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Home » Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate Co., Ltd. Toranomon Althea Tower (Toranomon 2-chome District Type 1 Urban Redevelopment Project Business Building) Outline of worker support facilities to support both business and life has been decided

Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate Co., Ltd. Toranomon Althea Tower (Toranomon 2-chome District Type 1 Urban Redevelopment Project Business Building) Outline of worker support facilities to support both business and life has been decided

Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Toranomon Arcea Tower (Toranomon 2-chome District Type 1 Urban Redevelopment Project Business Building) Outline of worker support facilities to support both business and life has been decided ……
Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Masahiro Miwa), Dai-ichi Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Toshiaki Sumino), Kanden Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (Head office: Osaka prefecture) Osaka City, President: Kenichi Fujino), Tokyo Gas Real Estate Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroshi Sato), Kyushu Railway Company (Head Office: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, President: Yoji Furumiya), and Taisei Corporation Co., Ltd. “Toranomon Arcea Tower” (project name: Toranomon 2-chome district type 1 urban redevelopment project We would like to inform you that the outline of the worker support facility planned and proposed by our group has been decided for the business building), representative developer: Urban Renaissance Agency, independent administrative agency, implementation design and construction: Taisei Corporation).
About this project
This project is a Type 1 urban redevelopment project with the aim of developing a complex urban area equipped with Toranomon Hospital, which is equipped with advanced medical care befitting an
international city, disaster prevention and disaster response functions, greenways and plazas. It has been certified as a special revitalization district. It will be connected by a deck to the nearby Akasaka Intercity AIR and Toranomon Hills Station Tower*1,
contributing to the improvement of the pedestrian and automobile transportation network. The area around Toranomon Arcea Tower is an area with a rich international flavor, with many embassies and foreign companies, and large-scale urban development has progressed in recent years, and further development is expected. As an office building suitable for this diverse area, we will support QWL (Quality of Work Life) by providing diverse ways of working and a place for refreshment for tenants and all who visit the building. Masu.
[Image 1:×640.png ]
■Exterior perspective
[Image 2:×637.png ]
■Surrounding environment
*1 The connecting deck with Toranomon Hills Station Tower is scheduled to be completed in February 2025, and the connecting deck with Akasaka Intercity AIR is scheduled to be completed in 2029.
[Image 3:×684.png ]
■Facility configuration
As work styles become more diverse, we believe it is important to provide support facilities that accommodate the flexibility of work styles. We are collaborating with nearby facilities (Akasaka Intercity AIR, The Okura Tokyo, etc.) with the aim of maximizing the performance of each person working in this building and creating a place where everyone who gathers can find excitement and job satisfaction. We also planned highly convenient worker support facilities. Specifically, the “Business Center” (1st to 3rd floors) consists of a shared
office/conference/fitness/bike station (bicycle parking by
reservation)/concierge that provides a fulfilling office environment, meeting the day and night needs of workers and visitors. We will support the QWL of each visitor and worker by establishing a corresponding “commercial area” (1st to 2nd floors) and a “sky lounge” (22nd floor) that can be used by workers for refreshment and social gatherings.
A business center that supports diverse work styles
As a facility that supports both the business and life aspects of office workers, we have established a “Business Center” consisting of a shared office that accommodates a variety of work styles,
conferences, a fitness/bike station (bicycle parking by reservation), and a concierge. We provide services that are close to your needs.
[Image 4:×542.png ]
■Shared office (open area)
-Share office-
The shared office will mainly be for 1 to 5 people, but will also have private rooms and open areas that can accommodate up to 20 people. It can also be used for office tenant project needs and as a branch office function, and the web conference booth can also be used temporarily. It is planned to be operated by Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate, a representative company of our group, under its own brand “WAW.” “WAW” is a shared office with the theme of open spaces and wellness as a base for working, and we selected it because we thought it matched the business concept that our group was aiming for. ■Shared office WAW (official website:
[Image 5:×98.png ]
A space that gives form to “WORK AND WONDER”: A membership system operated by Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate based on the concept of “Exciting feelings, exciting spaces” and “WA (Wa, circle) = a place where you can build connections and expansion from zero.” Shared office. We believe that in order to create WAW while working, we need conditions that serve as a solid foundation, and as the basis of “WORK” we have established “OPENNESS” (= a place where companies and people, and companies can connect without boundaries) and “WELLNESS.” (= Health and a sound mind and body; Being Well Being), we have created both a soft and hard environment, and are providing spaces and services at 6 locations in Tokyo (Nihonbashi, Akasaka [2 locations], Kanda, Shinagawa, Operated in Ueno).
