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Home » The winners of the luxurious business event The JSSA KANSAI Pitch Award &Power Matching Booth Vol.51 have been decided!

The winners of the luxurious business event The JSSA KANSAI Pitch Award &Power Matching Booth Vol.51 have been decided!

Japan Startup Support Association
The winners of the luxurious business event The JSSA KANSAI Pitch Award &Power Matching Booth Vol.51 have been decided!
The grand prize went to “Immunomedicine Co., Ltd.”!
The Japan Startup Support Association (Representative Director: Takahiro Oka) is holding a business contest for six companies that are taking on the challenge of business innovation, new market creation, and next-generation technology development, as well as talk sessions with popular managers. “The JSSA KANSAI Pitch Award & Power Matching Booth Vol.51” was held.
Luxurious prizes were offered by 10 association sponsor companies, and 500 VCs, CVCs, new business managers, startups and supporters, and members of the press applied to participate.
[Event Overview]・Name: “The JSSA KANSAI Pitch Award & Power Matching Booth Vol.51” sponsored by Startup Support Association・Date: Monday, February 5, 2023・Holding time: 11:30-20:30 Sponsored by: Japan Startup Support Association (Headquarters: Ikeda City, Osaka, Representative Director: Takahiro Oka)
・Co-sponsored by Nomura Securities Osaka Branch PWM Department Grand Prize: Toshihiro Nakajima, President, Immuno Medicine Co., Ltd. [Business Overview] Commercialization of innovative cancer
immunotherapy drugs using cutting-edge biotechnology, including nucleic acid drugs, gene therapy drugs, and cell therapy drugs [Award Comments] It is a great honor to receive the Grand Prize. This award is the result of everyone involved, so I would like to share the joy with everyone. There is a high social need for cancer treatment drugs, and we received many words of encouragement from those who attended. In order to live up to this award, we will strive to successfully commercialize therapeutic drugs. Lastly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the representative director, Mr. Oka, who carefully guided me from the beginning even though I was a beginner at pitching. thank you very much.
[Image 1:×816.jpg] Audience Award Stayway Co., Ltd. Representative Director Atsushi Sato [Business Overview] Solving public system issues with generative AI! Administrative and Financial Institution DX Service “Subsidy Cloud” [Award Comment] As a Kansai company, we are filled with joy and gratitude to have won the award in the Kansai Startup Pitch Contest. I am deeply grateful to Representative Oka for his support and advice. We cherish this opportunity and aim for further growth in the future.
[Image 2:×816.jpg] ◆Comments from participants: I think it’s the biggest startup event in Kansai, full of enthusiasm. I will participate next time too! Thank you.・I learned a lot by participating in the Pit Awards this time. It was also great to be able to interact with many people, including those from other industries. Thank you for your continued support.・It was a symbolic event with many key people and entrepreneurs from various industries speaking on stage. There were many things I could learn from, as they were very carefully prepared to create a space (including food and drink) that would allow them to spend the day at the venue.Thank you very much.・It was a great event with a lot of enthusiasm. The award and one-minute pitches were of high quality, and the lectures by Professor Ishii and Professor Imaeda were very powerful and I listened intently. Thank you for your hard work.・It was a pitch event with 400 participants, as well as political and business circles and many support organizations, as it was the third year since the government started supporting startups, and I felt it had great significance and expectations for future initiatives. I did. The only way to break through Japan’s sense of stagnation is for startup companies to become unicorns and even global companies. I sincerely hope that this will be an opportunity for you to do something like that.
Sponsor Awards Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Award Skylink Technologies ITOCHU Corporation Award Immunomedicine Co., Ltd. Hankyu Hanshin Real Estate Award Immunomedicine Co., Ltd. Nomura Securities Award StaywayEY Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC Award ZERO TALENT Co., Ltd. Obic Business Consultant Award Stayway Law Corporation Daiichi Law Office Award Meditalent Takara Printing Award KUROFUNE Co., Ltd. Pronexus Award Meditalent Bridge Consultant Group Award Stayway Co., Ltd.
