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Home » The period drama reading drama “Hitogoroshi” by Kazuma Horie, Ai Nakajima, Kanako Nomura, Yoshimi Ohara, Nobuyuki Hiyama, and others, which can be enjoyed by historical drama lovers and beginners alike, has opened!

The period drama reading drama “Hitogoroshi” by Kazuma Horie, Ai Nakajima, Kanako Nomura, Yoshimi Ohara, Nobuyuki Hiyama, and others, which can be enjoyed by historical drama lovers and beginners alike, has opened!

The period drama reading drama “Hitogoroshi” by Kazuma Horie, Ai Nakajima, Kanako Nomura, Yoshimi Ohara, Nobuyuki Hiyama, and others, which can be enjoyed by historical drama lovers and beginners alike, has opened!

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Press release: May 3, 2024
The period drama reading drama “Hitogoroshi” by Kazuma Horie, Ai Nakajima, Kanako Nomura, Yoshimi Ohara, Nobuyuki Hiyama, and others, which can be enjoyed by historical drama lovers and beginners alike, has opened!
Shugoro Yamamoto’s masterpiece historical novel “Hitogoroshi” has been mixed in various media such as movies, dramas, and plays. This time, we are depicting one of the works of “Hitogoroshi” from the “Hitogoroshi” published by Shincho Bunko as a reading drama version with original scenes and adaptations added.
He is the director of the planning theater group Bokura Dangi, and has produced the stage play “Fire Force” series and the musical “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.”
Sho Kubota is a scriptwriter and director who has worked on works such as “A Knight Who Follows the Righteous Path” and the stage play “Nobunaga’s Ambition: Taishi” series. The screenplay was written by Yutaka Kainuma, who is active as an actor, scriptwriter, and director in all genres. The leading role of Rokubei Futago is played by Kazuma Horie, Naoyuki Shimotsuru, and Daisuke Sanbongi in a multi-cast, with Ai Nakajima, Kanako Nomura and Yoshimi Ohara (double cast), Nobuyuki Hiyama, Kazuho Takei, and Kazuko Inoue supporting.
Furthermore, after each episode, it has been decided that the cast will hold a farewell party and an after-talk where they will tell behind-the-scenes stories. Along with the main story, this is a time where you can immerse yourself in the world of the work and enjoy the real expressions of the cast.
A general production was held before the opening day on May 3rd (Friday holiday), and comments from the cast members were also received.
The main characters are Rokubei the Twins (Kazuma Horie, Naoyuki Shimotsuru, Daisuke Sanbongi), a young samurai who is said to be the most cowardly of the Echizen Fukui clan (currently Fukui Prefecture). From the beginning, she is startled and frightened by even the smallest of noises, such as a barking dog or a snake, to the point where she is scolded by the narrator, Oyo (Ai Nakajima). Even his younger sister Kane (Kanako Nomura, Yoshimi Ohara) keeps telling him, “It’s your brother’s fault that you can’t get married.” The fast-paced exchange between the hesitant older brother and the determined and strong-willed younger sister is comical.
The story begins when Rokubei makes a big decision to accept the name of his lord and take on a “joi-tai” mission to kill criminals. The person to be killed is Koken Nito (Nobuyuki Hiyama), the domain’s personal martial artist who killed the feudal lord’s favorite page. Rokubei catches up to Kouken earlier than expected as he declares, “I won’t run or hide,” as he heads towards Edo, but is so frightened that he shouts “Hitogoroshi!” and runs away.
However, seeing the fear of the farmers who heard this, he came up with a plan and started shouting “Hitogoroshi” everywhere Koken went. It’s interesting to see the contrast between Rokubei and Kouken, who are both samurai warriors but have completely different stances. The plays by Kazuho Takei and Kazuko Inoue, who play various characters other than the main one, are also attractive.
In the second half, the narrator passes the baton to Kane from Oyo. Oyo appears in front of Rokubei as the lively and strong hostess of an inn, further accelerating the story. Rokubei has grown a lot since meeting her, and Kouken is being cornered. Even if you can read the punch line, the cast members radiate a power that keeps you watching and listening to it, and it’s overwhelming. In addition, there are many scenes where the cast’s impressions will change depending on their roles, so expectations are high for various combinations.

