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Tokyo We support the creation of new tours using drones!

We support the creation of new tours using drones!
Subsidy recruitment started & seminar held
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is promoting accessible tourism by promoting the creation of content that allows anyone, including people with disabilities and the elderly, to enjoy sightseeing by operating drones.
We are currently offering assistance to create tours using drones, so please apply! We will also hold a seminar on accessible tourism using drones. We look forward to your participation.
[Summary overview]
1.Support recipients
Travel business operators whose head office or main business office is located in Tokyo
2 Projects eligible for subsidies
Utilizing drones, we will create, sell, and operate travel products that allow anyone to enjoy sightseeing in Tokyo and experience the charm of the region, while meeting the needs of people who face difficulties in transportation and communication, such as the disabled and the elderly. effort
-Supported expenses-
1.Product creation costs (on-site survey costs, system construction costs related to drone operation experience, etc.)
2. Product sales expenses (advertising expenses, public relations tool creation expenses)
3.Product operating expenses (expenses related to tour operation, staff arrangement expenses)
-Subsidy limit/subsidy rate-
5 million yen per travel product ・Within two-thirds
-Supported project implementation period-
From the date of issuance decision to March 31, 2020
3 Recruitment period
From Wednesday, May 8, 2020 to Tuesday, September 10, 2020 (must arrive) *Screening will be conducted each time during the reception period, and the screening results will be notified approximately one month after receiving the application documents.
4 Number of adopted projects
10 (planned)
5 How to apply
Please submit documents using one of the methods below.
1. Mail to the address below
In charge of management support, Acceptance Environment Division, Tourism Department, Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs, Tokyo Metropolitan Government
19th floor, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building 1, 2-8-1
Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-8001
2. Electronic application using the government-operated subsidy electronic application system (jGrants)
*For details, please refer to the recruitment guidelines on the Industrial and Labor Bureau website. [Seminar overview]
1 Date and time
Tuesday, May 30, 2020, from 14:00 to 15:30
2 Target participants
Tokyo travel operators and other interested parties
3 Recruitment capacity
100 people online (first come first served)
4 Event details
Keynote speech on accessible tourism, tourism x drone case study introduction, subsidized project information, etc.
5 Application deadline
Wednesday, May 29, 2020
Please apply from the URL below.
This project is a project to promote the “Future Tokyo” strategy version up 2024.
Strategy 15 Culture/Entertainment City Strategy “Experience/Town Walking Smart Tourism Project”
[Contact information]
Industrial and Labor Bureau Tourism Department Acceptance Environment Division Representative number 03-5320-4802
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