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Coty Japan LLC Gucci Beauty Neutral Collection

[Coty Japan LLC] [Gucci Beauty] Neutral Collection

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Press release: May 8, 2024
[Gucci Beauty] Neutral Collection
*New color collection now available for Gucci Beauty lipsticks* Celebrating each person’s individuality, Gucci Beauty offers 12 lipstick colors specially designed to suit every skin tone.
We are pleased to announce the collection “Gucci Neutral Collection”. genuine color
The Gucci Rouge à Lèvre collection features a variety of textures and exudes timeless charm.
“Gucci Rouge a Lèvre” available in 6 colors from “matte” to 6 bright colors Gucci Rouge a Lèvre Liquid, a liquid lipstick with a velvety texture and a matte finish, available in 6 colors from “Satan”
We have 15 new colors, including 3 from “Matte”.

This color collection was carefully selected to bring out each individual’s natural beauty, and was created by the creative director. Featured in Sabato de Sarno’s advertising campaign visuals that embody effortless elegance, essential and versatile neutral colors that are easy to match with any occasion or style.
Through our lineup, we offer makeup that brings out each individual’s natural beauty.

* Gucci Rouge A Lèvre Matte *
gucci rouge a lèvre
Matte is the perfect lip color when you want to express your individuality, and it has a creamy, matte finish that lasts for a long time*1. By blending color pigments in a high density into a
transparent wax base that converts into oil and gel, we have achieved intense color and a velvety texture. The moisturizing texture fits lightly on your lips, reproducing the pure and vivid color you see. Rouge
The Allévres Matte lipstick is housed in a gold-colored case with a gold-colored cap engraved with delicate stripes.
The new colors are:
-224 Eva Grape (deep and rich purple)
-122 Eliza Ginger (Bright and shining yellow beige)
-123 Auroral Amber (calm dark beige)
-120 Sonia Light Beige (light beige)
-222 Funny Rose (pink beige like delicate petals)
-220 Suzanne Sunset (soft brown)

* Gucci Rouge A Lèvre Liquid Matte *
Gucci Rouge A L’Evre Liquid creates enchanting lips
The matte is a creamy liquid that transforms into a powdery texture, and the formula is resistant to fading and transfer, so it doesn’t smudge and is lightweight to wear. Gucci provides vivid color while caring for your lips.
Rouge a lèvre liquid
The mat is a long, slender stick with a frosted finish that allows the color inside to show through, and the gold-colored logo and cap give it an elegant shine.
The new colors are:
-315 May Peach (Fresh peach like spring)
-124 Emily Brown (Rich Chocolate Brown)
-223 Isabel Rosewood (warm rose)

* Gucci Rouge A Lèvre Satan *
gucci rouge a lèvre
Satin is a lipstick with vibrant color, satin-like finish, and long-lasting shine. Contains natural oil*2 for a smooth application that moisturizes your lips. Gucci is lightweight and can be layered for medium to high coverage.
The Rouge à Lèvre Satan is housed in a gold-coloured case and has a cap with decorative Art Deco engravings.
The new colors are:
-119 Matilda Sunrise (soft and grayish beche)
-221 Mina Light Pink (slightly reddish pink veche)
-121 Elena Sand (reddish brown)
-223 Isabel Rosewood (warm rose)
-122 Eliza Ginger (Bright and shining yellow beige)
-123 Auroral Amber (calm dark beige)

*1 Gucci* Beauty research * *2 Tori (caprylic/capric acid) glyceryl (emollient)

*Advertising campaign*
This new lipstick color is Gucci
Featured in a sophisticated advertising campaign that seamlessly weaves beauty’s ever-evolving story. The visual is Gucci
It conveys a vision of beauty that is effortless and sensual, while highlighting the appeal and finish of the new neutral colors. And for everyone, Gucci lipsticks are essential makeup products designed to help everyone love the beauty that exists within them.
By conveying the message that it is an item, it perfectly expresses the essence of the new color collection.

*Product name*
Gucci Rouge A Lèvre Matte (6 new colors)
224 Eva Grape
122 Eliza Ginger
123 Auroral Amber
120 Sonia Light Beige
222 Fanny Rose
220 Suzanne Sunset

Gucci Rouge A Lèvre Liquid Matte (3 new colors)
315 May Peach
124 Emily Brown
223 Isabel Rosewood

Gucci Rouge A Lèvre Satan (6 new colors)
119 Matilda Sunrise
221 Mina Light Pink
121 Elena Sand
223 Isabel Rosewood
122 Eliza Ginger
123 Auroral Amber

* Planned development *
From May 15, 2024, Daimaru Shinsaibashi Store/DEPACO
(Daimaru/Matsuzakaya Cosmetics Online Store
Scheduled to start rolling out.

Gucci Rouge A Lèvre Satan #123, Gucci Rouge A Lèvre Matte
#123 is not available at Gucci official online shop.

Gucci Rouge a Lèvre Matte #120, #220, #222 are exclusive colors from Gucci’s official online shop.

*Advertising campaign credit*
Creative Director: Sabato De Sarno
Art Direction: Lambert|Lambert
Photographer: Charles Negre
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