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Home » Rising Zephyr Fukuoka Co., Ltd. B2 Fukuoka | Nippon Life Insurance B2 playoffs, tearful loss in the first match

Rising Zephyr Fukuoka Co., Ltd. B2 Fukuoka | Nippon Life Insurance B2 playoffs, tearful loss in the first match

Rising Zephyr Fukuoka Co., Ltd.
B2 Fukuoka | Nippon Life Insurance B2 playoffs, tearful loss in first match ……
The match against Yamagata, held on Sunday, May 5, 2024, was defeated by a 10-point difference.
We would like to inform you that the result was “Fukuoka 76-86 Yamagata” at Nippon Life Insurance B2 PLAYOFFS 2023-24 [Rising Zephyr Fukuoka vs. Yamagata Wyvans] held on Sunday, May 5, 2024.
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[Match results]
[Fukuoka] 76-86 [Yamagata]
1Q 24-18
2Q 16-19
3Q 26-22
4Q 10-27
[Battle review]
For Fukuoka, #34 Pablo scored from a steal, and #24 Taniguchi, who had been struggling on the second day, comfortably succeeded in his first 3-point shot. They cornered Yamagata with their fierce defense and forced them to take tough shots, and #5 Bryce also hit a 3-point shot and found an early rhythm.
Pablo also contributed with 3-point shooting. #14 Gavin, who came off the bench, also gave the team momentum with count plays and 3-point shots. The first half was a back-and-forth battle, and they ended up with a 3-point lead.
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In the second half, Taniguchi and Bryce made consecutive 3-point shots, leading to a battle for points, but Fukuoka attacked mainly from the inside and took a nine-point lead with 2 minutes and 51 seconds left in the third quarter. However, Yamagata, who showed tenacity, succeeded in attacking at key points and allowed a comeback. After the official timeout, Fukuoka, chasing 3 points, actively launched an offense, but all of their shots were hated by Ring, and although they stopped the time with a foul game, they lost by 10 points when the defeat buzzer rang, making the playoffs for the first time in 6 years. ended with a loss in the first match.
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[Comment from Ramon Lopez Suarez HC]
It turned out to be the same as yesterday. Even during the season, there were many times in the fourth quarter that were not very good. Today, I think our inability to defend in the pick-and-roll and frontcourt side was the difference between victory and defeat. I also think there was a difference in free throw percentage. In Game 1, we were able to play at our own pace, but in the remaining two days, we didn’t show our true style. They have lost to Yamagata four times in the regular season. We need to fully acknowledge this regret and think about why we lost for the sake of the future.
In the first half of the regular season, we were in great shape and were able to compete with the momentum to aim for first place in the West Region. However, there was a period in the second half where we started to fall off, and we weren’t able to make good baskets. As the head coach, I feel responsible for not being able to perform at the same level as we did in the first half of the season. I would like to analyze once again in the offseason what caused the decline in the second half and whether there was a change.
[Comment from Takamichi Kodama]
I feel like I made a lot of small mistakes and needed to take a simpler advantage and switch to a faster pace.
I wasn’t able to choose well which parts I would leave to the team and which parts I could handle myself, and I think my individual plays that didn’t go well affected the overall performance as well. Yamagata is a different type of team than ours, and I think we had an ace player so we focused on how we could get him to play comfortably, and as a result, we were able to score 30 points, which is both frustrating and expected. I let my desire to win get the better of me, and I also regret that I wasn’t able to balance my physical condition and balance properly.
[Comment from Hayato Kantake]
There were many good moments throughout the match, but Yamagata took the lead in the final match.
I got a lot of motivation to do my best for Fukuoka with pride, which I didn’t get on other teams, so I was glad to be back in my hometown. The face and the regretful face are burned into my mind. For everyone who has supported us, we are filled with the desire to push Rising Zephyr Fukuoka to the next level.
Our one and only goal was to be promoted to B1, but we were unable to achieve it and I believe that today’s loss was due to the lack of many areas as a team, company, and organization.
Each of us will reevaluate what we can do, take home court advantage next season, fill the Rising Zephyr Fukuoka playoff venue, and have everyone, including the customers, the team, and the front office, all looking in the same direction and saying, “We’re definitely going to go up this year.” I will do my best to show you my determination. [Comment from Mitsuki Taniguchi]
I feel like there should have been more scenes where he attacks the ring. Even though I had imagined that my opponent would come in tight, I couldn’t actually make that choice.
Also, in the 4th quarter, everyone on the team trusted me and entrusted me with the ball, but I feel a strong sense of
responsibility for not being able to score. I went into the match with the mindset that I would do whatever it took to break through, but I just wasn’t strong enough. Personally, I missed promotion each time in my third playoff game, and the frustration of not being able to advance this year and not being able to lead the team welled up the moment the game ended. I feel sorry for everyone who supported me. However, the team has been working really hard since before the season started, and despite various emotions, we have worked hard as one. I think that the fact that we had more wins than last season is a big change for Fukuoka, and I think it will become a very important culture to support Fukuoka in the future.
However, the atmosphere of the team in the second half was not very good. There was some variation, and I was unable to win. However, I would be happy if everyone who supported me would remember me for fighting until the end.
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