[Image 6:×540.jpg] ■STUDIO&LOUNGE
We have six conference rooms that are conveniently sized for everyday meetings, from meetings for a few people to seminars for up to 80 people, and are equipped with high-speed communication lines and the necessary equipment for online conferences. We have also set up a STUDIO & LOUNGE that can accommodate broadcast seminars and private parties, meeting a variety of needs such as set use for meetings and social gatherings. When using the facility for large-scale seminars, etc., we will collaborate with the nearby Akasaka Intercity Conference and provide one-stop services from reservation reception to day-of operations.
[Image 7:×538.jpg] ■Machine gym image
-Fitness Bike Station (reservation required bicycle parking)- In addition to the machine gym, we are planning to open a fitness center with services and refreshment functions to improve your physical condition. We support your mental and physical health by providing highly convenient services, such as rental services that allow visitors to use the facility on a case-by-case basis or come empty-handed. A highly secure bike station (reservation-based bicycle parking lot) will be installed on the first floor to meet the needs of workers commuting by bicycle, supporting a prosperous business and lifestyle in close proximity to work and residence. Regarding the use of showers, etc., we plan to coordinate with the fitness center. -Concierge-
The salon on the second floor has a concierge counter, which provides support services for foreign companies and foreigners, as well as hospitality support functions essential for business, such as store reservations for entertainment and souvenir arrangements for tenants. Masu. In addition, in collaboration with the nearby The Okura Tokyo, an “account coordinator” will be established to provide one-stop reservations for tenants when using hotel rooms and banquet
[Image 8:×540.jpg] ■Concierge counter
[Image 9:×540.png ]
■Account coordinator
Sky lounge that accommodates various usage scenarios
At the sky lobby on the 22nd floor, which is the transfer floor for the shuttle elevator, visitors are greeted by a bright, open, wood-grained space. At the back of the Sky Lobby is the “Sky Lounge,” a tenant-only lounge with approximately 160 seats in a variety of variations, from counter seats that are easy to use even by one person, to seats that can be used by groups for lunches, meetings, etc. To do. During the day, you are free to use the space to refresh yourself or to work or have meetings in a different location. At night, it is planned to be reserved exclusively for tenants by advance reservation, and can be used in a variety of situations, such as social events for departments.
[Image 10:×540.png ]
■Sky Lobby
[Image 11:×540.png ]
■Sky Lounge
A commercial area consisting of a marche zone that meets day and night needs and stores for daily use.
On the first floor, there will be a Marche zone consisting of 11 stores that you can feel free to stop by and offer a wide variety of menus at affordable prices. In addition to creating an attractive dining experience throughout the day in the open dining zone facing the open terrace, we also plan to introduce a system to improve worker time performance by utilizing mobile ordering and providing a comprehensive takeout menu. . It can be used in a variety of ways depending on the time of day, such as having lunch with co-workers or relaxing during the day, or communicating with friends at night. We will also attract stores that are essential for everyday use, such as cafes, all-day dining, and convenience stores.
[Image 12:×538.jpg] ■Daytime image
[Image 13:×541.jpg] ■Night image
Efforts to realize the project proposal by our group
After our group was officially selected as the owner of the reserved floor in March 2019*2, we have been holding discussions with related parties to realize the plan proposed at the time of competitive bidding. As shown below, in addition to realizing high-quality office specifications and thorough BCP measures, we are steadily progressing with the realization of planning proposals, such as acquiring environmental certification and area management initiatives in response to recent social demands.
[Image 14:×628.png ]
■Standard floor plan
◇Office specifications (rental floors: 16th to 37th floors)
The standard office floor is approximately 3,500 square meters (approximately 1,050 tsubo) per floor, with an easy-to-use shape and a column-free space that is easy to layout, allowing for an efficient office layout. The specifications allow for the installation of a pantry and internal stairs to encourage communication, and the plan is to flexibly respond to the needs of a variety of companies.
