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Home » At Japan’s first beach Let’s create a microplastic-free sea and preserve the beautiful s ea of ​​Shonan for the future! LOVE OCEAN will be held in collaboration with 13 municipalities along the Sagami Bay coast to enhance the a

At Japan’s first beach Let’s create a microplastic-free sea and preserve the beautiful s ea of ​​Shonan for the future! LOVE OCEAN will be held in collaboration with 13 municipalities along the Sagami Bay coast to enhance the a

At Japan’s first beach – 5/11 Oiso Beach Clean – Let’s make the ocean free of microplastics and preserve the beautiful sea of ​​Shonan for the future! LOVE enhances the appeal of the Shonan Coast by
collaborating with 13 municipalities along the Sagami Bay coast OCEAN held!

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Press release: May 4, 2024
At Japan’s first beach – 5/11 Oiso Beach Clean – Let’s make the ocean free of microplastics and preserve the beautiful sea of ​​Shonan for the future! LOVE enhances the appeal of the Shonan Coast by
collaborating with 13 municipalities along the Sagami Bay coast OCEAN held!
*The LOVE OCEAN project will be held in 2024 with the hope that the LOVE OCEAN project will spread throughout Japan, an island nation surrounded by the sea. [LOVE
OCEAN] You’ll love the sea in Shonan even more! No Ocean, No Life! * The Kitahama Coast, the “birthplace of beaches” that was the first in Japan to open in 1885, is a popular beach with “Oiso Main and Genji” points that are attracting surfers.
* Riviera Future Creation Project (Chairman, Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture) Hanako Watanabe (hereinafter referred to as Riviera) is the director of the 5th LOVE
OCEAN” will be held again this year. As part of this, the “Riviera Shonan Beach Clean” Oiso venue will be held on May 11th at Kitahama Beach, Oiso Town. *
* “LOVE” started in 2021
The “OCEAN Project” connects “people to people, sea to land, and town to town” through sustainable activities, transcending the framework of prefectures, cities, and towns, and promotes regional economic revitalization and blue economy along the coast. . This is an initiative to attract tourists from Japan and abroad by branding the 13 coastal cities of Kanagawa Prefecture (Miura to Yugawara) as the “Shonan Coast,” a “city by the sea with a view of Mt. Fuji.” This is one of the. *

* *May 11th (Sat): Riviera Shonan Beach Clean Day 1*
Also held at Southern Beach Chigasaki (Chigasaki) and Shonan Bellmare Hiratsuka Beach Park (Hiratsuka). Maya Masai (former Fuji TV announcer) will be attending the Chigasaki venue as an ambassador. It will be held at the Hiratsuka venue at the same time as the beach volleyball tournament, with Shunichi Kawai, Tsune Kawai, and Olympia beach volleyball players scheduled to participate as ambassadors. * * – 5th LOVE OCEAN “Riviera Shonan Beach Clean in Oiso” event summary * – [Date and time] May 11, 2024 (Sat) 9:00~ (approximately 70 minutes) [Venue] Oiso Town Kitahama Beach
[Meeting/Reception] 8:50 In front of the tsunami evacuation tower (marked by the blue “RIVIERA” flag)
[Access] Approximately 7 minutes walk from JR Tokaido Line “Oiso Station” [Flyer data] [Official website] [Volunteer certificate] Can be issued
* -way to participate-*
1. Register on LOVE OCEAN official LINE
Official LINE:
*We ask everyone to register on LINE.
2.Entry from the official LINE menu
When the event is held in 2023, there will still be an infinite amount of microplastics, even if all participants crawl to collect them. When held in 2023, surfers, local parents and children, local businesses, and people from Tokyo will also participate. After cleaning the beach, some people go straight to surfing.
Sponsored by: Riviera Future Creation Project
Co-sponsors: Riviera Resort Co., Ltd. / Riviera Tokyo Co., Ltd. / Blue Carbon Belt Riviera Research Institute / Japan Oceanographic Academy Sponsored by: Kanagawa Prefecture / Miura City / Yokosuka City / Hayama Town / Zushi City / Kamakura City / Fujisawa City / Chigasaki City / Hiratsuka City / Oiso Town / Ninomiya Town / Odawara City / Manazuru Town / Yugawara Town / Japan Volleyball Association (Partially under adjustment)
Secretariat: Riviera SDGs Action Executive Committee
* -5th LOVE OCEAN/related events-*
* Official website: * **

* ■Riviera Shonan Beach Clean in Chigasaki*
[Date and time] Saturday, May 11, 2024 from 11:30 (approx. 70 minutes) [Location] Southern Beach Chigasaki

* ■Riviera Shonan Beach Clean in Hiratsuka*
[Date and time] Saturday, May 11, 2024 from 14:00 (approx. 70 minutes) [Location] Shonan Bellmare Hiratsuka Beach Park