[Image 3:×652.jpg] Speaker: Mr. Kei Soeda, Representative Director, Mediatalent Co., Ltd. With the continued proliferation of various healthcare and health information on SNS and the Web, it is important for medical
professionals to gain recognition and trust by disseminating highly accurate information to users. (Medical KOL) We provide supervision business and PJT support for corporations. Skylink Technologies CEO Takahiro Morimoto Differentiate yourself from other companies with long cruising range, capture demand for medium and long distance vehicles ahead of the world, and expand the range of uses for flying cars , aiming to revitalize the industry Mr. Toshihiro Nakajima, Representative Director, Immuno Medicine Co., Ltd. Innovative products using cutting-edge biotechnology such as nucleic acid medicines, gene therapy drugs, cell therapy drugs, etc. Commercialization of cancer immunotherapy drugs Mr. Ricardo Kimura, CEO of ZERO TALENT Co., Ltd. A side job service for career advisors specializing in young people in their 20s, who are said to make up 52% ​​of the population. We introduce non-university graduates mainly to small and medium-sized companies.We carry out collaborative projects with influencers who have over 1 million subscribers, and are able to acquire human resources using unique marketing methods that other companies cannot. Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Ryo Kurokata “The “Specified Skilled Worker” visa, which was newly established in 2019, is a popular visa with 300 people obtaining it every day, but it allows people to change jobs freely. However, there are issues such as high management costs. By using the “KUROFUNE PASSPORT” app, management costs can be reduced by about 1/3 of conventional costs. Atsushi Sato, Representative Director of Stayway Co., Ltd. “This is a service that supports small and medium-sized enterprises and startups by solving issues faced by local governments, financial institutions, professionals, and business companies regarding government subsidies. The main services provided are: – Automatic recommendation of 5000 usable subsidies – Automatic creation of subsidy documents using generation AI (Japan’s first, patented) – Advance payment of subsidy funds (Japan’s first, patented) https: // Judge〇Judge [TSE G] Mr. Ryosuke Nakanishi, Representative Director and President of Broad Enterprise Co., Ltd. [TPM] Mr. Shusaku Hayakawa, Representative Director of Ryukyu Astida Sports Club Co., Ltd., President of West Japan Branch, Jafco Group Co., Ltd. Partner Mizuki Takahara Japan Angel Investors Association Representative Director Toshiyuki Yamamoto Sumine Investment Works Co., Ltd. Representative Director Hyoma Seki Nanto Capital Partners Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director Atsuyuki Sakai Chugin Capital Partners Co., Ltd. Director Chugin Capital Partners Co., Ltd. Director Rei Ishimoto Delight Ventures Principal Mitsusuke Nishida Monozukuri Ventures Co., Ltd. CEO Narumasa Makino Kobe University Capital Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Masahiro SUNDRED Co., Ltd. Director CFO/GM West Region Jun Miyagawa *Moderator Colorista Co., Ltd. Director/Creator Tomoko Maetani 〇 Talk session speakers [TSE P] ITOCHU Corporation Managing Director Masahiro Imai Hankyu Hanshin Real Estate Co., Ltd. Representative Director and Vice Chairman Ryuichi Morotomi [TSE P] Mynet Co., Ltd. Coalis General Partner Hitoshi Uehara [TSE G] Silver Egg・Technology Co., Ltd. Co-founder Junko Foley [TSE G] i-plug Co., Ltd. Representative Director and CEO Tomoya Nakano Osaka University Co-Creation Organization Innovation Strategy Department Assistant Director/Director Yasuo Kitaoka Kobe University
Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration Headquarters Professor Kumano Masaki HumanHubJapan Representative Masaaki Yoshikawa Talk session themes Venture investment environment in the Kansai ecosystem, deep tech, the current state of university-launched ventures in the healthcare field, global strategies for startups, open innovation in Kansai and industry-government-academia collaboration
