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Home » Apra Co., Ltd. A Voice Planet participant was in charge of narrating the venue for a large music event featuring approximately 50 artists!

Apra Co., Ltd. A Voice Planet participant was in charge of narrating the venue for a large music event featuring approximately 50 artists!

[Apra Co., Ltd.] Provided voice narration for a large music event featuring approximately 50 artists.
Planet (Voice Planet) participants were in charge!

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Press release: May 6, 2024
Voice Planet participants were in charge of narrating the venue for a large music event featuring approximately 50 artists!
*Held at Nagoya International Legend Hall*
Voice operated by Apra Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kaisuke Niizuma)
A Voice Planet participant provided the narration for a live music event held at the live house “Nagoya International Legend Hall (Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture)”. This music event was a large-scale live event featuring approximately 50 artists, helping to get the venue excited before the concert started.
* Opportunities for activities that utilize the voices of people other than voice actors *
At Voice Planet, many people join Voice Planet without any experience, so in order to improve the experience of participants, we provide a wide range of opportunities for people to utilize their voices, not just voice actors. At this event, I was in charge of the venue narration and played an important role in enlivening the venue while conveying the necessary information to the customers.
* Trying to narrate the venue for a live music event *
Two people living in Aichi Prefecture, whose acting skills were highly praised among the Voice Planet participants, took on the challenge of narrating the venue before the actual performance of a large-scale live performance featuring approximately 50 artists. Even though these two met for the first time that day, they had a great interaction. Although he looked nervous during the rehearsal, he showed great acting skills during the rehearsal, and was able to provide a narration that uplifted the live performers and connected them to the opening act.
Although he was worried about the one-shot situation where he couldn’t reshoot unlike recording, he said after the performance, “The staff at Voice Planet, including the manager, were really kind and encouraged me.” He gave it to me.
*Participants said, “The range of activities has expanded”* We would like to introduce the voices of the participants this time. ・Since it was my first experience with narration, I was able to tackle the project with a fresh mindset, and I learned a lot from being able to feel the customer’s reactions directly. My activities have expanded!
・Honestly, I was full of anxiety when doing narration for the first time. I was very nervous on the day, but the encouragement from the staff was even more reassuring.
*About Voice Planet*
Voice Planet is a project that gives form to the idea of ​​“I want to do activities that utilize my voice.” Whether you have no experience or are still working, you can receive the support you need from talented producers, professional creators, and managers. It is not limited to voice actors, but covers all activities that make use of the voice, such as narration, stage play, Vtubers, facilitators, etc., and you can engage in a wide range of activities that suit your needs. We also put effort into community management and a continuous activity environment, allowing you to connect with people who have taken the first step with similar circumstances and thoughts.
We provide after-sales support so that you can continue your activities even after the project is completed. We provide the environment necessary for continuous activities, such as holding workshops and reading plays where you can not only interact with colleagues but also receive practical learning from professionals. Click here for the service site
*Apra Co., Ltd. Company Profile*
Mission: Self-actualization for everyone.
Head office location: JPR Harajuku Building 7F, 6-17-11 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Representative Director Yoshiyuki Niitsuma
Established: 2017

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