* ■LOVE OCEAN operation from the city in Ikebukuro*
On June 8th, which is World Oceans Day, we will hold a cleanup campaign to protect the ocean, “Operation LOVE OCEAN from the City,” in Ikebukuro, a large city with no ocean.
It is said that 70 to 80% of marine debris is generated in cities. dumping in the city
Garbage that overflows from garbage cans and garbage cans flows into drains with the rain, and eventually reaches the sea through rivers, where fish eat the garbage, and the fish end up on our dinner tables. The sea and town are connected. In 2023, many local people who live and work, as well as university students from Rikkyo University, participated. Let’s participate in activities to protect the sea and spread the word from Ikebukuro, a big city without a sea!
[Date and time] June 8, 2024 (Sat) 10:00~ (approx. 70 minutes) [Location] Around the west exit of Ikebukuro Station, Toshima-ku, Tokyo * -What is LOVE OCEAN?-*
Concept: Protecting the beautiful and rich ocean and connecting people Vision: Regional revitalization model that goes beyond the boundaries of cities and towns: “Sustainable city development from the sea” Keyword: People gather around the beautiful sea

As soon as the Riviera Group started its marina business in 2001, it felt a sense of crisis regarding climate change and
We have been conducting environmental conservation activities for several years. In the LOVEOCEAN project started in 2021
aims for co-creation that transcends all boundaries, with the aim of “protecting the beautiful and rich oceans and disseminating the charms of the oceans.”
Riviera Zushi Marina will receive international environmental certification “Blue Flag” marina certification in 2022.
After receiving this certification for the first time in Zia, I learned from examples in Europe how coastal environmental initiatives can have a major impact on tourism. Actively addressing environmental issues based on the idea of ​​“environment x tourism”
We believe that we can contribute to sustainable tourism (the realization of sustainable tourism, regional revitalization, and the creation of a sustainable society) by taking proactive measures. In addition, we will expand awareness of the environmentally friendly coastal area as the “LOVE OCEAN area” and aim to sustain domestic tourism and inbound tourism.
By stimulating tourism, we aim to preserve the environment and revitalize the local economy.
For those of us who are always at sea, the land visible from the Riviera is one beautiful land with no boundaries between prefectures, cities, or towns.
landscape. Environmental issues also transcend geographical boundaries and affect all of us living on earth.
is given. Bridging the boundaries between local governments, companies, various organizations, local groups, residents, tourists, etc.
I feel that by working hand in hand with many people who have overcome these challenges, building a community and sharing their wisdom, we will be able to address various issues at the same time.
In addition, we will promote the LOVE OCEAN area from the perspective of the sea, and promote it as a place that people want to visit because it is filled with the charm of a beautiful ocean environment. Established as a “city you want to live in” and attracting attention from domestic and international travelers,
We would also like to contribute to blue tourism. Furthermore, in order to achieve a balance between environmental conservation, regional development, and resident satisfaction, we are also focusing on solving the problem of rocky shores by regenerating seaweed beds, with the aim of forming a Blue Carbon Belt(R).

* -What is Shonan Coast-*
By setting a wide area, it becomes possible to solve problems at the same time, and we can also unite our minds.
In order to create a symbol, we propose the idea of ​​a coast rather than a single coast. Rivier
In LA, we follow the West Coast and Gold Coast, especially from Miura in Kanagawa Prefecture to Yugawara.
We named it “Shonan Coast.” “Shonan Coast” is a small piece when viewed on a global scale, but we will continue to brand it as a coast area that is conscious of the environmentally friendly coastal area and blue carbon belt (R). We aim to spread the “Shonan Coast” throughout the country as a best practice Sagami Bay model/Kanagawa model.

* -[LOVE OCEAN] Past press leases-*
1st: 2nd: 3rd: 4th:

* 《About the Riviera Future Creation Project》*
The businesses operated by the Riviera Group cannot survive without the blessings of nature. That’s why
We believe that we have a social mission to address various issues around the world as our own. 2006
The Riviera Future Creation Project, which started its activities in 2017, has all employees working on three axes: the environment, education, and health care (well-being).
We are promoting SD Gs. As part of this effort, since 2012 we have been promoting the “Sustainability Town Riviera” project.
Zushi Marina”, in addition to utilizing sunlight and beach cleanup activities, we also coexist with pets.
We are working on creating a sustainable town by holding events and implementing recycling-oriented farming methods.
vinegar. We are also working to raise awareness of reducing CO2 emissions through activities to popularize electric vehicles. At Malibu Hotel, we offer V2B (Vehicle to Vehicle
We are the first hotel in Japan to introduce the system of
We aim to be a hotel that takes ecology and disaster prevention into consideration. In December 2020, we established the Riviera Future Creation Project, a specified non-profit organization, to further promote this social activity. We will continue to take a wide range of steps, fulfilling the role of a HUB that connects people and organizations with each other.
Official website:
Official Instagram: Ocean awareness activities for children who will lead the next generation Riviera Shonan Recycling Vegetables Achieve “Complete Food Recycling” Installation of solar panels on the marina breakwater
MALIBU HOTEL’s V2B ecosystem that takes into consideration disaster situations *About this release details*

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