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Home » Godiva Japan Co., Ltd. Collaboration with Sakura Inoue, the program creator of TBS’s “Sakagami & Sashihara’s Unbreakable Shop” GODIVA Bakery Godipan Main Store “Anmiso Chocolat Bread 3 pieces”

Godiva Japan Co., Ltd. Collaboration with Sakura Inoue, the program creator of TBS’s “Sakagami & Sashihara’s Unbreakable Shop” GODIVA Bakery Godipan Main Store “Anmiso Chocolat Bread 3 pieces”

Godiva Japan Co., Ltd.
Collaboration with Sakura Inoue, creator of TBS’s “Sakagami & Sashihara’s Unbustable Shop” program GODIVA Bakery Godipan Main Store “Anmiso Chocolat Bread 3 pieces”
Nationwide release at Godi Pan main store, Godiva shops nationwide, etc. – Limited quantity and limited time sale starting May 6, 2024 (Monday) –
“GODIVA Bakery Main Store” operated by Godiva Japan Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo) was created in collaboration with TV personality Sakura Inoue as part of the TBS program “Sakagami & Sashihara’s Unbustable Shop.” , “Anmiso Chocolat Bread 3 Pieces” will be available at GODIVA Bakery Godiva Main Store, Godiva Shops nationwide, GODIVA cafe, GODIVA dessert, and GODIVA GO! From Monday, May 6, 2024, it will be sold in limited quantities and for a limited time.
[Image 1:×2455.jpg] “Anmiso chocolate bread 3 pieces”
Chocolate, crushed red bean paste, miso sauce and walnuts. It is made with a skillful combination of ingredients with different textures and flavors, and is baked with a soft dough that is kneaded with chocolate chips. The smooth chocolate whip added to the finish lightly enhances the rich flavor.
This original chocolate bread is full of nostalgic, new, and fun ideas, with a sweet and salty miso topping that makes an impact. *Uses 4% miso sauce (in the product)
Sakura Inoue says, “When planning this project, we focused on fermentation, which is an essential process in bread making.We realized that miso is the ingredient that goes well with both chocolate and bread because they both have a fermentation process. When I was a child, I loved eating peanut miso with rice, and I wanted to express that deliciousness in bread, which is why I use Japanese ingredients and what Godiepan values. Through trial and error, we arrived at a new “sweet and salty” flavor that Japanese people love, in order to create a “slight surprise” when you eat it, while still being familiar. After experimenting with various ingredients and chocolate, we realized that tsubuan, which has both rich and mellow flavors, goes well with chocolate, so we decided to use it. ” he says. The Godi Pan development team said, “Godi Pan, the world’s first Godiva bakery, has been sold out every day since its opening.However, currently there is only one store in Yurakucho, Tokyo, and many customers are purchasing. Therefore, with the help of the program and Sakura Inoue, we wanted to work together to come up with unique and innovative breads and try to sell them nationwide. I would be very happy if you could enjoy Godipan on a daily basis.”
Please take this opportunity to try “Anmiso Chocolat Bread”, which is full of nostalgia and newness.
■“Anmiso chocolate bread 3 pieces”
[Image 2:×845.jpg ]
[Image 3:×2857.jpg] We will sell individually wrapped bread in a bag containing 3 pieces.
[Image 4:×2600.jpg] You can take it home at Godipan Shopper.
■“Anmiso Chocolat Bread 3 Pieces” Product Overview
Product name:
“Anmiso chocolate bread 3 pieces”
Sales period:
From May 6, 2024 (Monday) *Limited quantity/limited time/Ends as soon as supplies last
GODIVA Bakery Godipan Main Store ( *When visiting the store, please refer to the information regarding numbered ticket distribution and product sales.
Godiva shops nationwide (
GODIVA cafe (
GODIVA dessert ( GODIVA GO! ( *Some stores may not carry it. Price (tax included):
“Anmiso chocolate bread 3 pieces”
Comes with a dedicated shopper
1,620 yen

■TBS “Sakagami & Sashihara’s Unbreakable Shop”
[Image 5:×1080.png ]
A popular variety show on TBS that airs Sundays at 7pm.
Everyone must have wondered at least once, “Why didn’t that store close down?” Unraveling the mystery of “that store” and “that person” who don’t know why they are making money.
Get to know the shocking truth behind the unknown money mystery! The broadcast on May 5, 2024 will take a closer look at the
ever-evolving Godiva! Sakura Inoue took on the challenge of developing new products for the world’s first bakery shop, Godipan, which opened in August 2023, and the product was successfully commercialized. ■ Sakura Inoue
[Image 6:×2700.jpg] Date of birth: October 2, 1999
Height: 152cm
Blood type: A type
Birthplace: Mashiko Town, Haga District, Tochigi Prefecture
Hobbies/Special Skills: Cooking using fermented foods, going to election speeches, running marathons
Affiliation: Horipro Co., Ltd.
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