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Paintory Co., Ltd. Paintory provides corporate services for the video-linked original apparel line “video series” of the Tokyo-based cultural video media “McGuffin”

[paintory Co., Ltd.]
Paintory is an original apparel line linked to videos from the Tokyo-based cultural video media McGuffin.
Providing corporate services to “Series”

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Press release: May 8, 2024
Paintory is an original apparel line linked to videos from the Tokyo-based cultural video media McGuffin.
Providing corporate services to “Series”
*~Provision of custom apparel services that do not require inventory for corporations will start from April 2024~*
Paintory Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tsuyama City, Okayama Prefecture / Representative Director: Katayama), which provides a one-stop supply chain for D2C custom apparel
In addition to the “” service for individuals that it has been offering up until now, Yuta (hereinafter referred to as “Paintory”) will provide integrated solutions related to the custom apparel supply chain from April 2024. We have started providing services for corporations.
In addition, as the first installation site, News Technology Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo / Representative Director: Miura We will provide corporate services to “McGuffin,” a cultural video media from Tokyo operated by Junki (hereinafter referred to as News Technology), and from Monday, April 8, 2024, it will be developed in conjunction with videos on the “McGuffin” YouTube channel. “video” We are pleased to inform you that we have started selling custom apparel by Tribal Tattoo Tsuyoshi Oshima at Tribal Tattoo series.

With the mission of “contributing to the self-actualization of all individuals in a world where each person has different likes and values,” Paintory is a service aimed at individuals, allowing anyone to customize fashion brand quality from the first item. We are developing “”, which allows you to create and sell apparel online without inventory risk.
In addition, from April 2024, we will begin providing services to corporations that develop apparel brands, fan services, and corporate apparel that is presented to customers and employees as “Swag (R)️”* of companies. Ta. Generally, when producing custom apparel in small quantities, it tends to be limited to a general-purpose body (silhouette) and it is necessary to hold inventory, so it is necessary to determine the quantity first and start production. “” allows you to develop your D2C business by creating your own customized apparel according to trends and preferences from over 200 types of bodies (silhouettes) while ensuring the same high quality as fashion brands. is. In addition, all products can be made to order and manufactured from the first piece, so there is no inventory risk and you can easily start your own brand.

In addition to the production of custom apparel and e-commerce construction provided by “,” the recently launched corporate service will completely expand the D2C custom apparel supply chain, from support for brand planning and product planning to fulfillment and customer support. This is a one-stop service. There are tens of thousands of body types available, and detailed
customization is possible down to the print and embroidery designs. Additionally, it is possible to link APIs with external e-commerce sites, making it possible to seamlessly connect functions with existing e-commerce sites. By using Paintory’s services, you can avoid the cycle of mass production and mass consumption and create a sustainable, high-value-added apparel business that produces only the amount you need when you need it.

“McGuffin” is a video media from Tokyo that started in 2017 and disseminates youth culture such as music, fashion, and sports. For Generation Z and Millennials, we are distributing content that will move the hearts of those who watch the video and encourage them to take the next action.
The “McGuffin” YouTube channel has an original item line “video” linked to videos.
The first product is three types of T-shirt items that are linked to a video by tribal tattoo artist Tsuyoshi Oshima.
To mark the start of the “video series”, Paintory will introduce the culture of “McGuffin” and the “video series.”
We provide an all-in-one service from product planning and production, including body selection and graphic design that match the worldview of the series, support for e-commerce usage collaboration, and fulfillment such as inventory storage and delivery management. The T-shirt I made this time is Oshima
A scene from a video that symbolizes Mr. Tsunade and lines from the video are designed as messages and expressed through prints and embroidery. Items are also tagged and posted on the video page, and you can purchase them by transitioning to the sales page for various items. Because we can manufacture to order and without risk, we are able to provide detailed support tailored to the situation even when starting a new project, when it is difficult to predict sales volume.

Paintory aims to popularize convenient and high-value-added D2C custom apparel by strengthening and enriching the functions of “” and services for corporations.

* “Swag (R)️” refers to original goods of companies and organizations that have logos, company names, etc. printed on them.

* [Overview of the first “McGuffin” original apparel line “video series”] * Item:
・Tribal Tattoo Oshima Tsuyoshi Face Embroidery TEE “Video series” is embroidered on the front chest, and a photo using a scene from the video is designed on the back.
・Tribal Tattoo Oshima Tsuyoshi Face TEE
Photo T-shirt printed with a scene introducing facial tattoos ・Tribal Tattoo Tatoo TEE
Photo T-shirt printed with a scene introducing foot tattoos
Size: Various XS/S/M/L/XL
Official online shop “McGuffin STORE”: YouTube channel:
*For other details, please refer to each site.

◼︎ About Paintory Co., Ltd.
Company name: Paintory Co., Ltd. (pronunciation: Paintory)
Location: 60-2 Motoumachi, Tsuyama City, Okayama Prefecture
Established: March 2015 *To become a wholly owned subsidiary of Gifty Co., Ltd. in October 2022
Capital: 100 million yen
Representative: Representative Director Yuta Katayama
Business content: Operation and development of custom apparel production and sales platform “”
Paintory Co., Ltd.
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