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Home » Pal System Federation Supporting graduates from children’s homes, etc. Fundraising for the “Children and Youth Future Fund” from May 6th (Monday) Chiba

Pal System Federation Supporting graduates from children’s homes, etc. Fundraising for the “Children and Youth Future Fund” from May 6th (Monday) Chiba

[Pal System Federation] Supporting graduates from children’s homes, etc. Fundraising for the “Children and Youth Future Fund” from May 6th (Monday) [Chiba]

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Press release: May 6, 2024
Supporting children graduating from foster care facilities, etc. Fundraising for the Children and Youth Future Fund from May 6th (Monday) [Chiba]
*Supporting a total of 121 people and escort runners through 7 years of cooperation with the 3 co-ops in the prefecture*
From May 6th (Monday), the consumer cooperative Pal System Chiba (Headquarters: Honmachi, Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture, Chairman: Yumiko Takahashi) will support the independence of children who grew up in orphanages away from their parents. We encourage users to donate to the Children and Youth Future Fund. Three co-ops in the prefecture have been working together since 2017, and to date, more than 67 million yen has been raised to support the activities of a total of 121 children and the escorts who watch over their independence. We also support the activities of the escort runners who watch over us. The “Children and Youth Future Fund” is managed by the certified NPO Chiba Children Oedan (Chiba City, chairperson: Miwako Yuasa), with participation from three consumer co-ops in the prefecture (Nanana Co-op, Seikatsu Club Co-op, Pal System Chiba), and others. doing. The fund supports the independence of children who have grown up in public systems such as orphanages or foster parents because it is difficult for them to live with their parents. In addition to providing financial support such as tuition fees, housing contracts, and living expenses until a salary is received to prepare for a new life, we also provide financial support for activities that promise the presence of an escort and watch over them.

Users of the co-op can participate in fundraising by using cash or points when ordering products, and they are also appealing for donations on the fund’s website.

* ▼Children and Youth Future Fund*

The total amount of donations in 2023 was 8.16 million yen, and we were able to provide benefits to 21 people in 27 projects. The total amount of donations raised over the seven years since 2017 has been 67.2 million yen, supporting a total of 121 people.

“The power to rely on” when you are in trouble
The public system is basically applicable until the age of 18. Although they are considered adults, they need experience and knowledge to be able to live on their own without relying on anyone, equivalent to graduating from high school. When children leave the system, they are faced with many new challenges, such as signing a contract for a new home for further education or employment, managing household finances, and taking care of all household chores.

Survey results show that after graduating from a facility, 30% of students quit and 14% dropped out of school within a year and a half due to difficulties in balancing study and work, and problems with their daily rhythm and physical and mental health. To ensure that children’s new lives continue smoothly, we communicate regularly with children receiving benefits and their companions who support their independence, and we also convey the importance of having the ability to ask for help from those around you when you are in trouble.

I want to be someone I can approach as well.
Recipients of the foundation said, “Thanks to the grant, I was able to live my life with peace of mind.In the future, I would like to work in the field of psychology and help people who are worried.”“I would like to work with people in the community.” We have received comments such as, “I value connections, and now I can fulfill my dream of working as a public health nurse who was active at a child guidance center.”
Thanks to generous donations and the support of those around them, a total of 121 children are moving toward their own dreams, including becoming people who can help others.

Pal System Chiba will continue to work with people who are facing a variety of issues, aiming to create a warm community where everyone can play an active role.
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Consumers’ Cooperative Pal System Chiba
Address: 4th floor, Funabashi Square 21, 2-1-1 Honmachi, Funabashi City, Chiba, Chairman: Yumiko Takahashi
Capital investment: 10.27 billion yen, number of association members: 265,000, total business volume: 35.5 billion yen (as of the end of March 2023)
Pal System Consumers Cooperative Federation
Address: 2-2-6 Okubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Masakazu Dainobu 13 members / members using unified business system Total business volume 253.09 billion yen / total number of association members 1.714 million people (as of the end of March 2023)
Member co-ops: Pal System Tokyo, Pal System Kanagawa, Pal System Chiba, Pal System Saitama, Pal System Ibaraki Tochigi, Pal System Yamanashi
Nagano, Pal System Gunma, Pal System Fukushima, Pal System Shizuoka, Pal System Niigata Tokimeki, Pal System Mutual Aid Federation, Saitama Workers’ Co-op, Ai-Corp Miyagi
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