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Home » EbuAction Co., Ltd. “Dozle” has released a Fortnite map with all members! Produced by Metaverse Studio “ BORDER”

EbuAction Co., Ltd. “Dozle” has released a Fortnite map with all members! Produced by Metaverse Studio “ BORDER”

[EbuAction Co., Ltd.] “Dozle” has released a Fortnite map with all members! Produced by Metaverse Studio “BORDER”

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Press release: May 3, 2024
“Dozle” has released a Fortnite map with all members! Produced by Metaverse Studio “BORDER”
*~Live streaming on YouTube by Dozle members during Golden Week 24-hour live streaming~*
EbuAction Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Keita Noda) is Dozuru Co., Ltd. (Location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President)
With the cooperation of Dozle), the athletic game “Aim” featuring members of the game commentary group “Dozle Inc.” will be released in the popular online game “Fortnite”.
for the Top! by Dozlesha.

About the game commentary group “Dozurusha”
Mr. Dozuru, who has a unique history of becoming a YouTube creator from a medical school student, established Dozle Co., Ltd. with his YouTube activities as the core, and works as a game commentator with five members.

■Dozle members (titles omitted)
・Ohara MEN

He is active with the philosophy of “making the game of life more enjoyable,” focusing on game commentary, and currently has over 1.56 million subscribers.
As for content, we mainly publish gameplay videos of “Minecraft”, and there are many popular videos that have been viewed more than 1 million times, and the total number of views has exceeded 1.7 billion.

■Main YouTube channel “Dozurusha”

■Dozle members (official website)

Game overview
Dozle’s official map is now available in Fortnite!
Climb the athletic track full of Dozle members and aim for the top! There are surprises from Dozle members all over the map!?
Can you clear Dozle’s difficult athletics?

how to play
Title: “Aim for the Top! by Dozle”
Platform: Fortnite
Map code: 1314-0480-7130
Map release date and time: May 4th (Sat) 12:00
Description page on Fortnite:

PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, Android
In Fortnite, you can access the content by entering the map code (1314-0480-7130).
If you already have an EPIC ID, click “Add to playlist” from the URL to add it to your favorites.
*This event is not sponsored, supported, or operated by Epic Games.

To commemorate the release, a live game distribution will be held by members of Dozle.
“Aim for the Top! by
To commemorate the release of “Dozle Company”, Dozle Company members will be holding a YouTube live broadcast on GW 24-hour live broadcast. From 15:00 on 5/4 (Sat), we are planning to stream the 4 members Bonjuuru, Onri, Orafkun, and Ohara MEN.

■Main YouTube channel “Dozurusha”

■Live streaming URL (YouTube)

* [About Dozle Co., Ltd.] *
Turn love into work. Make the “game” of life more fun.
Dozle Co., Ltd. is an entertainment company that mainly releases live videos of games such as Minecraft on video distribution platforms such as YouTube.
In addition to operating our own YouTube channel, we also carry out BtoB businesses such as digital strategy consulting, focusing on web videos.
* [Overview of Dozle Co., Ltd.] *
・Location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
・Representative: Dozle (YouTube creator)
・Established: September 2016
・Business content: Creator production business, digital strategy consulting business, influencer marketing business
・Corporate site:

*About Fortnite Metaverse production studio “BORDER”*
“BORDER” is a Fortnite Metaverse production studio for domestic businesses jointly operated by EbuAction Co., Ltd. and NEIGHBOR Co., Ltd.


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* [EbuAction Company Profile] *
Representative: Keita Noda, Representative Director
Established: January 2023
Capital: 19,074,375 yen (including capital reserve)
Head office location: 6-23-4 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business details: Fortnite Metaverse production studio “BORDER” Website:
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