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Yamaguchi Corporation Co., Ltd. SHIZUKA WILL Introducing the charm of the summer essential item “AQUARING” ♪

Corporation Co., Ltd.
[Shizuka Will] Introducing the charm of the summer essential item “AQUARING”♪ We would like to introduce the recommended points of the new product “AQUARING”. ……
Corporation Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Mine City, Prefecture, President and CEO: Takashi ) brand “shizukawill” will introduce the appeal of the cool ring “AQUARING” released on May 1st.
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[Aqua Ring] It is best to have two! !
Children playing outside have particularly high body temperatures. You may feel that the effect time is shorter than for adults. If you have a replacement ring, you can spend your time comfortably even in such a case!
You can also use it when commuting because your clothes won’t get wet. Would you like to make your transportation experience more comfortable?

[Image 3:×1000.jpg] [Recommended point 1]
Freezes without putting it in the freezer
Naturally defrost below 28°C
[Recommended point 2]
Stays cold for a long time
Duration up to 120 minutes
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[Recommended point 3]
Comfortable smooth feel
There is no condensation and it does not get wet even when applied directly to the skin.
[Recommended point 4]
Comes with soft special ice pack
Because it is soft, it adheres to the ring and cools quickly!

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[Recommended points 5]
Comes with dedicated cooling bag
If you carry a cooler bag with you, you can go to the beach or camping. You can use it as cold as if you just took it out of the freezer!

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[Recommended point 6]
Kind to your skin and the earth
Uses plant-derived PCM material and body-friendly non-toxic TPU It’s not too cold and you don’t have to worry about low-temperature burns!

We are currently distributing great coupons that can be used when purchasing together with the original waterproof case “AQUADIVE”! Please check it!
《About Corporation》
Company name: Corporation Co., Ltd.
Head Office: 10667-1 Nishibu, Omine-cho, Mine City, Prefecture 759-2213
Representative: Takashi , President and Representative Director Business details: Smartphone accessory mail order (import/export sales business), website production, advertising/printed matter production shizukawill Trademark registration number: No. 5883712
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