Scenes change one after another, such as Rokubei’s house and the shops and inns they stop at on their journey, but the changes in the scenes are nicely shown through the use of lighting and microphones placed throughout the stage.
Also, even though it is called a historical drama, it is not formal and does not require any knowledge of history. The light storytelling and easy-to-follow story make it easy to get into the story even if you are not familiar with period dramas. On the other hand, the cast members are wearing Japanese clothes and sandals, and you can hear Japanese music, so there is plenty of atmosphere typical of historical dramas. The charm of the work remains intact, but it has been adapted and directed in a modern way, so even fans of the original work will be able to enjoy it in a fresh way.
This work will be multicast for each performance and will be performed at Haiyuza Theater from May 3rd (Friday, holiday) to May 6th (Monday, holiday). Check the official website and X for details on cast members and after-events.
Opening comments from the cast and director Sho Kubota have arrived!

* -Cast comments- *
* Role of Twins Rokubei: Kazuma Horie *
Even though I wasn’t much of a reader, I came across Shugoro Yamamoto’s “Sabu” in high school and was so impressed that in my 20s I was cast in a movie based on the same work, and 20 years later I was once again in the same movie as “Sab” by Shugoro Yamamoto. I am lucky enough to be able to read aloud on “Goroshi”! I’m finally starting to feel a connection and destiny to Shugoro’s works. Although the title of the work is radical, it is a comedy! I’ll be shouting
“Hitogoroshi~Tears!” a lot, and on the other hand, I’ll do my best to make you laugh a lot! ! Please look forward to it♪
* Role of Twins Rokubei: Naoyuki Shimotsuru *
It has finally begun!
I have practiced several times, and through trial and error, I hope to be able to deliver Rokubei to the best of my ability! !
Please look forward to it! !
We look forward to seeing you at the venue! !
* Role of Twins Rokubei: Daisuke Sanbongi *
The curtain is finally rising on the historical drama reading drama “Hitogoroshi”!
How on earth does a young samurai who has never had a fight or even an argument in his life and is said to be the most “cowardly” in the clan succeed in defeating a famous martial artist?
A reading performance that can be enjoyed not only by the ears but also by the eyes!
As the “coward” Rokubei Twins, you will run through the world of the comedy “Hitogoroshi” with all your heart and soul, along with the wonderful cast!
please! Please watch it at Haiyuza Theater! !
* Role of Subaru Nito: Nobuyuki Hiyama *
Rehearsals are progressing and I think it’s looking good.
In Hiyama’s career so far, he has often played fighting characters, especially strong people in the strongest class (^^)
The “Subuki Nito” that Hiyama plays this time is also the strongest character in the current work, who is an expert whether he uses a sword or a spear! What will happen when such a strong martial artist is chased by “Rokubei”?
That said, it’s fun to watch!
* Role: Ai Nakajima *
My name is Ai Nakajima and I play the role of Oyo. I’m excited and nervous because it’s finally starting.
The key to this work is the gap between the title and the content, and it is full of humorous scenes that will make you laugh.
I will also be in charge of the story, so I will do my best to convey the charm and fun of the main character Rokubei and other characters! * Role of Kane: Kanako Nomura *
I received the offer to appear in a reading drama, rehearsals have started, and the actual performance is about to begin, so I’m really surprised at how quickly everything has happened…! I’ve spent a lot of time facing the script over the past few days, and as the day approaches for everyone to see it, I want them to watch it as soon as possible! I was so excited. I will do my best to play the role so that you can enjoy the story of “Hitogoroshi”! Thank you.
* Role of Kane: Yoshimi Ohara *
A short story…what kind of story is it?
Is it scary? Some of you may have thought so. I was like that too (lol) As I received the scenario and rehearsed it, I realized once again how interesting this story is and how important it is for the actors to interact with each other lively.
Personally, this is my first time reading a Japanese story, so I’m excited! I hope people will pay attention to the activities of not only Kane, but also my precious older brother Rokubei. thank you! * Supporting role: Kazuho Takei *
The historical drama reading drama “Hitogoroshi” has finally opened! ! I was moved and awed by the sight of my seniors and the lead cast during rehearsals.
I am doing my best to do what I can in my position as a supporting actor! We are looking forward to seeing you all!
* Supporting role: Kazuko Inoue *
This is Kazuko Inoue, who plays a supporting role.
This work is a comedy that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and genders. As we practiced more and more, our ingenuity became more interesting and funny, and my expectations for the actual performance only grew.
I’m really looking forward to showing it to our customers.
No two performances are ever the same, even if the cast is the same live! We will strive to deliver freshness to each performance so that you will want to see it again and again. Please enjoy it.
* Direction: Sho Kubota *
When you hear the word historical drama, many people may have the image of being difficult, but “Hitogoroshi” is a comedy that doesn’t require any knowledge of history and can be enjoyed without straining your shoulders.
The title “Hitogoroshi” may give you a scary impression, but I think your impression of this word will completely change after you finish watching it.
With the help of skillful performers, we will deliver this masterpiece of comedy to you with the expressions that only a reading drama can provide. Please try it once! !

