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Home » Italian design Capacity increased by approximately 17% with expansion functions! A new series of suitcases is now available from “&WEAR”!

Italian design Capacity increased by approximately 17% with expansion functions! A new series of suitcases is now available from “&WEAR”!

[Italian design] Capacity increased by approximately 17% with expansion functions! A new series of suitcases is now available from “&WEAR”!
Newly adopted extended functions and double zipper. Let’s go on a journey with the large-capacity suitcase “PIANO three”.
KURUKURU Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Yasuhiro Sekizawa)’s travel brand “&WEAR” has released a new high-performance suitcase, “PIANO three.” There are four colors to choose from: white, beige, navy, and black. Sales will start from May 7th.
[Image 1:×900.jpg] Official online store product page
Have you ever had this kind of experience with suitcases?
・It’s hard to find a suitcase that has both design and functionality. ・I had more luggage on my way back from the trip and couldn’t fit it in just my suitcase.
・Even though it was my favorite suitcase, the casters broke and I threw it away. ・The height of the carry bar is not suitable
If you have such concerns, we recommend “PIANO three”!
You are sure to be very satisfied! The charm of PIANO three
This is the third installment of &WEAR’s PIANO series, which is popular with both men and women. The stylish Italian design, the use of lightweight and impact-resistant polycarbonate material, and the high functionality of replaceable silent casters with stoppers remain the same. Furthermore, it has an expansion function that increases capacity by approximately 17% and a security double zipper that is resistant to rain. &WEAR’s new product “PIANO three” should solve all your suitcase problems. Please consider us as your travel partner!
[Image 2:×900.jpg] *Double zipper is only available in the main storage compartment. PIANO three main features
-Lightweight and sturdy x Italian design-
Made of 100% highly reliable polycarbonate material developed by a German company. Light and impact resistant, it protects your precious belongings. The special design is also a key point.
[Image 3:×900.jpg] – Comes with an extension function so you don’t have to worry even if your luggage increases! –
Adopts new extensions! Opening the zipper expands the width by approximately 5cm, increasing the capacity by approximately 17%. If you want to buy a lot of souvenirs on your way home from a trip or business trip, or if you want to store your children’s luggage, this bag is safe.
[Image 4:×900.jpg] – Lots of great features! Universal caster-
Made of ultra-quiet material made by Japanese company HINOMOTO. You can move around without hesitation even early in the morning or at night. Can rotate 360° and runs smoothly! Equipped with a stopper function, it can be easily fixed by simply stepping on it with your foot. It can be easily removed using the included hex wrench, so even if the caster breaks, you can use it for a long time by replacing it. Since it is made of material that does not hydrolyze, it can be washed with water.
[Image 5:×900.jpg] -Focus on security! –
Equipped with the latest TSA lock of PIN code type. You can use it with confidence without worrying about losing your key. The opening and closing part of the main storage uses a double zipper using double coils. The double structure prevents sharp objects from passing through, providing excellent security and is resistant to rainwater. Ideal for those who want to enjoy a safe and secure trip.
[Image 6:×900.jpg] -Large capacity and easy-to-use interior-
A large capacity has been achieved with a simple and streamlined interior layout. Comes with a cross belt and mesh pocket, so you can store it according to the size of your luggage. We focus on ease of use.
[Image 7:×900.jpg] -Other features-
・Carry bar adjustable in 1cm increments
・Highly durable handle with both elegant texture and durability ・Equipped with USB port for charging
– Delivered packaged in a non-woven bag for convenient storage ·1-year warranty for peace of mind
[Image 8:×900.jpg] Product Summary
[&WEAR PIANO three]
[Image 9:×900.jpg] [Color] White, beige, navy, black
[Size] S: Approximately H54xW35xD25cm
[Material] Polycarbonate
[Weight] Approx. 3.15kg
[Capacity] Approximately 36L when normal, approximately 42L when expanded [Price] 16,980 yen
[Sales start date] May 7, 2024 (Tuesday)
[Sales outlet]
・Official EC:
・Amazon (Black):
・Yahoo: About &WEAR
It’s like a “bag that goes with any outfit” that everyone has at least one. “THE BASIC”
Because it is “THE BASIC”, it can be worn stylishly and elegantly. “THE BASIC” allows you to decorate your new lifestyle.
Because it is “THE BASIC”, you can use it as a lifelong partner. Let’s go on a journey with &WEAR.
Suitcase brand & WEAR
Please try our proud creations, which were made possible through the combined efforts of our members from Italy and Japan.
[Image 10:×900.jpg] Official website:
Official Instagram: Related release overview
●[&WEAR] High-performance suitcase “PIANO II” with Italian design will be released on 6/29! S size is nice ¥15,980●The first “THE BASIC” &WEAR suitcase/PIANO series is now on sale
Company Profile
“People make. We make for people.” We are a company that creates and delivers products with all our heart.
Company name: KURUKURU Co., Ltd.
Representative name: Yasuhiro Sekizawa
Address: 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
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