 13 Serum for” have been renewed this spring.
We will hold special events where you can directly experience products based on the latest research, such as a trial campaign for “PRO” and a tasting of large-capacity NMN-containing supplements.

During the exhibition period, you can try out each product, and there will also be a spot sale. Available for purchase at special event prices. We will also have a space for business negotiations and will be looking for agents to handle our products.

This is a valuable opportunity to get your hands on supplements and skin care products that use our own highly safe NMN raw materials, which are also used by medical institutions.

We have various benefits available, so be sure to check out Beauty World Japan Tokyo 2024* “Abe Yoando Pharmaceutical” booth (Tokyo Big Sight)
Come experience the appeal of our new NMN supplements and liposomal NMN-containing cosmetics at East Hall 2, Body + Beautiful Zone C003)*.

* [Exhibition overview] *
Date: May 13th (Monday) to May 15th (Wednesday), 2024
Time: 10:00-18:00 (until 16:30 on the last day)
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight East 2 Hall Body + Beautiful Zone C003 *How to visit: To visit, advance registration (free of charge) is required. Please register by the day before your visit.
▼Click here to pre-register your visit

Introducing high-quality NMN products using N-Pro(R), an NMN raw material with an 80% (*12) medical market share, including products exclusive to salons and clinics!

* ▼“Yoando NMN 90000” 127,440 yen (tax included)*
The pinnacle of Yoando NMN supplements, boasting a daily intake of 3,000mg in powder form. We aim to provide active aging care (*11) by delivering the original charm of NMN with our outstanding power. Adopts a “Long Effect Formula (R)” that allows coenzymes to be maintained in the body for 32 times longer than ingesting NMN alone. Contains a boost of carefully selected ingredients that help you live a healthy life, supporting your daily life full of vitality.

* ▼“NMN Dual Care” 38,589 yen (tax included)*
* NMN 13 Serum (30mL) + Yoando NMN 18000 Beauty (30 days supply, 120 tablets) * Japan’s first (*1) liposomal NMN-containing serum “NMN 13″
Serum” and beauty-specific NMN supplement “Yoando NMN 18000” for those who want to live a vibrant and shiny life every day.
Beauty” is packaged one by one. Swiftlet’s nest and pineapple ceramide contained in this capsule-type supplement support freshness from the inside. Also, by incorporating NMN into your skin care, you can take care of your youthfulness from the outside as well.

* ▼“NMN 13 Serum for PRO (30mL)” 45,980 yen (tax included) *Exclusive to clinics and salons*
* ▼“NMN 13 Serum (30mL)” 12,540 yen (tax included) *

In April 2024, “INFINIXX” was renewed to “YÓANDO” and the formula was updated to be alcohol-free and easier to use. Including the main component NMN, human amniotic fluid cell conditioned culture medium, human bone marrow stem cell conditioned culture medium, human fibroblast conditioned culture medium, synthetic human recombinant polypeptide-64 (
aquaporin), human recombinant oligopeptide-1 (EGF)
, synthetic human recombinant polypeptide-16 (PGF), synthetic human recombinant polypeptide-31 (IGF-2)
By combining these ingredients into liposomes, the penetration power of beauty ingredients such as NMN is increased (*3 *4). It leads to glowing skin full of freshness.

■Liposomized ingredients
NMN (*2)
Human amniotic fluid cell conditioned culture solution (*5)
Human bone marrow stem cell conditioned culture medium (*5)
Human fibroblast conditioned culture medium (*5)
Human recombinant polypeptide-66 (*5)
Human recombinant polypeptide-67 (*5)
Nicotinoyl hexapeptide-44 (prospin/*6)
Synthetic human recombinant polypeptide-64 (aquaporin/*5)
Human recombinant oligopeptide-1 (EGF/*5)
Synthetic human recombinant polypeptide-16 (PGF/*6)
Synthetic human recombinant polypeptide-31 (IGF-2/*5)
* [Beauty World Japan Tokyo 2024 limited project] *
■YÓANDO 『NMN 13 Serum』
Touch & Try Campaign
NMN 13 is a liposomal NMN-containing serum that was renewed and released in April 2024.
Limited benefit for first-time users of “Serum”. We would like to thank those who cooperated in taking photos regarding the usability of the NMN 13 on the spot.
Serum” We will give you this product as a present. Quantities are limited and will end as soon as they run out, so please stop by as soon as possible.
1.LINE friend registration benefits
■SNS registration benefits
* 1. LINE friend registration benefits *
Get a limited edition pouch set!
・“Yoando NMN 30000” samples x 3
・“NMN 13 Jelly” sample x 2 bags
・“SkinRefiner” sample x 2 bags
* 2. LINE friend registration + Instagram follow benefits *
Get a free “NMN 13 Serum” mini bottle (8mL)!
All items are limited in quantity and will end as soon as they are gone. ■ On-sale event held at a special limited price only available at Beauty World We will be selling domestically produced high-purity NMN-containing supplements and liposomal NMN-containing serums at event-limited prices. Customers who purchase during the exhibition period will also receive purchase benefits. We do not normally sell items at discounted prices, so please do not miss out on this special opportunity. * [What is NMN] *
NMN is a substance similar to vitamins that was discovered through research on yeast and enzymes. After NMN is absorbed into the body, it is converted into a coenzyme that maintains the body functions of all living things and maintains youthful energy. Unfortunately, however, as the body ages, the amount of coenzymes decreases, resulting in a decrease in energy levels and the decline of living organisms.

In recent years,
It has been reported that it is related to longevity genes (sirtuin genes) and that it helps maintain youthful and healthy body
conditions, and is attracting attention as a key to anti-aging and anti-aging care.

* ■Company profile*
Trade name: Abeyoando Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Tomotaka Abe
Address: YAK Kitasenju Building, 1-5-4 Yanagihara, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 120-0022 Founded: 1731
Established: December 1984
Business details: Wholesale, retail and contract manufacturing of health foods, processing of supplements, health foods and raw materials.
Import, wholesale/retail/contract manufacturing of cosmetics, processing of cosmetics, in-house research of raw materials

* [Contact information for inquiries from customers regarding this matter]* Abeyoando Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Phone number: Abe Yoando Pharmaceutical Customer Support 0120-542-434 (Weekdays 10:00-17:00/excluding Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, and summer holidays)

*1 ・Survey name: “Survey on NMN cosmetics” (researched by TPC Marketing Research Co., Ltd.) ・Survey target: 1. NMN-containing cosmetics listed in “@cosme”
2. NMN-containing cosmetics sold on Rakuten Market, Amazon, and Yahoo! Shopping 3. Other NMN-containing cosmetics sold in MLM channels – Survey period: April 1st to 20th, 2022
*2 Nicotinamide mononucleotide
*3 Up to the stratum corneum
*4 Comparison with our ready-made product “NMN SirteenSerum” *5 Skin conditioning agent
*6 Skin protectant
*8 Highest value determined by third-party inspection
*7 Care according to age
*9 Research results from a third-party organization
*10 Effects of “Long Effect Prescription (R)︎”, a combination prescription based on the latest research
*11 Nutritional supplementation according to age
*12 Researched by TPC Marketing Research Co., Ltd.

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