* After event will be held *
3rd (Friday Holiday) 14:00 Farewell / 18:00 Talk Show
4th (Sat) 14:00 Talk show/18:00 Send off
5th (Sun) 14:00 Farewell / 18:00 Talk show
6th (Monday holiday) 14:00 Talk show
* Performance goods *
・Pamphlet (2,200 yen)
・Performance script (2,000 yen)
・1 set of 4 bromides (1,000 yen/set)
・Random bromide (300 yen/piece)
・DVD (7,700 yen/disc)
Bonus:・Bonus bromide gift for those who purchase 1.5,000 yen or more    Horie, Shimotsuru, Sanbongi / Hiyama, Nakajima / Nomura, Ohara / Takei, Inoue ・Bonus 2. Those who apply for a DVD reservation at the theater will receive a bonus bromide.
Sales site:
Sales period: May 3rd (Friday) 13:15 to May 31st (Friday) 23:59 * -Synopsis-*
A young samurai, Futago Rokubei, who is said to be the most cowardly of the Echizen Fukui clan, suddenly decides to take on the name of his lord, who has no one else to take on, and takes on a “competitive attack” on a criminal.
His opponent was Koken Nito, a martial artist in charge of the domain who killed the feudal lord’s favorite page, and was an expert in swordsmanship and spears. Of course, Rokubei can’t have any sword skills.
One summer day, Rokubei chased Koken, despite his younger sister Kane’s attempts to stop him, and caught up to him on the third day. However, just seeing that figure made her tremble in fear, so much so that her heart stopped. He was supposed to have been following him, but before he knew it, he had overtaken him, and when Koken stopped him, he was so frightened that he couldn’t help but shout,
“Hitogoroshi,” and ran away in a frenzy.
However, this one voice had an unexpected effect. As soon as the travelers and locals heard Rokubei’s screams and saw Koken’s appearance, they created a huge mess and fled in fear. From then on, Rokubei would shout “Hitogoroshi” every time something happened, and would mentally push him into a corner.
* -Performance summary-*
Historical drama reading drama “Hitogoroshi”
Original work: “Hitogoroshi” by Shugoro Yamamoto (included in “Hitogoroshi” published by Shincho Bunko)
Screenplay: Yutaka Kainuma / Director: Sho Kubota
Kazuma Horie
Ai Nakajima
Kanako Nomura
Yoshimi Ohara
Naoyuki Shimotsuru
Daisuke Sanbongi
Kazuho Takei
Inoue Kasono
Nobuyuki Hiyama
*Please note that the show will be multicast, so please pay attention to the times you will appear.
Performance dates: May 3rd, 2024 (Friday/Holiday) to May 6th, 2024 (Monday/Holiday)
3rd (Friday holiday) 14:00/18:00
4th (Sat) 14:00/18:00
5th (Sun) 14:00/18:00
6th (Monday holiday) 14:00
*Reception starts, lobby opens, and audience seats open 45 minutes before the performance.
Venue: Haiyuza Theater (4-9-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032) Tickets (all seats reserved, tax included): General 8,200 yen / On the day 8,500 yen
Now on sale to the general public: *Preschool children are not allowed to attend the theater. *Customers who are in wheelchairs must write their name, theater time, and seat number after purchasing tickets two days before the theater date. Please let us know at
[Application for free child ticket]
This performance is organized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs as part of the “Children’s Appreciation Experience Support Project at Theaters, Music Halls, etc.”, and children from elementary school age (6 years old and over) to 18 years old are invited free of charge. Reception period: April 14, 2024 (Sunday) 10:00 to 23:59 the day before each performance
Reception URL: *Reception will be on a first-come, first-served basis, and will close once the planned number of tickets is reached.
Production cooperation: ABC&SET/Nosakarabo/ILLUMINUS
Sponsored/planned/produced by: style office

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Performance official website: Official X (old Twitter): Contact:
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