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SpaceGrab Full-scale launch of “robotics business” to realize “smart security” for plant facilities, e tc.

[SpaceGrab] Full-scale launch of “robotics business” to realize “smart security” for plant facilities, etc.

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Press release: May 8, 2024
[SpaceGrab] Full-scale launch of “robotics business” to realize “smart security” for plant facilities, etc.
*Accelerate DX in the plant, architecture, civil engineering, and forestry industries using proprietary software that utilizes AI and cutting-edge robots*
SpaceGrab Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, Representative Director: Hiroshi , hereinafter referred to as “SpaceGrab”), which has provided new value to the industry by making full use of advanced 3D surveying technology, has announced that it will expand its “robotics business”. We are pleased to announce the official launch.

*Social background – There is an urgent need to shift to “smart security” such as automation of inspection work and remote monitoring* In recent years, interest in “smart safety” in plant facilities and factories has been increasing, and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is also actively promoting it. In Japan, the infrastructure that was built after the period of high economic growth is becoming increasingly obsolete, and the lack of maintenance and management personnel and the aging of the population are becoming serious issues. Particularly in large-scale facilities such as electric power plants and plants, regular inspection and maintenance of equipment is essential, but traditional manual methods have resulted in reduced work efficiency and safety issues. In response to these issues, there is an urgent need to transition to smart security, which aims to save labor and automate inspection work by automating inspection work and remote monitoring, and an immediate response is required.

In response to these social demands, SpaceGrab is developing a new robotics business and taking a step toward realizing smart security.

*About SpaceGrab’s robotics business – Achieving smart security through proprietary software using AI and the introduction of cutting-edge robots*
SpaceGrab’s robotics business uses its own proprietary software that utilizes 3D survey data and AI, as well as cutting-edge robots and drones, to realize automatic patrols and inspections of facilities. This enables detailed monitoring and inspection of the entire facility, including areas that are invisible to the human eye and dangerous areas, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In this way, by collaborating with robots and drones, we will improve the working environment for workers and promote work style reform. In addition, by combining AI technology, it becomes possible to detect abnormalities early and perform preventive maintenance from the collected data, improving equipment operational efficiency and reducing risks, which in turn reduces maintenance costs.
* [Sales and introduction support for robots and drones] *
In our robotics business, which is starting in earnest this time, we will be selling and supporting the introduction of robots and drones that support automation of inspection work. We select the most suitable robot/drone according to the customer’s needs, and provide a total implementation of an inspection system using robots/drones, from hearing inspection points to selecting patrol routes within the facility, route verification/optimization, and schedule construction. We will support you.
* [Software development & packaged software sales (SaaS)] *
We also develop original software and sell packaged software (SaaS), and provide solutions with high usability by creating intuitive and easy-to-understand icons and button layouts on the operation screen. We also sell and support software developed in partnership with Energy Robotics, which allows us to immediately start inspection work after robot installation.
Service details:
Request for materials or consultation regarding implementation:

* Future outlook – Accelerate global expansion with DX solutions *

In addition to promoting this robotics business, SpaceGrab plans to develop a wider range of services, including power transmission line cleaning and inspection and insurance DX. We also plan to expand our services to the power plant and plant industries both domestically and internationally, and accelerate our global business development.

SpaceGrab will contribute to the sustainable development of social infrastructure through innovative services that make full use of 3D surveying technology and robotics.

* Company Profile*
SpaceGrab Co., Ltd. is developing 3D measurement business, robotics business (smart security), system development business, etc. for various fields including the construction industry, based on the vision of “3D as infrastructure”. Masu. SpaceGrab will continue to further develop its technology and expand its business in order to build safe and sustainable social infrastructure.

Company name: SpaceGrab Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hiroshi
Address: 2-2-10 Higashinanamatsucho, Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture Established: April 2019
Business content: 3D surveying business, robotics business
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