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Home » Morisawa Morisawa Fonts releases a new “recommended font list” including standard typefaces and video captions, and expands font search function

Morisawa Morisawa Fonts releases a new “recommended font list” including standard typefaces and video captions, and expands font search function

Morisawa Fonts releases new “recommended font list” including standard typefaces and video captions, and expands font search function ……
Morisawa Co., Ltd. has added functionality to its font subscription service “Morisawa Fonts.”
“Recommended font list” 6 new themes released
[Image:×1622.png ]
We have released a new “Recommended Font List”
( that has been carefully selected according to the image and purpose of the production, including 20 standard font families and 14 families perfect for video captions. “Recommended Font List” is a list of recommended fonts carefully selected by Morisawa for those who are unsure which font to use from a font library of over 2,000 fonts, or for those who want to choose the most suitable font. This is a list organized by type. Fonts in the list can be activated all at once or registered as a
collection, allowing you to manage and use fonts efficiently. New recommended font list
1. What you need to know when using Morisawa Fonts! Royal classic typeface This is a list of Morisawa typefaces that are particularly well-known and popular, and can be considered standard. Recommended for those who are using Morisawa typefaces for the first time, and those who want to familiarize themselves with the standard typefaces.
2. Feeling different from usual? Recommended font known only to those in the know
We have carefully selected typefaces that have a slightly different feel from the standard typefaces that you should definitely try. Even if you have a familiar typeface, you may discover something new. 3. Helps create a worldview and create a sense of immersion! Fonts that brighten up the game
This list is mainly recommended for game UIs. We have a variety of typefaces with different designs, and can create an atmosphere that suits a wide range of genres, from science fiction and fantasy to healing.
4. Emotions, anger, sadness, and happiness too! Information too! The perfect typeface for video captions that convey more information A list of typefaces perfect for use in video captions and subtitles. We have a lineup of typefaces with distinctive designs that can enhance the atmosphere of your videos, whether you want to express emotions such as joy, anger, sadness, or happiness, or when you want to convey information accurately with an emphasis on readability. 5. A multilingual typeface that is ideal when you want to combine various languages ​​with an image similar to “UD Shingo”
This list consists of the UD Shingo and Clarimo UD series, which can write together over 150 languages ​​with a common impression. It is useful for disseminating information to various countries and regions, such as websites, SNS, signboards, and restaurant menus.
6. Express differences in emotions, time, and scenes! Effective typeface for manga lines
This is a list of fonts with designs that can be used in comic speech bubbles, titles, etc. In addition to impactful design typefaces and antique typefaces, we have also picked up Mincho typefaces and Gothic typefaces that are easy to read.
Other updates
The following font search functions have been expanded.
■Grid display of search results
In addition to the conventional list display, grid display has been added to the search results display method for “Find Fonts”. Displaying them horizontally and vertically improves visibility and makes it easier to compare multiple search results.
■Change the number of search results displayed
The number of results displayed per page for “Find Fonts” has increased, allowing you to view more fonts. You can select the number of displayed items from the conventional “10 families/20 families/50 families” to “12 families/36 families/60 families.”
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Morisawa’s font subscription service that allows you to use over 2,000 fonts. With the tagline “Connect with letters. Expand the world.” All fonts included in the plan, from standard fonts to design fonts, can be used with a device-independent license on a per-user basis. Not only font management but also contract procedures can be completed online, supporting a new era of work styles that do not matter where you are.
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