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Home » Kamitsubaki 2MAN LIVE of Azusagawa x Awairo (Yunosuke/WaMi) will be held! Advance ticket reception begins

Kamitsubaki 2MAN LIVE of Azusagawa x Awairo (Yunosuke/WaMi) will be held! Advance ticket reception begins

[Kamitsubaki] 2MAN LIVE of Azusagawa x Awairo (Yunosuke/WaMi) will be held! Advance ticket reception begins

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Press release: May 3, 2024
2MAN LIVE of Azusagawa x Awairo (Yunosuke/WaMi) will be held! Advance ticket reception begins
*Tickets with special benefits to receive autographed goods are also on sale*  KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO/SINSEKAI
A two-man live series by singer Azusagawa of RECORD has started, and the first live performance with Awairo “Azusagawa 2MAN LIVE -2EZ w/ Awairo-” venue ticket lottery advance has started. Tickets with special benefits such as autographed goods by Azusagawa and Awairo and special goods only available here are also on sale, and lottery applications are now being accepted.

* ■Awairo and Azusagawa collaborated together for the first time. Tickets with benefits of autographed goods are also available*

Azusagawa, a singer who is currently on the rise, winning 4th place in the largest singing video submission festival “Utakore 2024 Spring” and her singing video exceeding 1 million views on YouTube, will hold a two-man live with an audience. We will hold a series.
The first part is “Hana to Nare” and “Awake”.
A collaboration between Yunosuke, the composer who produced songs such as “Now”, and Awairo, a unit made up of WaMi, a singer who is active in various fields. This will also be Awairo’s first time performing live with an audience.

Advance lottery tickets for venue tickets have now been accepted, and some tickets come with limited benefits, such as postcards with autographs from Azusagawa and Awairo.
* ■Azusagawa 2MAN LIVE -2EZ w/ Awairo-*
* ■Performance information*
Venue: Spotify O-WEST
Date: Friday, July 12, 2024 Doors open at 17:30 / Start at 18:30

* ■Ticket information*
[Venue ticket type]
●Ticket with limited benefits: 8,000 yen (tax included)
Bonus: 1 Azusagawa & Awairo autographed live KV postcard + 1 limited rubber band ●Regular ticket: 5,500 yen (tax included)

*Separate drink fee required (600 yen)

[Venue ticket sales information]
Official advance
Reception period: Until 23:59 on Sunday, May 12, 2024
Reception URL:

* ■Live goods information*
Order acceptance period: May 13, 2024 (Monday) 20:00 to May 20, 2024 (Monday) 13:00
Sales site:
*A banner guiding you to the sales page will be posted after sales start. * ■Azusagawa Artist Profile*
Illustrator: SOLANI (

Started music activities in April 2020. A singer who has been attracting attention for collaborations such as posting “I tried singing” videos and participating in vocals on popular Vocaloid P songs.
In March 2024, they released their 1st album “Shifter”.

With his presence and lustrous voice, he sings songs of all genres and captures the hearts of many listeners.

X (old Twitter):

* ■Awairo artist profile*
“Loop (feat.
The two, who have collaborated on numerous projects such as “WaMi)”, have finally formed a unit.
Yunosuke is in charge of composing and arranging the song, and WaMi is in charge of writing the lyrics.

Combining sweet and emotional melodies with EDM, the song conveys a faint and sad feeling.

YouTube Main Channel (Yunosuke): Awairo Official X (old Twitter): Awairo Official Instagram: Awairo Official TikTok:

Illustrator: Yonemuro (

* ■Member profile*

Sound producer, composer and arranger.
Incorporating cutting-edge sound make-up, they aim to create pop music that will leave a lasting impression on everyone.
In his activities as Vocaloid P, which uses voice synthesis tools, he has released many songs that have been played over 1 million times, including his representative song “PaIII.SENSATION”, which has exceeded 6.6 million views on YouTube, and is popular not only in Japan but also in Japan. He is attracting attention as a creator who has received high praise from overseas.
In addition to voice actors and virtual singers, we also provide a large number of songs, including instrumentals, that go beyond the boundaries of games and advertisements.
Through his own experience living overseas, he is actively co-writing and collaborating with overseas creators that transcend national borders.

Official X (old Twitter):

Singer/lyricist. He has a unique double voice and a technique that sublimates pain into an emo style.
Yunosuke of track maker Vocaloid P, who was in charge of writing and singing the lyrics, “Loop (feat.
Despite not being promoted, her song “WaMi)” has been played on Spotify over 1 million times, and the MV on YouTube has been played over 800,000 times, becoming a viral hit, and she is attracting attention as an up-and-coming singer.
He has been particularly well-received overseas, and has recently expanded his range by producing songs with James Landino and DE DE MOUSE.

Official X (old Twitter):

A creative label that produces the cutting edge of internet culture together with the next generation of creators, and is developing a new era artist management business. We have created an operating system consisting of management staff who discover and develop artists, and marketing staff who have operating know-how on YouTube and SNS. By collaborating with various creators and artists such as virtual singers, singer-songwriters, composers, videographers, story writers, illustrators, and designers, and by co-creating works with everyone who receives them, we are creating new creative works. We are taking on the challenge of creating live performances and updating the music experience itself.

Official website:
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