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Home » Acalie Co., Ltd. COSWHEEL MIRAI1000 and MIRAI500 electric bikes, 2nd type moped 1000W and 1st type moped 500W new models will start pre-sale at Makuake on May 9, 2024!

Acalie Co., Ltd. COSWHEEL MIRAI1000 and MIRAI500 electric bikes, 2nd type moped 1000W and 1st type moped 500W new models will start pre-sale at Makuake on May 9, 2024!

Acalie Co., Ltd.
COSWHEEL MIRAI1000 and MIRAI500 electric bikes, two types of mopeds 1000W and one type of mopeds 500W new models will start pre-sale at Makuake on May 9, 2024!
It’s not a moped, it’s a fully electric motorcycle. Simultaneous release of 2nd class moped model & 1st class moped model. Equipped with a large capacity 27.5Ah battery, the maximum cruising range is approximately 70km. Exhilarating driving with a powerful motor. ……
MAX50%OFF! The legitimate successor to COSWHEEL MIRAI, the 190 million dollar electric bike project that ranks first in the history of Makuake electric bikes, is finally here!
Acalie Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Representative Director: Mengtao Nakatomo), which develops
next-generation products, will release COSWHEEL MIRAI electric motorcycles, new models, 1000W for moped type 2 and 500W for moped type 1, from May 9, 2024. Sales will begin on the support purchase site “Makuake”. The advance support purchase period will be from May 9, 2024 to June 29, 2024. The support purchase price starts from 167,800 yen (tax included) with up to 50% discount. The delivery schedule is scheduled for early July.
▼COSWHEEL MIRAI new model special page ▼Makuake sales page (valid from 12:00 on May 9, 2024)
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[Image 3:×1080.jpg] ▼ COSWHEEL MIRAI project page, No. 1 electric motorcycle in Makuake history (implemented in 2022)
[Image 4:×1080.jpg] The “MIRAI series”, based on the concept of “changing the future of transportation”, is a 3-way electric motorcycle that combines design, drivability, and safety, and is a new form of the future. 2022 Makuake Project As the number one electric bike in history, it has been used by many users since its release. The times have changed, and the COSWHEEL MIRAI1000 and MIRAI500, which are not mopeds but fully electric bikes, have been born, changing from 3WAY to 1WAY, increasing the battery capacity to 27.5Ah and improving convenience.
There are four color variations: navy military, pure white, matte black, and sky gray.
[Image 5:×1936.jpg] ★The concept is “future” and the design will make you fall in love at first sight
The exterior features a rugged design with a thick frame that shines through its individuality, and is fitted with extra-thick 4-inch tires, giving it a gear-like feel that will tickle any man’s heart. We were able to create a one-of-a-kind look that evokes the wildness of an American motorcycle and a classic retro feel.
The frame is made of aluminum alloy A6061, which has a good balance of corrosion resistance, rigidity, hardness, and strength, and is also used in airplanes. Optimized balance.
★Equipped with many advanced functions, a bridge connecting to the future Keyless, silent start with smart electronic key. I don’t have to worry about it at all even in residential areas at night. Just by holding up a simple circular smart key, the sound you hear makes you feel somehow comfortable. Equipped with a USB terminal, it can charge smartphones, motorcycle drive recorders, etc., and the large capacity battery can also be used as a “mobile battery”, making it useful for charging lights at the campsite and in emergencies such as disasters. ★Follow-up in various ways for safe and secure MIRAI
(1) Hydraulic disc brake, safer and more reliable braking for peace of mind Hydraulic disc brakes with excellent braking power are included as standard equipment on both the front and rear.This mechanism is similar to that of a “hydraulic jack,” which allows you to easily lift a car by simply operating a lever, and it provides strong braking power even with a weak force. Peace of mind even in the event that sudden braking is required.
(2) Equipped with ABS for motorcycles, features unique to the latest technology The second-class pink numbered moped model “COSWHEEL MIRAI” is also equipped with ABS for motorcycles. This is a safety device that detects when the brakes are applied all at once and maintains the appropriate braking force without locking the wheels. This prevents the wheels from locking up even when the brakes are applied suddenly, keeping the vehicle stable and preventing it from tipping over. (3) Equipped with high-intensity LED headlights, providing peace of mind when driving at night
Headlights and turn signals are high-intensity LEDs. You can enjoy driving at night with peace of mind. The turn signals are not silent, but make a clicking sound when activated to prevent you from forgetting to turn them off.
(4) Attachment-type exterior parts and electrical system parts, easy maintenance Exterior parts and electrical system parts are attachment-type, allowing users to easily replace and maintain them by themselves. Maintenance is simple and easy.
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