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Sogo Chiba store Early summer Hokkaido products exhibition

Sogo/Seibu Co., Ltd.
[Sogo Chiba store] Early summer Hokkaido products exhibition Enjoy “small luxury” with Hokkaido gourmet food
Sogo Chiba store’s most popular event, the Hokkaido Products Exhibition, has been extended for five days from the previous event in fall 2023. As there is a trend toward frugal consumption, there is a need to satisfy “small luxury” with delicious food, so we are developing attractive gourmet foods such as sweets sold for the first time outside Hokkaido and demonstration sales menus that offer the same taste as locally. Available. The event will be held for 19 days, including Saturdays and Sundays after Golden Week, so that you can stop by when you want a little luxury.
[Image 1: &s3=31382-1776-9cf01DAD094DAD03F4C53F4C5CD4 a1b0b4a-1040×1040.jpg] ■Period: First half: May 8th (Wednesday) to May 16th (Thursday) Second half: May 18th (Saturday) to May 27th (Monday)
■Venue and time: 6th floor = event hall 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. *Closed on Friday, May 17th due to store replacement. Closed at 5pm on Thursday, May 16th and Monday, May 27th.
●Number of stores: 44 stores in the first half, 43 stores in the second half First store opening outside of Hokkaido Full-year demonstration [Sapporo] Baburu, a milk specialty store that serves puffles and food
[Image 2: &s3=31382-1776-F51EC5494CB686400B1BA9653B 7f46e77-652×744.jpg] Bouquet Papple Parfait (1 cup) 1,383 yen Limited to 30 cups each day Edible milk drink melty strawberry (1 cup) 648 yen
Ramen eat-in corner offering the same taste as locally available *Last order 1 hour before closing each day
A soup packed with the flavor of bonito and chicken. Contains pork and chicken chashu. Even more flavorful with dried bonito.
First appearance First half [Sapporo] Chinese soba Rokushin/Chinese noodles with bonito and chicken (1 fold) 1,100 yen
[Image 3:×681.jpg] A mellow and rich soup that is packed with the flavor of bones and vegetables. You can also enjoy a different taste with ginger. First appearance second half [Sapporo] Menya Kosaki Miso Ramen (1 cup) 1,070 yen
[Image 4:×634.jpg] [Sapporo] Lloyd’s [Otaru] Otaru Western confectionery LeTAO’s limited edition items open all year round
Limited time flavor
Royce/Royce Bar Chocolate Pistachio (1 box, 6 pieces) 1,134 yen *Limited quantity
[Image 5:×3734.jpg] Lloyd’s/Raw Chocolate [Grapefruit & Mango] (1 box, 20 pieces) 891 yen
[Image 6:×3900.jpg] Sogo/Seibu limited sale
Otaru Western Confectionery Shop LeTAO/Hokkaido strawberry milky sundae (1 piece) 770 yen
[Image 7:× g ]
Huge seafood/meat lunch boxes, hamburgers, etc.
First half Demonstration [Asahikawa] Asahikawa Station Tachiuri Shokai / Hokkai Daiyuzen (1 fold) 2,970 yen Limited to 50 folds each day
[Image 8:×387.jpg] First half Demonstration [Sapporo] Sapporo Hoheikan Kitchen / Tokachi Wagyu Beef Kalbi Kelp Aged Volume Steak and Scallop Bento (1 fold) 2,916 yen Limited to 100 folds each day
[Image 9:×396.jpg] First half Demonstration [Sapporo] The Cheeseburger ESSEN/Tokachi Herb Beef Steak Burger (1 piece) 2,160 yen Limited to 50 pieces each day
[Image 10:×382.jpg] Second half Demonstration [Sapporo] Roux & soup curry BONANZA/Rich curry with beef tendon and chicken (1 portion) 1,750 yen
[Image 11:×386.jpg] Second half Demonstration [Sapporo] ESSEN SAPPORO/Hokkaido asparagus and Tokachi herb beef steak sandwich (1 pack) 2,160 yen Limited to 50 packs each day
[Image 12: &s3=31382-1776-F1E2ECCE4509490D3B314A10B EBFED4E-2094X1629.jpg] In addition, a collection of Hokkaido flavors
First appearance First half Demonstration [Kitahiroshima] vegetavola EDOYA/Rundan Banh Mi (1 piece) 931 yen
[Image 13: &s3=31382-1776- E682092C423C19321D0 704c8eaef-632×391.jpg]
Second half [Hiroo Town] Kikuchi Farm/Drink comparison set of pastured milk and brown Swiss milk (180ml x 2 bottles) 320 yen Limited to 30 bottles each day
[Image 14: &s3=31382-1776-3C6E1B0078565578b 3e233BC-1000X956.jpg]
Pastured milk soft serve (1 piece) 480 yen
[Image 15:×1500.jpg ]
A demonstration sale will be held by Mr. Akio Bessho, a modern master craftsman and handmade kelp craftsman.
■Demonstration: May 18th (Sat) – May 25th (Sat) 10am – 6:30pm each day Whole year [Otaru] Yujiro Honno Shoten/Taihaku Oboro Honke (from Hokkaido, 45g) 1,404 yen
[Image 16:×384.jpg ]
Whole year [Chitose] morimoto/Yukimushi soufflé Hokkaido strawberry (1 box, 4 pieces) 1,080 yen
[Image 17:×1361.jpg] First half Demonstration [Sapporo] Bistro Minamiya/French fries with seaweed salt and garlic (1 pack, 125g) 601 yen
[Image 18:×363.jpg ]

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