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Home » Limited to managers and successors “Shingijuku”, an intensive program to train the “mind” for top ex ecutives, begins

Limited to managers and successors “Shingijuku”, an intensive program to train the “mind” for top ex ecutives, begins

[Limited to managers and successors] “Shingijuku”, an intensive program to train the “mind” for top executives, begins

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Press release: May 8, 2024
[Limited to managers and successors] “Shingijuku”, an intensive program to train the “mind” for top executives, begins
*Indigo Blue Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director), which develops human resources development solutions business
Keiji Shibata) will be opening a management school called
“Shingijuku” aimed at corporate leaders and their successors. * What is “Shingijuku”?
This is a management school aimed at corporate leaders and their successors. * We welcome leaders and celebrities from various fields as guests, allowing managers to learn from each other and improve their skills as managers.
It is a one-of-a-kind program* that “trains your mind.” Through participation in the program, we encourage the following
・Share experiences among participants and turn the experiences of others into learning
・Recognize your own unconscious “habits” through top management decision-making and communication simulations
・Learn how to regulate the minds of celebrities who continue to attract attention
・Unraveling “vanity” from psychology
・Understand the structure of why corporate fraud occurs.
Program features
At Shingijuku, we offer a “mind training” program for managers* with the following two points in mind:
1. What kind of “mindset” do you want as a person at the top of an organization?
2. How can we avoid falling into the pitfalls of our own minds? The program consists of two parts: “Self-reflection and
self-disclosure” and “Facing vanity.”
First half of the program “Self-reflection and self-disclosure” Under the facilitation of Shibata, who is the representative of Indigo Blue and the head of Shingijuku, you will learn about yourself as a top person and learn from the experiences of others.*
. On Day-3, you will also participate in a realistic practical business simulation program where you will be forced to make decisions as a top executive.
Contents How to hold the event
Day-0 1 on 1 meeting with the principal online
Day-1 Orientation & Social gathering gathering format
Day-2 “Putting experience into words”
Experience sharing between participants online
Day-3 Management decision-making and communication simulation online Second half of the program “Facing vanity”

In the second half of the program, we will invite leaders and celebrities from various fields as guest lecturers to learn the true nature of “vanity” that top executives must overcome and how to control it.*
Contents How to hold the event
Day-4 Unraveling the mechanism that causes vanity Group format Day-5 How to regulate the minds of celebrities-1 Online
Day-6 How to regulate the minds of celebrities-2 Online
Day-7 Train your mind and body online
Day-8 Why does corporate fraud occur? & Social gathering gathering format ◆Guest lecturer
Aim of the program
“Business management skills alone are not enough. Train your mind. ” Our company, Indigo Blue, has supported the development of leaders in a variety of organizations, from companies listed on TSE Prime, to venture companies, and local governments.

From my experience so far, I am strongly aware of the importance of a leader’s “control of one’s own mind.”

No matter how talented a person is, when he or she assumes a top role, he or she will have to take on responsibilities that exceed his or her abilities.

There is a strong force of trying to show yourself beyond your actual abilities. This is not a bad thing, as it becomes an engine for growth. However, when people’s desire to make themselves look bigger increases and they become consumed by vanity, the company begins to decline.

“Vanity” creates “arrogance” in which employees believe they can do whatever they want, making it difficult to hear the voices of employees who are working hard for the company. When this happens, the organizational sentiment within the company becomes turbulent, resulting in a state in which “the piper plays the whistle, but he does not dance.The soldiers do not move even if they wave the flag.”

* An organization can become stronger or weaker depending on the “spirituality” of the top management. *

At Shingijuku, we consider from a variety of perspectives what kind of image a top leader should have and how to avoid falling into the pitfalls brought on by one’s own mind, and help improve one’s mental attitude. I’ll go.
“Shingijuku” event overview
Schedule (Schedule for 2024)
– 1st period: Starts on Monday, June 24, 2024 – Completes on Friday, October 4, 2024
– 2nd period: Starts on Monday, September 9, 2024 – Completes on Friday, November 22, 2024
– 3rd period: Starts on Wednesday, January 8, 2025 – Completes on Friday, March 28, 2025
*Please check for detailed schedules for each session.
*Since Day-0 will be 1on1 with the principal, the program start date will be determined individually after coordination with the
Maximum of 15 people each session
1,100,000 yen (tax included) / person
Learning environment
– Day-0, Day-2, Day-3, Day-5, Day-6,
Day-7’s online program uses the online conference system “Zoom”. – The location of the group training is in Tokyo.
– Proxy attendance is not permitted. Applicants are requested to attend in person.
– If the number of applications does not reach the minimum number of participants, the event may be canceled.
How to apply
1. Official page (
Please check the enrollment terms and conditions and enter the necessary information to apply.
2. The secretariat will send information at a later date to the email address you entered at the time of application.
Check application and details Principal introduction
* Indigo Blue Co., Ltd. *
* Representative Director Kiji Shibata *
In 2000, he became president of Mercer, an American organizational personnel consulting company. After that, he will be responsible for rebuilding bankrupt companies, transforming business formats, and rebuilding listed companies as president, COO, and CEO. He has 24 years of top management experience at five companies.
He has been writing the e-mail magazine “Human Resources Eyes”

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