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Aqara Next generation Matter hub is here! Focusing on edge computing, local automation further improves connection stability!

[Aqara] Next generation Matter hub is here! Focusing on edge computing, local automation further improves connection stability!
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Press release: May 8, 2024
[Aqara] Next generation Matter hub is here! Focusing on edge computing, local automation further improves connection stability! *Supports Aqara’s latest Thread devices, and can also connect some third-party devices. Furthermore, the existing Matter controller that does not support Thread is now compatible with Thread! *
Lot smart home device brand Aqara, which opened an official store on Amazon Japan in February 2024 and has sold more than 40 million units, will be focusing on edge computing on Amazon’s official store from Wednesday, May 8th. We are launching a new next-generation Matter hub that can be used as a hub for Aqara and some third-party devices. *Release information*
Product name: Smart remote control M3 hub
Release date: Wednesday, May 8, 2024
Sales price (tax included): 18,480 yen (tax included)
Amazon official page:
Discount information: 15% OFF with coupon code [EZEJHJZK] until 5/12 (Sun) * About product*
Focused on edge computing and maximizing the stability of smart home connectivity with local automation, the M3 hub can ensure automation even in emergencies, as well as support for Thread, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Infrared (IR). It supports multiple communication methods including Aqara devices, traditional infrared appliances, and even some third-party Matter devices, making it an advanced smart home hub for both Aqara users and third-party smart home ecosystem users. This will be a next-generation hub that can function as a In addition, the existing Aqara
In addition to the bridge function that makes Zigbee devices compatible with Matter, the smart remote control M3 hub can be used with existing Matter controllers that are not Thread compatible (e.g. the original HomePod, Home
It can also function as a thread border router.
*Edge computing and local automation with ARK technology*
ARK Technology aims to increase the stability of Aqara device setup and to enable local coordination between devices.
– *M3 hub leads existing Aqara hub*
M3 hub leads existing Aqara hub
one or more Aqara
When using a Zigbee hub, adding an M3 hub will create a hub group and the M3 hub will automatically start acting as the leader hub. As a result, automation that previously ran in the cloud now runs locally, even when there is no network connectivity.
– *Hub migration*
M3 hubs can inherit child devices from existing Aqara hubs. In that case, group migration is supported and users do not have to reconnect each device individually.
– *Device binding*
Child device works even if M3 hub fails
Even if the M3 hub fails and cannot function, some child devices will be able to perform simple automation. For example, even if the M3 hub fails, you can still control the lights with a remote mini switch. This will further improve the stability and convenience of your smart home.
*Currently, some Aqara
Zigbee devices (Ceiling Light T1M, LED Strip Light T1) support this feature, allowing automation even in the event of M3 hub failure. *Next generation smart home hub for Aqara and third party devices* Next Generation Matter Hub
Multiple communication method support
Compatible with multiple communication methods such as Thread, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Infrared (IR), the smart remote control M3 hub integrates up to 127 Aqara products, infrared devices, and third-party Matter devices, and supports Aqara
Can be managed via the Home app.
– *Aqara device*
Like previous Aqara hub products, the M3 hub can manage Aqara’s zigbee devices and make non-matter zigbee devices compatible with matter with its Matter bridge function. Additionally, Aqara’s latest Thread devices can be registered with the M3 hub and can be linked with traditional Zigbee devices.
– *Third Party Device*
In a first for Aqara, you can now add and manage some third-party devices to Aqara Home via the M3 hub.
*Third-party device support is limited to select device types and brands; broader third-party Matter device support will be added in the future.
*Remote control synchronization and air conditioner Matter compatible*

The remote control function has been further upgraded
The M3 hub, which is more advanced than the conventional hub products with smart remote control functions (M2 hub and smart camera G3 hub), can not only register and collectively manage infrared home
appliances, but also recognize the usage status of physical remote controllers. Synchronization with remote control can be achieved. Furthermore, the M3 hub can make the air conditioner compatible with Matter, allowing you to control the air conditioner from Apple Home etc.
*Only one air conditioner is compatible with Matter. Additionally, the functions of air conditioners that are compatible with Matter may differ depending on the platform.
* Simultaneously supports wired and wireless connections *
The M3 hub supports dual-band Wi-Fi and can be used in 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi environments, as well as wired connection via LAN cable. It also supports both PoE and USB-C for power supply methods.
*Focus on privacy*
Compared to general smart displays and smart speakers, the M3 Hub is not equipped with a microphone or camera, so you can use it with confidence without worrying about privacy issues such as information leaks. It also stores device logs and automation-related data locally, and supports storage encryption to protect your privacy even in the event of unauthorized access.
* Easy installation and setup & powerful speakers included * The M3 hub can be mounted on a wall or ceiling using the included mount, screws, and tape. When you power up the hub, MagicPair technology allows Aqara
It is automatically detected in the Home app and once connected to your network, it also begins acting as a border router and mesh extender for third-party Matter controllers.
Additionally, the M3 hub is equipped with a powerful 95dB speaker that allows custom audio to be used as warning alarms and audio
* Product Specifications*
*Product name* Smart remote control M3 hub
*Model* HM-G01E/HM-G01D
*Body size* 105 x 105 x 36.5 mm
*Power input* 5V⎓2A
*PoE input* 48V⎓0.27A
* Wireless Protocol * Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 2.4 GHz/5 GHz, Zigbee/Thread IEEE
802.15.4, Bluetooth 5.1
*Operating temperature* -10℃~50℃
*Operating humidity* 0-95% RH (non-condensing)
*Accessories* M3 hub body x 1, instruction manual x 1, USB-A to USB-C cable x 1, screw & anchor kit x 1, bracket x 1
*About Aqara*
Aqara is a leading provider of advanced smart home solutions offering smart home products in over 30 categories. With operations in more than 170 countries and territories, and over 12 million customers, Aqara products have won numerous world-renowned design awards and are characterized by ease of use and highly personalized settings. . Our products are designed to provide not only exceptional convenience and security, but also energy-efficient solutions, making residential environments smarter, more sustainable, and responsive to the diverse needs of users. We aim to
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Chongwen Park, Nanshan iPark, No.3370, Liuxian Avenue, Fuguang Community, Taoyuan Residential District, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China
* Representative Director: * Eugene You
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