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Certified NPO D×P Started crowdfunding to create a safe place for 4,000 young people gathered in a downtown a rea

Certified NPO D×P
Crowdfunding started to create a safe place for 4,000 young people gathered in a downtown area
DxP, a certified NPO that works to prevent the isolation of young people through its “Youth Center,” is raising funds to maintain and operate a safe place for young people.
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Young people and children looking for a place to stay connect and gather through SNS near the Glico signboard (commonly known as Guri-shita) in Dotonbori, one of Osaka’s busiest downtown areas. These young people who live in downtown areas come from a variety of backgrounds, including abuse and economic hardship, and downtown areas have become a place for young people to belong.
Some of these young people have been hurt and distrusted by their past interactions with adults, so they feel close to giving up on welfare support. They also encounter various problems such as crime. There are young people who get into trouble and are unable to talk to anyone, including their families or teachers, and end up feeling more isolated and isolated.
Through our Youth Centers, we create a safety net, a safe place for young people.
Crowdfunding page: Implementation period: May 8th (Wednesday) – July 1st (Monday) Young people gather in the downtown area of ​​Minami, Osaka
In the downtown area of ​​Minami, Osaka, young people who are isolated because they have no place to belong at home or school are gathering and connecting through SNS. There are also young people who live in downtown areas to escape abuse and domestic violence. In Osaka, young people from various backgrounds gather in the downtown area of ​​Minami, and the “night town” has become a safety net for young people.
Social issues facing young people
Among the young people who came together in search of friends and a place to live, some are in financial difficulties and do not have a safe place to live. In such situations, people may not be able to talk to anyone or find a safe solution, and may end up getting involved in crime or accumulating debt. Such an environment exists right next to the young people who gather under Guri. As the issues at hand become more serious, the mental strain increases and medical care is required.
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Youth center opened in downtown Osaka Minami
As an extension of your daily life, you can meet people who care about you, and in the downtown area you can meet adults who “get involved without denying it.” Wanting to create such a place, we started setting up tents once a week in August 2022 near Guri-shita, the downtown area of ​​Minami, Osaka.
We started our activities with the idea that people who want to come to this place can come when they want, and as a result, the number of people who stay here has gradually increased. They helped me with things like taking down my tent, and I started getting more and more consultations from people asking me to talk to them.
We set up a tent for over half a year and built relationships there, going to the hospital together, helping people rebuild their lives, getting advice about work, etc. The problem with activities in tents was that since the activities were outdoors, depending on the weather and temperature, it was difficult to stay inside the tent. Also, there was no environment where I could have detailed discussions such as individual consultations. Therefore, we created a “Youth Center” a 5-minute walk from Guri-shita as a place where young people can use the center with peace of mind and where they can engage in independent activities.
[Image 3:×2160.jpg] Three functions of the youth center
・You can save energy
・You can connect with people who can think about your future together. ・My rights are respected and I can work independently.
First of all, they need a safe environment where they can eat and sleep, and experience that their condition, feelings, and rights are respected. We believe that moments of personal will and
self-determination are born through a safe environment and
opportunities to be respected for who you are. We respect young people’s will and provide support, including benefits, interviews, and accompanying support, so that we can monitor the decision-making power that young people have.
Crowdfunding started to maintain and operate a safe place for young people We would like to work with local residents, shopping districts, experts, and local governments to involve the entire downtown area and create a place where young people can feel safe and move toward independence.
Our goal is a society where each young person can have hope for their future. We will create a social structure where young people can have hope for their future, no matter their circumstances.
Having people who empathize with and embody the values ​​of D×P in the communities where young people live and in society should be a great safety net for everyone.
Through crowdfunding, we hope to create a society where people can find connections that will make them feel like they can survive, no matter what their circumstances.
[Crowdfunding overview]
・Target amount: 20 million yen
・Period: May 8th (Wednesday) – July 1st (Monday)
・Crowdfunding page: About the certified NPO “D×P”
DxP, a certified NPO, has been active since 2012 with the aim of creating a society where every young person can have hope for their future. Noriaki Imai, the chairman of DxP, was a party to the Iraq hostage crisis that took place in 2004. When I was released as a hostage and returned home, I was criticized, saying things like “it’s my own fault” and “I’m begging you to die.” An isolated teenager that Imai met after returning to society after spending two years cooped up at home. This overlapped with Imai’s own image of losing his place after returning from Iraq.
D×P was certified by Osaka City on June 8, 2015 and became a “certified NPO corporation.” Additionally, in 2020, Osaka City granted us permission to renew our “Certified NPO Corporation” status. A certified NPO is an organization that has been certified by a local government as having appropriate activities.
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