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Logictron/Large transportation drone operation course launched

Logictron/Large transportation drone operation course launched
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Press release: May 8, 2024
Logictron/Large transportation drone operation course launched *Logictron Co., Ltd. (Nerima-ku, Tokyo/Representative Director), which operates a business that uses large drones to transport goods (material transportation in forestry/civil engineering work, etc.) Tomoyuki Noma) will be offering a “Large Transport Drone Operation Course” from May 2024. *
Drone transportation (left: from the onboard camera / right: from the ground camera)
Sharing and supporting large drone operation know-how
DJI announced by DJI in January 2024
FlyCart30 has finally begun to reach end users. Opportunities to operate large aircraft in-house are increasing for new entrants into the drone logistics/drone transportation business and forestry/civil engineering related businesses.
Logictron Co., Ltd. will be holding a large-scale transportation drone operation course for businesses and individuals who are newly introducing (including considering) large-scale drones.
The course consists of two parts: classroom lecture and practical session, and it is also possible to take the lecture only.
Please note that the practical training will be conducted on the premise that you will bring your own aircraft. The introduction of the aircraft is currently under consideration, but if you are a business or individual who would like to take a practical course, please contact us individually.

About the target audience of the course

Forestry/civil engineering companies that are considering (or considering) the introduction of transportation drones for their own projects. People who have purchased a FlyCart30 and obtained a license to operate it, but are unsure about its operation. People who are considering a transportation business using large aircraft. Those who are considering obtaining permission for special transportation such as transporting dangerous goods, dropping objects, towing/towing, etc. – Local government employees (operation without aircraft
installation/compliance course)
Curriculum overview
Introduction of operation examples of large transportation drones – Material transportation Hovering Pickup transportation Pilot rope extension Dropping dangerous materials transportation
Flight/operation edition

Swinging peculiar to large suspended cargo (hunting
phenomenon/pendulum phenomenon) and countermeasures Regarding liquid transportation Regarding the length of the hanging wire Concept of battery rotation and actual operation Operation in
low-temperature/high-temperature environments
– Radio/generator operation

Hazard prediction / near-miss examples and countermeasure estimate creation (item explanation / example introduction) Concept of artificial calculation considering number of flights and flight time due to distance / altitude difference / weight Setting of flight route Creation of flight procedure manual Actual cargo for on-site inspection How to pack/Explanation to clients Who is responsible in the event of a load collapsing or falling accident? Preliminary measures/rule creation Liability insurance/movable property insurance Operation in densely populated areas Obtaining permission and approval for nationwide comprehensive transportation of hazardous materials Equipment edition
We will introduce the tools we use at our company (price/how to use/frequency of use).

Generator Various hanging equipment Personal equipment (safety equipment) Wireless equipment Spectrum analyzer Mobile battery Starlink Others (sign / backpack / windsock (anemometer) / thermometer / compass / binoculars / distance meter / weight scale, etc.) Practical training
A series of operational training will be conducted in a
three-dimensional field with forest roads and mountainous areas with poor visibility.
*Applicable to those who have completed the training to operate the aircraft specified by the manufacturer.

Other benefits
– Support for obtaining permission to transport dangerous goods (separate fee)
– Rental of ropes and materials for transporting dangerous goods (separate charges may apply depending on material usage conditions) – Building alliances for alternative contracting in the event of an accident *Other aircraft operation support menus are also available.
Place of implementation
Lecture: Tokyo
Field: Tama area, Tokyo (subject to change depending on schedule) We also offer on-site lectures. However, if you are located far away, additional travel expenses may apply.
Cost/Implementation schedule
Lecture/Practical (2 days): 550,000 yen (up to 3 people) + 55,000 yen for each additional person
Classroom lecture only (1 day): 330,000 yen (up to 3 people) + 27,500 yen for each additional person
The implementation schedule will be adjusted accordingly.
The training will be held on weekdays for each company that has applied. *Please contact us if you wish to conduct the event on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
*The displayed price includes tax.

* [Inquiries regarding this matter/various consultations/requests]* Logictron Co., Ltd. Person in charge: Noma
tel: 03-6876-7795 mail:

* ■About Logictron Co., Ltd.*
*Representative Director Tomoyuki Noma’s career*
In 2001, he joined Aino Graphics Co., Ltd. as a graphic designer, and after working in sales, he was transferred to Shanghai in 2007 to establish a branch office (representative of the Shanghai office). After returning to Japan, he worked as a director for a web production company before becoming independent. In 2018, he incorporated his personal business and established Logictron Co., Ltd., and started the drone business in 2020.
Obtain first class unmanned aircraft pilot skill certificate in 2023

* Logictron’s initiatives *
Material transportation
overhead wire
pick up
Disaster response
Aiming to “overcome a society with a declining population through technology,” we will introduce a large transportation drone (XYZ55) in 2022, providing a drone transportation service that replaces human shoulder transportation for customers in the forestry, mountainous and mountainous area construction and electrical installation industries. Expand. We strive to provide services that prioritize solving problems, not just the use of drones.
Founded April 2018
Representative Representative Director Tomoyuki Noma
Business details: Material transportation using large drones/Overhead line construction support/DIPS consulting
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