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Home » For web creators Learn the basics of Python and improve your skills and career! 5/28 (Tuesday) ~ “Python Bas ics Online Course” (free, 4 lessons in total)

For web creators Learn the basics of Python and improve your skills and career! 5/28 (Tuesday) ~ “Python Bas ics Online Course” (free, 4 lessons in total)

[For web creators] Learn the basics of Python and improve your skills and career! 5/28 (Tuesday) ~ “Python Basics Online Course” (free, 4 lessons in total)

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Press release: May 8, 2024
[For web creators] Learn the basics of Python and improve your skills and career! 5/28 (Tuesday) ~ “Python Basics Online Course” (free, 4 lessons in total)
Creek & River Co., Ltd. (C&R) is offering a four-part “Python Basics Online Course” starting May 28th (Tuesday) for web creators such as designers, coders, and markup engineers. Participation fee is free). *

* ▼Click here for details and application * ** * *Deadline: May 28, 2024 (Tuesday) 19:00*

In recent years, the language “Python” has become popular not only in Japan but also overseas. It is used for applications such as application development, artificial intelligence development, data analysis efficiency, and blockchain development. It emphasizes the readability and understandability of programs, and is characterized by being designed to be easy to understand even for people who do not know Python. In addition, Python’s great appeal is its balance of readability, ease of learning, and practicality, as it has a rich library and is highly extensible.
In this course, Mr. Kazuma Sekiguchi, who is engaged in website creation, system development, and program development as CTO of Comscent Co., Ltd. (web production company), will be on stage as a lecturer, and he will introduce Flask (a Python web application framework). We will explain how to use a simple web application in a hands-on format. If you are interested, please join us.
-Notes on taking the course-Please check before applying.
・Target level: Those who have taken or understand the introduction to Python ・We will proceed with the lecture assuming that you have some understanding of HTML and are able to manipulate files and folders. ・Python targets the latest version of version 3 series.
-VisualStudioCode latest version/VisualStudioCode enhancements/Python itself (Version 3 series latest version)/Google Chrome will be used in lectures. (Installation manual will be distributed to those who apply in advance)
・No knowledge of programming languages ​​required
・Programs created in lectures will be distributed for review purposes. ・Please note that archives will not be distributed.
* -Curriculum schedule and content-*
* [1st session: May 28th (Tuesday) 19:00-21:00]*
・Create a web system with Python
・About Flask
・Introduction of Flask and display confirmation
・Handling of routing
* [2nd session: June 4th (Tuesday) 19:00-21:00] *
・Use a template engine
・Using templates using Jinja2
・Branch processing using templates
・Repeat with template
・Using Jinja2 filters
* [3rd session: June 11th (Tuesday) 19:00-21:00]*
・Receive form data
・Creating forms using WTForms
・Perform validation
・Use sessions
* [4th: June 18th (Tuesday) 19:00-21:00] *
・Use of database (use of SQLite)
・Create a database
・Use of ORM
・Data storage and retrieval
・Data update
・Creating an assignment management app
*We will take breaks at appropriate times.
*Lecture content is tentative. The schedule may change depending on the student’s progress on the day.
* – Recommended for these people! -*
・Front-end engineers who want to acquire back-end skills for web development ・Creators studying to become web engineers
Python introductory online course
* ■Date and time*
Daily session: May 28, 2024 (Tuesday) 19:00-21:00
2nd day: June 4, 2024 (Tuesday) 19:00-21:00
3-day session: June 11, 2024 (Tuesday) 19:00-21:00
4th day: June 18, 2024 (Tuesday) 19:00-21:00
Held online
* Kazuma Sekiguchi *
*Comcent Co., Ltd. Director and CTO*
We create websites in total, including site design, HTML coding, program development using JavaScript, PHP, etc., creation of apps for iOS and Android, and implementation and operation of web servers. His strength is that he understands technology and can provide
comprehensive advice on design, coding, server operation, and service operation. As CTO of Comcent Co., Ltd. (web production company), engaged in website creation, system development, and program development. He mainly handles the customization of e-commerce sites, full-scratch web system development, video distribution systems, video distribution, and creation of smartphone applications for
distribution. In charge of web production classes at universities and vocational schools (part-time). He also has extensive experience speaking at events and seminars.
He has also written books such as Dreamweaver.
* ■Target*
・Web designers, web coders, markup engineers, web directors, etc. ・Creators working as web creators
* ■Participation fee*
* ■Capacity*
60 people
* ▼Click here for details and application * ** *Deadline: May 28, 2024 (Tuesday) 19:00
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Creek and River Co., Ltd.
PEC Secretariat

Since its founding in 1990, C&R has been a pioneer in creator agency, supporting the career and skill development of creators through corporate joint information sessions, career consultations, and seminars. Based on our mission of “improving the lifetime value of professionals,” we will continue to aim to create an environment where creators can maximize their abilities through various initiatives. * -Web/design related seminars/courses-*
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Event information can be found on the information site for creators “CREATIVE” VILLAGE” and is also available as an e-mail newsletter. If you are interested, please register!
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We are a professional agency founded in 1990. With the mission of “increasing the lifetime value of professionals” and “contributing to the creation of value for clients,” we are working in a variety of industries, including video, games, the web, advertising/publishing, writers, architecture, computer science, life science, performing arts, CXO, athletes, etc. We operate an agency business
(dispatch/introduction), a production business
(development/contracting), and a rights management business (planning, development, and distribution of intellectual property) specializing in professionals in the field. The C&R Group also operates businesses in the medical, IT, accounting, legal, fashion, food, and agriculture fields, and has expanded to a total of 18 fields.
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