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General Incorporated Bicycle Center New attraction “Try Train” opens

[General Incorporated Bicycle Center] New attraction “Try Train” opens
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Press release: May 4, 2024
New attraction “Try Train” opens
As a bicycle theme park, Kansai Cycle Sports Center (Kawachinagano City, Osaka Prefecture) has introduced attractions with pedals and other facilities that customers can enjoy operating on their own. In addition, this spring we opened the mini train attraction “Try Train.” It will be a facility where you can enjoy operating the train as if you were a train driver.
Participants actually operate a mascon (device operated by the driver to control speed) and compete for points based on their driving skills. There are additional points such as how well you stop at intermediate stations along the route and how well you sound the horn when passing a railroad crossing, and the points are displayed on the monitor inside the train.
This attraction is perfect for children who love vehicles and people who love trains.
Usage fee: 500 yen
Number of vehicles: 4 (Shinkansen color x 2 cars, stainless steel color x 2 cars)
Conditions of use: Children of elementary school age and older can use alone, and children younger than elementary school can use with a guardian.
Capacity: 4 people (1 pilot, 3 passengers)
Business section: 188.5m

Kansai Cycle Sports Center Sales Planning Department
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