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Home » STARKIDS releases epic dance tune “BIG HEAD”!

STARKIDS releases epic dance tune “BIG HEAD”!

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guntai9 Co., Ltd.
STARKIDS releases epic dance tune “BIG HEAD”!
The music video for the song will also be released on Sunday, May 12th! ……
With summer just around the corner, STARKIDS’ new song “BIG HEAD” was released today, raising the temperature at once. This song was produced by track maker lileffort and media creator french cries, who are also guntai9 members, and the cover art was co-created by visual artists Yamepi, nerdboi, and french cries.
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This song, which features an orchestral main lead played by a trumpet, has elements of swag rap and future bass, but has a brighter four-on-the-floor dance-pop vibe. Members Space Boy, ROAR, levi, and TAHITI who participated in the song put the lyrics on the theme of “cheeky”, emphasizing the peak that STARKIDS should climb.
In addition, the music video, which symbolizes the revival of STARKIDS’ DIY spirit, will be released on Sunday, May 12th, directed by french cries and shot by Steffen Yoshiki, who is also STARKIDS’ manager and is also active as a DJ and artist. is planned.
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[Image 2:×1766.jpg] STARKIDS’ live performances are currently scheduled for June 22nd, the 3rd guntai9 sponsored event “AREA ZERO” Shinjuku Zero Tokyo, and July 7th “Crash Summer” at Shibuya WWWX.
In addition, it has been decided that the STARKIDS
The exhibition photos are also scheduled to be renewed on May 16th (Thursday). A flurry of releases are planned, and the STARKIDS offensive is attracting a lot of attention.
forever stars, forever kids
[Image 3:×2176.jpg] STARKIDS is a six-member unit based in Tokyo, consisting of Space Boy, BENXNI, TAHITI, levi, espeon, and ROAR. Their music ranges from Eurobeat, happy hardcore-inspired EDM instrumentals to hard-hitting trap and hip-hop production. STARKIDS, known for their high-energy performances, perfectly blend both English and Japanese with catchy melodies. The group’s unique aura draws talented creators from all over the world to Tokyo, leading to the formation of their collective and record label, guntai9. With the taglines “Forever Stars, Forever Kids” and “Time to Shine with the 9”, STARKIDS aims for global recognition and is an unforgettable addition to the international music scene with a vibrant and promising artistic journey. Guaranteed to leave a mark.
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