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Home » INFRGY Smart Circuits: Enabling Practical Energy Conversion from Wireless RF to DC

INFRGY Smart Circuits: Enabling Practical Energy Conversion from Wireless RF to DC

INFRGY Smart Circuits: Enabling Practical Energy Conversion from Wireless RF to DC
Energy transmission device that enhances output through energy harvesting ……
INFRGY has announced an innovative device that converts radio frequency (RF) to direct current (DC) power with zero power loss.
[Image:×720.jpg] This circuit augments the energy delivered to the system with energy harvested from the environment, increasing the available power for both wireless and wired applications.
“This device is actually a fusion of two technologies.”
This is what co-founder Parvez Rishi says.
“This invention consists of a part that harvests ambient energy and a part that efficiently converts the RF signal to DC. Both are important achievements, but by incorporating them into a single device, we are able to It becomes a technology.”
INFRGY LLC’s prototype not only captures radio frequency signals emitted by transmitters, but also electromagnetic signals collected from the environment. The device then converts the captured RF energy into usable direct current (DC) power. By using a patent-pending combination of diodes, capacitors, and rectifying bridges, INFRGY devices efficiently transfer energy, resulting in zero losses as well as increased power output due to the additional energy collected. can. This output can be used for wired, wireless, or a combination of both applications.
This device benefits both consumers and businesses. True wireless charging brings convenience to consumers by eliminating the need to contend with multiple chargers and tangled cables. Businesses can benefit from reduced risk industrial automation, simplified energy generation for large networks, and uninterrupted operations. INFRGY collaborates with two top universities in India to test the device. I am very excited about the opportunity to test and continue to develop high potential smart circuits at the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Kashmir Technological University and National Institute of Technology Srinagar.
Advisor John Waihe, a former Hawaii governor, said such technology could significantly diversify renewable energy sources.
“Tackling the climate crisis requires a wide range of technologies. This technology can play an important role in renewable energy portfolios because it does not rely on other renewable energy sources.”
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