◇Complete BCP measures (building structure, emergency power supply)
[Image 15:×693.png ]
■BCP conceptual diagram
The building uses a seismic damping structure to ensure “special grade (S grade)” seismic performance that will not cause damage to the structure even in extremely rare seismic motions (seismic intensity 7 class). A dual system consisting of a cogeneration system that utilizes medium pressure gas and a dual fuel emergency generator allows for 60VA/m2 of electricity to be supplied to the private area even in the event of a power outage, and the elevators, lighting, and security in the common areas to be available for normal use. . It is also equipped with fuel that allows the emergency generator to operate for 168 hours (7 days) even in the event of a medium-pressure gas cut-off. Even in the unlikely event of a disaster, we have built an office environment where tenant companies, including head office functions, can continue business with peace of mind, using Japan’s highest level of BCP measures.
[Image 16:×496.png ]
■Obtaining environmental certification
◇Environmental response/area management initiatives
As part of our efforts to reduce environmental impact through efficient energy use, we have achieved “ZEB Oriented” certification (for office areas) and “CASBEE” certification by reducing air conditioning energy by reducing solar radiation load and adopting equipment with high energy-saving performance. Obtained S rank for “Architecture (new construction)”*3.
The exterior features a green area that takes advantage of the undulating topography and is rich in seasonal changes, as well as a “Red Street” that stretches approximately 850 meters from east to west, connecting Roppongi Dori to Shintora Dori.
[Image 17:×527.png ]
■Embassy square
A tree-lined avenue will be constructed that connects to the “Slope/Toranomon Greenway”*4, and a large-scale green space of approximately 9,000 square meters will be created, including the plaza in front of the embassy (scheduled for completion in 2029). In the future, we will actively work on area management activities in collaboration with nearby facilities such as Akasaka Intercity AIR and The Okura Tokyo, and create a city where everyone, including office workers, local residents, and visitors, can enjoy walking around and relax. Promote.
*2 *3 Achieving a 41% reduction in primary energy consumption, the 5-star “ZEB Oriented” certification (office part), which is the highest rank in the BELS 5-level evaluation, is effective as of December 21, 2023, and the “CASBEE Architecture ( New construction)” S rank was acquired on February 29, 2024.
*4 Based on the development policy of the Akasaka-Toranomon Greenway Development Promotion Council, which was established under the leadership of Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate in 2009, green space development is being carried out in collaboration with Minato Ward and surrounding local organizations.
■Plan outline
Building name: Toranomon Arcea Tower (Toranomon 2-chome district Type 1 urban redevelopment project business building)
Address: 105 Toranomon 2-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Main uses: Offices, stores, business/life support facilities, parking lots Site area: Approximately 22,500 square meters (approximately 6,800 tsubo) Total floor area: Approximately 180,700 square meters (approximately 54,600 tsubo)
Number of floors: 38 floors above ground, 2 floors underground Building height: approx. 180m
Structure: Steel structure (partially steel reinforced
concrete/reinforced concrete)
Basic design Nippon Sekkei/Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei joint venture Detailed design: Taisei Corporation First Class Architect Office Construction: Taisei Corporation
Construction supervision Nippon Sekkei/Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei joint venture Start of construction September 2020
Completion: February 2025 (planned)
■Office rental overview
Target floors: 16th to 37th floors (22 floors)
          22nd to 37th floor: Reserved floor acquisition part 21st floor: Kyodo News, General Incorporated Association
16th to 20th floors: Kyodo News Center Co., Ltd.
Total rental area: Approximately 73,000 square meters (approximately 22,000 tsubo)
Standard floor rental area: approximately 3,300 to 3,500 square meters (approximately 1,000 to 1,050 tsubo)
Standard floor ceiling height 2,900mm (3,000mm for the 16th, 22nd, and 30th floors)
Standard floor OA floor 100mm (150mm for 17th to 21st and 29th floors, 300mm for 16th and 30th floors)
Outlet capacity 60VA/square meter
Power reception method 22KV extra high voltage 3 line spot network method Air conditioning heat source method: DHC (district heating and cooling), gas cogeneration system
The descriptions and image perspectives in this document are in the planning stage, and are subject to change due to future administrative guidance and consultations.
■Surrounding map
[Image 18:×1430.png ]
■Layout diagram
[Image 19:×682.png ]

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