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Home » Guilt Free Pudding store in Osu, Nagoya has been renewed.

Guilt Free Pudding store in Osu, Nagoya has been renewed.

Guilt Free Pudding store in Osu, Nagoya has been renewed.

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Press release: May 5, 2024
Guilt Free Pudding store in Osu, Nagoya has been renewed.
*Aiming to shift from “choices for moderation” to “smart food choices that you can fully enjoy in your own way”*
The sugar-free pudding store, whose main store is in Osu shopping district, Nagoya, will reopen as “Purin My Way,” which has evolved to be more natural while still being gentle on the body.
Due to changes in lifestyle and consciousness caused by the
coronavirus, new ways of thinking about food choices are being born, so we will expand our user base by implementing store creation and product creation that reform our previous policies. We will strive. As the first step, we will open a store at Pudding Collection 2024 (held from May 8th to May 13th, 2024) at Keio Department Store Shinjuku store. The concept of this event is “Make, Liberate Remix.” We aim to be a presence that can support customers in their 30s to 50s, mainly working women, to make “smart food choices that they can fully enjoy in their own way.”
“KIWAMI -Koku-” pudding image after renewal
* ■Design that pursues “personality” by combining the charm of Nagoya’s Osu shopping district with fashion*
Ellen Brading Co., Ltd. rebranded and designed the entire store and products. Created by Labo’s creative team, we have pivoted from the traditional “healthy sweets for moderation” to “sweets that allow you to pursue your individuality.”
The Osu shopping district in Nagoya, where our head office is located, is always bustling with locals and tourists, and is a place where diverse cultures coexist, regardless of age or nationality. Focusing on the power of fusion of these values, we incorporated a “fashion” perspective into the design so that it could be combined with the goodness of pudding while leveraging the charm of Osu.
Purino’s carefully selected materials are incorporated into the character designs of four flavors as a fashion item.
* ■Pursuing smart food that you can truly enjoy, rather than patience or moderation*
One of the issues raised with conventional Gilt-free foods and smart foods is that they are unsatisfactory and have a negative image of “somehow not tasting good.” The newly revamped product achieved the “Five Frees” such as “no additives” while focusing on a “rich taste” and “rich texture,” and was the result of repeated trial and error. By using ingredients unique to Aichi Prefecture, such as rice koji, we have enriched the satisfaction of a sweet.
A special manufacturing method using carefully selected ingredients from Aichi that makes use of rice malt
* ■Carefully selected ingredients unique to Aichi, including those from Nagoya Cochin*
We make use of carefully selected ingredients associated with Aichi Prefecture, such as Nagoya Cochin, Nishio Matcha, sweet and strong mirin, and Matsuya Coffee’s carefully selected beans. The secret to bringing out the sweetness and richness of sweets without using additives or refined sugar is “rice malt”, which also has a rich aroma that comes from the ingredients.
Carefully selected materials related to Aichi Prefecture
■A new sensation of egg yolk caramel
What creates an impactful visual is the original egg yolk caramel limited to the “KIWAMI-Kiwami-” flavor. We use a whole egg yolk from Nagoya Cochin and enjoy it topped with “special mirin egg yolk caramel” that does not contain refined sugar or additives. You can fully enjoy the unique taste of Nagoya Cochin.
Characteristic egg yolk mirin egg yolk caramel
-Pudding Collection 2024 Shinjuku Special Event-
・Location: Keio Department Store Shinjuku store 7F
・Period: May 8, 2024 (Wednesday) to May 13, 2024 (Monday)
・Store name: Pudding My Way

-Purin My Way main store-
・Address: Manshoji Building B1F, 3-30-40 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture *Store operations will resume once preparations for the event are complete.

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