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Home » Ezowin Co., Ltd. Agricultural DX “Reposaku” dedicated terminal supports CLAS – Japan’s first communication-integrated ultra-high precision GPS logger improves work data acquisition accuracy and expands the scope of application –

Ezowin Co., Ltd. Agricultural DX “Reposaku” dedicated terminal supports CLAS – Japan’s first communication-integrated ultra-high precision GPS logger improves work data acquisition accuracy and expands the scope of application –

Ezowin Co., Ltd.
Agricultural DX “Reposaku” dedicated terminal supports CLAS – Japan’s first communication-integrated ultra-high precision GPS logger improves work data acquisition accuracy and expands the scope of application –
Agricultural DX startup Ezowin Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibetsu-cho, Hokkaido, Representative Director: Hiroshi Ohno) has begun offering a new logger terminal compatible with Michibiki’s CLAS (centimeter-class positioning augmentation service). This device supports CLAS and achieves ultra-high precision positioning with an error of a few centimeters*1. It is also capable of high-frequency data recording every second and is the first integrated GPS logger in Japan with a built-in communication function*2. As a result, it is now possible to more accurately capture and store information such as slow field work and detailed agricultural work trajectories, which were difficult to obtain with conventional GPS accuracy. Additionally, we have changed the device’s power supply method from the traditional cigarette lighter socket to USB Type-C, improving convenience.
*1 In case of stationary state *2 In-house research
[Image 1:×675.png ]
[About Reposaku]
Reposaku is a product that allows anyone to easily achieve
agricultural DX by simply inserting a GPS logger into their vehicle. By clearly visualizing vehicle trajectories with high precision, high frequency, and in real time, anyone can grasp the overall progress of agricultural work at any time. We provide an environment where you can concentrate more on farming. Available on smartphones, tablets, and computers.
This makes work instructions more specific and easy to understand, and allows those receiving instructions to tackle the work without hesitation. In addition, past work records can be easily reviewed, eliminating the need to check for omissions or omissions and the hassle of information sharing and data sharing. ”*2 “Clerical work time reduced by 58%” *3 Through accurate information sharing and data utilization, overall efficiency and optimization of agricultural work can be achieved.
●Introduction results
It is used by over 90 companies, mainly agricultural organizations in Hokkaido. Service URL:
[Image 2:×645.png ]
*1 R 1st Year Smart Agriculture Demonstration Project
“Quoted from the demonstration of a smart herd management system for high-yielding dairy cows using TMR center-based high-quality self-sufficiency feed production”
*2 Quoted from Reposaku user interview
*3 Quoted from the R4 Smart Agriculture Demonstration Project “Demonstration of sustainable dairy production area formation using data-driven smart self-sufficient feed production and feeding management system”
[Key points of renewal]
Reposaku is a system that allows a dedicated terminal to acquire GPS data and send it to a cloud server from the built-in SIM, allowing you to understand the vehicle’s current location and travel trajectory. The previous device released in 2020 was powered by the cigarette lighter socket of an agricultural vehicle and recorded location information every second using Michibiki’s SLAS (Submeter Positioning Augmentation Service). The error in SLAS position information is about 1 to 2 meters, and it was mainly used to share the position
information of work vehicles such as mower conditioners and dump trucks during harvesting of grass and dent corn at TMR centers. The renewed terminal is compatible with Michibiki’s CLAS (Centimeter Class Positioning Augmentation Service), which provides more accurate positioning than SLAS, and is now able to reduce theoretical error to a few centimeters*.
In addition, with conventional power supply methods, the standards for cigarette lighter sockets were not standardized internationally, so there was an issue in which the terminal could easily become disconnected due to individual differences between vehicles. Furthermore, it cannot be used in environments without a cigarette lighter socket, making it difficult to apply it to work other than vehicles.
[Image 3:×1872.png ]
Therefore, the new terminal uses a USB Type-C power supply method. Since USB has a unified standard, it is difficult for the device to be disconnected, and stable data acquisition is possible. It also supports power supply from a vehicle’s USB port or mobile battery, making data acquisition possible even when working in agriculture without a cigarette lighter socket.
As a result, the scope of application has expanded from sites where walking and manual labor are the main focus, to sites where low-speed work vehicles move, and sites where work vehicles move at the speed of a passenger car, contributing to the efficiency of all types of agricultural work. Now it looks like this.
*When in a stationary state
[How to use it in the future]
By utilizing highly accurate location information in centimeter units, Reposaku can now be applied to field crops such as sowing and planting, which require precise work records.
For example, the ultra-high precision positioning of the new terminal makes it possible to obtain accurate and detailed trajectory data, even in tasks that are performed at speeds as low as 0.2km/h, such as harvesting Japanese yam.
Furthermore, it is possible to visualize and streamline work progress and movement trajectories in situations where there are many farms under management, in isolated areas, where multiple people are working at the same time, or where the training of new employees or new farmers is being considered. By making it possible to share
information and utilize shared data without any hassle, we aim to create an environment where more farmers can concentrate on farming. [Release of new service “miltocca” and recruitment of business partners] From the multi-functional reposaku service, we are developing a new service called “miltocca,” which is “specialized” in “viewing.” It has a very simple configuration, provides only the minimum functions, and is invisible to the site! I don’t know! It’s painful for everyone! solve.
[Image 4:×645.png ]
◯We are now recruiting business partners who will combine miltocca and ultra-high precision GPS logger.
1. I want to utilize miltocca’s software and ultra-high precision GPS logger. 2. I want to use only ultra-high precision GPS
3. I want to collaborate regarding location information.
We look forward to hearing from companies interested in developing services that utilize CLAS’s high-precision positioning.
Let’s create new solutions together.
For more information, please check “Other” below and contact us.
[About Ezowin Co., Ltd.]
Founded in 2019 in Shibetsu Town in eastern Hokkaido.
・2022: Received the 2020 Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Technology Conference Chairman Award
・2023: Received the Ichi Biz Award Grand Prize
・2023: Selected as J-Startup HOKKAIDO
○Our mission
In Hokkaido, which produces the most food in Japan, the number of farmers is decreasing. In Japan as a whole, production will decrease and there will be no producers left. This will lead to Japan’s food crisis.
We have to do something about this big issue! With this in mind, we have set our mission as “We support Japan’s food,” and using the agricultural DX solution “Reposaku” as our starting point, we aim to “realize the largest automated farm in Japan” in the future when the population declines.
[Image 5:×1290.png ]
【Company Profile】
Name: Ezowin Co., Ltd.
Established: January 2019
Representative: Representative Director Hiroshi Ohno
Address: 63-7 Kawakita, Shibetsu-cho, Shibetsu-gun, Hokkaido URL:
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