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Home » Your opinion becomes an app! Over 2000 registered users! The first survey of the popular push activity app “Oshi UP!” is currently underway!

Your opinion becomes an app! Over 2000 registered users! The first survey of the popular push activity app “Oshi UP!” is currently underway!

[Your opinion becomes an app! ] Over 2000 registered users! The first survey of the popular push activity app “Oshi UP!” is currently underway!

*View in browser* *C-Threeve Co., Ltd.*
Press release: May 8, 2024
[Your opinion becomes an app! ] Over 2000 registered users! The first survey of the popular push activity app “Oshi UP!” is currently underway!
*Oshi activity app “Oshi”
In order to better support everyone’s oshikatsu through “Up!”, we are conducting a survey exclusively for app users! Those who answer will also receive a small gift. The deadline for responses is May 12th. *
Oshi-katsu app “Oshi Up!” User survey is underway!
* Oshi Three Reve Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Masaki Sorano) is a service that fully supports Oshikatsu. In order to further power up the “UP!” app, we are conducting a survey exclusively for users. (Response deadline: May 12th)*

There is a My Page where you can customize your favorite color and freely lay out your favorite points and charms, a chat function that allows you to watch the programs and live shows that your favorites are featured in, and have fun in real time, a bulletin board, and the day’s favorites. “Oshi” is the strongest Oshi-katsu app planned by three active female college students with over 10 years of idol otaku experience who have been through all of their favorite stage performances, including a note function that allows you to write “Oshi” as a blog.
UP!” The number of registered users has exceeded 2,000 in about two months since its release, and it has been patronized by many people. Click here to download the Oshi-katsu app “Oshi UP!”
Click here for the iPhone version

Click here for Android version app
Oshi UP! Official website

Oshi UP! Official X (old Twitter)

* Power up the app with your opinions! The first push up survey is underway! * * Oshi activity app “Oshi”
Through “UP!”, we are conducting a survey on the app’s usability and desired functions in order to further support everyone’s oshikatsu! For users only, the first 100 people who respond will receive a 500 yen Amagift. *
*Response deadline is Sunday, May 12th. *
Download the app now
* *Please participate in the survey from the in-app bulletin board. *

* What is the Oshi-katsu app “Oshi UP!”? *
“Oshikatsu” is becoming part of the daily lives of Generation Z. Personalization services that allow people to customize their own clothes are popular among Generation Z, who want to dye their surroundings to their own taste. Targeting Generation Z, customization services for drinks and goods that catch up with the needs of Okinatsu are increasing.
* This service was devised and planned by three active female college students who have been active as idol otaku for over 10 years and are actually involved in Oshikatsu. *
*Usage fee is free! Please try the Oshikatsu service that Gachiota has seriously thought about. *
Oshi activity app “Oshi UP!”

* It’s like a “favorite digital altar”! My page that can be freely customized * Recommended content for Oshikatsu app Oshi-up!
Let’s talk about our love for Oshi on My Page, where you can freely customize the Oshi content you like, such as setting the background, text, etc., Oshi points, goods, Oshi makeup, etc.!
Oshi activity app “Oshi UP!” My page
* Chat in real time with favorites from all over the country! * You can search for group chats that talk about your favorites, or create your own group chat.
In the chat for beginners, you can support your first Oshikatsu, search for fellow Oshiers, and other features that you want in your app! Another point is that you can contact the management directly! Let’s grow the Oshikatsu app with your ideas!
Oshi activity app “Oshi UP!” Chat

* Don’t miss any information! Bulletin board where you can exchange recommended information*
A bulletin board where you can exchange information about Oshis, such as sharing information on programs and live performances in which Oshis appear, as well as questions you would like to ask, quizzes about Oshis, chat meeting dates and times, etc.
Oshi activity app “Oshi UP!” bulletin board

* Note function that allows you to record “everything” about your promotions * From records of Oshikatsu I went to, impressions of live performances I participated in, hair and makeup procedures for Oshi events, etc. You can record all of your activities like a blog.
Oshi activity app “Oshi UP!” Note function

* Company Profile*
C3LEV Co., Ltd. is one of Japan’s largest no-code contract development companies that develops Bubble, FlutterFlow, etc.
C3 Reve Co., Ltd.
As a system development company, we can eliminate concerns about the feasibility of no-code development, security, performance, etc., and provide low-cost, high-speed, and high-quality services.

This service was also developed using the no-code tool “FlutterFlow.”

The most common reasons why C3LEV is chosen as a “no-code contract development company” are:
We have developed for companies of various industries and sizes, and have one of the largest no-code development results in Japan.

The reality is that many companies still have concerns about development using no-code, and are reluctant to start development. In order to dispel such concerns, we have published a number of achievements. *Published with permission from the company.
List of C-Three Reve development examples
Click here for no-code development results In addition, we will introduce our unique strengths below, such as the reasons why we are able to provide high-quality development at low cost and the ability to consistently handle everything from design to development to marketing.
If you are concerned about wanting to develop a service but don’t know where to turn or where to start, please refer to it.
Click here for our unique strengths If you are a company that would like to turn your ideas into reality, please feel free to contact us.
Company name: C3REV Co., Ltd.
Address: 3rd floor, Daini Toranomon Building, 1-5-12 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Business content: Web service and application development, no-code development Representative Director and CEO: Masaki Sorano
Company URL:
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