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Home » Euglena Co., Ltd. For early summer… Skin’s “shininess” and “stickiness” may actually be “inner dryness”!? Supervised by a cosmetic dermatologist Identifying and countermeasures for inner dryness

Euglena Co., Ltd. For early summer… Skin’s “shininess” and “stickiness” may actually be “inner dryness”!? Supervised by a cosmetic dermatologist Identifying and countermeasures for inner dryness

Euglena Co., Ltd.
For early summer… Skin’s “shininess” and “stickiness” may actually be “inner dryness”!? [Supervised by a cosmetic dermatologist] Identifying and countermeasures for inner dryness
As we approach early summer, the temperature gradually rises, making this season a pleasant one. However, when the seasons change, the climate is unstable, with drastic changes in temperature and humidity. During this time of year, there may be many people whose skin condition is more unstable than usual.
Euglena Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Mitsuru Izumo)’s bio-natural skin care brand “NEcCO” will launch in April 2024 targeting 1,000 women in their 30s to 70s nationwide. According to a survey conducted, one in three women said, “During the change of seasons, my skin sometimes feels more shiny or sticky than usual.” Furthermore, when asked, “Do you know what the reason is?”, approximately 60% of women answered, “I don’t know.” It seems that many women have no idea why their skin feels “shiny” or “sticky” at this time of year.
[Image 1:×655.jpg] People who feel shiny or sticky in early summer may actually be suffering from “inner dryness”, which is drying deep inside the skin rather than on the surface of the skin without realizing it. Therefore, we asked cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Ayuori Yokoyama about how to estimate whether or not you have inner dryness and what measures you can take.
[Image 2:×210.jpg] [Supervision] Elm Clinic Azabuin Director Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Ayuri Yokoyama
Graduated from Hiroshima University School of Medicine, Department of Medicine. Worked at JCHO Tokyo Shinjuku Medical Center and related hospitals (National Center for Global Health and Medicine Hospital, Tokyo Yamate Medical Center). Training in dermatology and plastic surgery. July 2022 Elm Clinic Azabuin opens. Member of the Society of Cosmetic Dermatology, Juvederm Vista certified doctor, Botox Vista certified doctor, and Japanese Cosmetic Certification Level 1. ■What is inner dry skin? How to identify inner dry?
The ideal skin condition is one that has the ability to retain moisture, has little sebum, and is not sticky on the surface, but at the opposite end of the spectrum is a condition that causes inner dryness. This refers to a condition in which the skin secretes a large amount of sebum, but the inside of the skin is dry.
The way to tell if you have inner dryness is if your skin has a noticeable appearance of oily skin, like oily skin that feels sticky and shiny around the T-zone, but only the U-zone around the chin is dry, or If you feel tightness due to dryness immediately after washing your face, there is a high possibility that you have inner dryness. On the other hand, oily skin is characterized by a feeling of stickiness all over the face, including the U-zone, and the feeling that sebum is secreted immediately after washing the face.
■Causes and countermeasures for inner dryness
・Excessive removal of sebum
Causes of inner dryness include using cleansers with too strong cleaning power, washing your face excessively by taking too long to wash your face, using too many oil blotting papers, and peeling more than necessary at home or at the clinic. It might be. By removing too much sebum than necessary, the skin mistakenly thinks that the sebum is low and will become dry, and secretes excess sebum, causing the inside of the skin to become dry. On the other hand, there is a situation where the sebum becomes excessive. Even if you feel that your skin suddenly becomes oily when the seasons change, don’t rush to get rid of it.
Also, if makeup remains on your skin, it mixes with sebum and oxidizes, so you should remove the makeup thoroughly, but you should use a mild makeup remover that won’t completely remove sebum and that can remove makeup well. Let’s take advantage of it.
If you are concerned about stickiness or roughness, we recommend having your skin peeled using mild acid at the discretion of your clinician.
・It is no good to avoid oil-based care because you are concerned about sebum. Additionally, people who suffer from inner dryness may avoid using lotions and creams because they are worried about stickiness, but this has the opposite effect. Make sure to cover your skin with an oily substance such as lotion or cream to prevent moisture from
evaporating. In addition, we recommend skin care products that are slightly acidic, with a pH of 5.5 to 6.5, which is the same as your bare skin. In particular, before applying a lot of lotion, use a booster containing oils such as omega-3 and omega-6, which are said to have a pH close to that of human skin, to soften the stratum corneum and make it easier for the moisturizer to penetrate into the skin. That’s a good idea.
・UV damage
Let’s be careful about UV rays in the upcoming season. If you expose your skin to UV rays without protection, your skin’s barrier function will deteriorate and moisture will evaporate more easily, causing the inside of your skin to dry out. Be sure to apply a UV base with a high UV blocking effect, such as SPF50 or PA++++, before applying makeup. ・Stress
Mental stress can also disrupt your hormonal balance, putting you at risk for inner dryness. Staying away from stressors and changing your mood can also have a positive effect on your skin condition. It is also effective to make it a habit to calm your mind with scented skin care that relieves stress using principles such as aromatherapy. ·Lack of sleep
In order for the skin’s moisturizing function to work properly, it is important that skin cells grow normally and that the secretion of growth hormone that promotes metabolism is smooth. Growth hormone is secreted while you sleep, but if your sleep time is short or your sleep quality is poor, growth hormone will not be secreted smoothly and your skin’s moisturizing function will decline. Lack of sleep can also lead to poor blood circulation, which can prevent nutrients and oxygen from reaching the skin. Getting enough sleep may help improve your inner dryness.
・Genetic factors are also involved.
It is said that a congenital deficiency in the skin’s natural moisturizing factor called filaggrin can lead to dry skin.
・Unbalanced eating habits
A nutritionally unbalanced diet, etc., may promote inner dryness. The representative nutrients that promote sebum turnover and control sebum secretion are B group vitamins (B2, B6, B12). Liver is a recommended food because it is rich in B vitamins. Vitamin C also controls sebum. It is also good to take commercially available vitamin C and vitamin B supplements, but at the clinic, we sell supplements such as pyridoxal (an active vitamin B6 preparation) and cynal (a combination of vitamin C and pantothenic acid, a type of water-soluble vitamin B group). It would be better to prescribe a multivitamin.
In addition, cells are originally made of proteins. Be sure to actively consume amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins that make up skin cells, through protein and other sources. Also, don’t forget to actively consume foods containing lactic acid bacteria and fermented foods that improve the intestinal environment. Before summer arrives, it’s a good idea to determine if you have inner dryness, take proper measures, and prepare your skin.
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