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En Album and Kodomon collaborate to promote efficiency in producing graduation albums

Ururu Co., Ltd.
En Album and Kodomon collaborate to promote efficiency in producing graduation albums
~Reducing the workload of staff in creating graduation albums and promoting the use of ICT in the childcare and education industry~ ……
Sister of EnPhoto, an online photo sales service for nursery schools and kindergartens, operated by Ururu Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Tomoya Hoshi), which operates multiple SaaS services as a leading company in solving labor shortage issues. The service “En Album”, a graduation album production service, is a collaboration between Codmon Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yoshinori Koike), which operates the ICT service “CoDMON”
(hereinafter referred to as “Codmon”) for childcare and educational facilities. We would like to inform you that we will begin a business collaboration in the production of garden albums.
Through this business collaboration, by promoting the use of “En Album” in facilities that have introduced “Kodomon”, the facilities will be able to expand their options for creating graduation albums and reduce the workload of staff in producing graduation albums. By doing so, we will contribute to the further adoption of ICT in the childcare and education industry.
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Since 2014, when Ururu launched En Photo, an online photo sales service for nursery schools and kindergartens, we have created an online photo sales service for nursery schools and kindergartens. We have contributed to “making memories”. Additionally, in 2020, nursery school and kindergarten staff, as well as parents involved in the production of graduation albums, will be able to easily create high-quality original graduation albums made by specialized
manufacturers online by simply selecting their favorite photos. We have also started offering the service “En Album”. We have published over 11,000 books so far, and the number of publications is increasing year by year because we can efficiently create high-quality graduation albums.
“Kodomon” is a SaaS-type business support tool for childcare and educational facilities that is provided to the staff and guardians of childcare and educational facilities so that they can have time and peace of mind with their children. . An environment that improves the quality of childcare while significantly reducing the workload of teachers, including functions that smartly record growth records and instruction plans linked to kindergartener information, management of admission to and from kindergarten, and communication functions with parents. We support the creation. As of March 2024, it is used by approximately 18,000 facilities and approximately 360,000 employees nationwide, and has the No. 1 market share (*1) in terms of the number of facilities that have introduced it, the number of municipalities that have introduced it, and the number of contracted municipalities. (*1) Researched by Tokyo Shoko Research Co., Ltd., January 2023 Promoting efficiency in producing graduation albums and contributing to further ICT use in the childcare and education industries Since Ururu entered into a business partnership agreement with “Kodomon” for “En Photo” in December 2019, we have been promoting the use of services for both nursery schools and kindergartens, including a photographer dispatch service for online photo sales for nursery schools and kindergartens. We have carried out such activities. (*2) We have now started a business collaboration with “En Album” to promote efficiency in the production of graduation albums.
Graduation albums not only record children’s growth and preserve precious memories, but they can also be expected to increase parental satisfaction, and are an item that can help brand childcare and educational facilities. On the other hand, there has recently been a serious shortage of human resources in childcare and education settings, and there is an urgent need to improve operational efficiency to reduce the burden on staff. Through this business collaboration, we will reduce the workload of staff in producing graduation albums and contribute to the further adoption of ICT in the childcare and education industries.
(*2) Press release: Enphoto and Kodomon enter into business
Details of service collaboration in “En Album”
[Image 2:×799.png ]
We will promote the use of “En Album” in facilities that have introduced “Kodomon” and expand the options for creating graduation albums. When a facility that has introduced “Kodomon” actually creates a graduation album using “En Album”, there is a special design (My Plan) that allows you to arrange the photo layout in your favorite design, and a time-consuming photo layout and corrections. Various plans are available, including “Automatic Creation,” which allows you to leave all the designs up to you.
In the future, we are considering system integration between En Album and Kodomon, which will accelerate the efficiency of graduation album production work and contribute to creating an environment where employees can concentrate on their core duties.
“En Album” will continue to promote the use of ICT in the childcare and education industry in order to cherish children’s memories, with the aim of “En Photo”‘s vision of “delivering more happy memories to families around the world.” We will continue to work to further expand our services to please everyone involved in childcare and education. What is “En Album” (
“En Album” is a sister service to “En Photo,” an online photo sales service for nursery schools and kindergartens that allows you to easily create high-quality graduation albums. There is “Automatic Creation” where you can leave all the design such as photo layout and corrections to us, and “Special Creation” where you can create it yourself using a dedicated app. Create your own personalized graduation album (My Design) – Design your own graduation album. We have a wide variety of design templates available, and you can arrange the layout of your photos in any design you like. You can create your own graduation album. Automated Creation – Graduation Album Designed by Professionals With Automated Production, there is no need for parents or kindergarten teachers to consider the layout or design; “En Album” will create and propose a design for you. You can request the creation of a high-quality graduation album made by a professional manufacturer. ●Graduation album full of memories printed by a manufacturer with extensive experience in producing graduation albums. You can rest assured of high quality even when ordering online. “What is En-Photo?” (
“Let’s bring more happy memories to families around the world” EnPhoto is an online photo sales service for kindergartens, nursery schools, and parents that completes everything from photo display, sales, and purchase/payment online.
●You can select and purchase photos of the garden on the web. Photos taken by the school will be uploaded and an email will be sent to parents to notify them of the release of the photos. Parents select a photo online, place an order, and receive the photo within 5 business days. The school only uploads it to the web, so there is no need to go through the trouble of printing or posting it.
●I can find my child right away! Face recognition function
It has a facial recognition function, so parents can easily pick up photos of their children. Authenticated photos can be displayed preferentially, saving you the trouble of searching for photos. ●It’s okay even if you don’t have a photographer! “En Photo” also has a service that dispatches photographers to kindergartens. Ururu also operates a crowdsourcing business called Shufuti. We will arrange a crowd worker photographer to the nursery school, so you can take cute pictures of the children even if the nursery school does not have a photographer to request.
[Overview of Codmon Co., Ltd.] ( Location: 3F, Mita 43MT Building, 3-13-16 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo Capital: 68,250,000 yen Representative: Representative Director Yoshinori Koike WEB: Business details: We work on projects to improve the environment surrounding children, and embody the creation of an organization that is easy for workers to work in. We will contribute to society by improving the environment from various angles to make society more child-friendly.
[Uruuru Group Overview] Ururu Co., Ltd. ( Established: August 31, 2001
Location: KDX Harumi Building 9F, 3-12-1 Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Representative name: Tomoya Hoshi
Business details:
◆CGS (Crowd Generated Service) business *CGS is Ururu’s unique business model that utilizes crowd workers.
・Telephone agency service “Fondesk”
・Bid information breaking service “NJSS” “nSearch*1”
・Photo sales system for kindergartens and nursery schools “En Photo”
・On-site photography service “OurPhoto” *2 ◆Crowdsourcing business
・Operation of the platform “Shufti”
◆BPO business *3
・Comprehensive outsourcing “Ururu BPO” ・High-precision AI-OCR service “eas” ・Total support service for employment of people with disabilities “eas next”
*1 Operated by Brainfeed Co., Ltd.
*2 Operated by OurPhoto Co., Ltd.
*3 Operated by Ururu BPO Co., Ltd.
■Contact information regarding services
Ururu Co., Ltd. Person in charge: Tanaka, Sugihara
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