〇Reverse Pitch Speaker [VC/CVC Division] Tomokazu Moriyama, Group Leader, Toyota Boshoku Corporation; Investment Manager, GENDA Capital, Inc.; Daido Suho Investment Works Co., Ltd. Representative Director, Hyoma Seki [Business Company Division] Business Strategy Department, Kansai Television Broadcasting Corporation Manager Yuji Mizutani Money Forward Co., Ltd. Evangelist Hiroki Yamada E-Cloud Co., Ltd. Venture Partner Takuya Hara Director of Growth Strategy, Araigumi Co., Ltd. Taro Watanabe Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Group Manager Keisuke Yamada Bridge Consulting Group Co., Ltd. Manager Kotaro Tamura Sponsor company ITOCHU Corporation Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Kansai Mirai Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank Tokai Tokyo Securities Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. SMBC Nikko Securities Co., Ltd. Matsui Securities Co., Ltd. EY Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC Azsa Audit Corporation Takara Printing Co., Ltd. Pronexus Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd. Insurance J Front Retailing or Hankyu Hanshin Real Estate Co., Ltd. Amazon Web Services Japan LLC TIS Co., Ltd. Bridge Consulting Group Co., Ltd. Socio Co., Ltd. Obic Business Consultant Law Corporation Daiichi Law Office ◆ Sponsored and affiliated organizations Mitsubishi Estate Tokyo 21st Century Club Kyoto University Innovation Capital Co., Ltd. Osaka Innovation Hub (Osaka City) Sharing Economy
Association ◆ Features of this event This event will provide information on “finance,” “mentoring,” “alliances,” etc. needed by entrepreneurs aiming to realize IPO or M&A. We are conducting business matching with supporters who support. This is an event where you can expect high-quality networking with managers of listed companies, large companies, securities companies, auditing firms, VCs,
professionals, government, and the media. In addition, in the “Talk Session” corner, participants talked about the skills necessary for IPOs and M&A, which are difficult to obtain from online information such as SNS and books, as well as their actual experiences of failed cases. We receive feedback every time. ◆Overview of the Japan Startup Support Association (General Incorporated Association) We believe that our association’s role is to provide startup companies with excellent mentors, quality funding, and a network with venture-friendly large companies. We will create a venture ecosystem where startup companies, managers who have gone public or M&A, large companies, securities companies, auditing firms, banks, angels, VCs, media, and professional professionals can coexist while achieving maximum performance. We aim to build it in Japan. -Characteristics-1. 100 founders with experience in listing will guide you through mentoring and wall-hunting to solve management issues. 2. We will achieve the shortest and fastest funding from association advisor angels, VCs, business companies, and banks. 3. We regularly introduce listed companies that connect to the top line from sponsors and advisory companies. -Japan Startup Support Association -・List of members・List of mentor advisors・List of sponsors https://www.yumeplanning .jp/sponsor/- Representative Director: Takahiro Oka – Founded Yume Kanzo Co., Ltd. (listed on Mothers in 2013). After a virtual buyout in 2015, we have been operating our association since July 2016 with the cooperation of over 70 fellow founders of listed companies and 20 sponsors in order to build a “venture ecosystem” in Japan. During. I strive to pass on the experiences of failures that occur before and after going public, and I provide mentoring, coaching, and matching while leveraging my balanced skills, which I have gained over 30 years of experience in everything from upstream to downstream.・Company name: Japan Startup Support Association ・Representative: Representative Director Takahiro Oka ・Location: 1-6-28-201 Hata, Ikeda City, Osaka 563-0021
・Established: July 2016 ・Business details: IPO & M&A Management support specialized for venture companies/URL: *Company names, product names, service names, etc. listed are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company. *The following is special information for media personnel only. Please refrain from disclosing information on personal SNS etc. ◆We welcome interviews from the press for this event◆[Inquiries from the press] Japan Startup Support Association Public Relations Officer: Oka Fukuchi TEL: 072-748-3455/E
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