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GoQSystem Co., Ltd. IZUMI Co., Ltd., which provides “Crossma”, joins GoQSystem as a group

GoQSystem Co., Ltd.
IZUMI Co., Ltd., which provides “Crossma”, joins GoQSystem as a group ……
GoQSystem Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Takuji Fujimoto) provides a unified management system for multiple malls/carts, and IZUMI Co., Ltd. (formerly Headquarters: Tokyo Miyakominato Ward (former representative: Shunsuke Muto) has been participating since March 2024.
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Business overview of GoQSystem and Crossma
GoQSystem Co., Ltd. provides “GoQSystem”, which allows you to centrally manage ordering, inventory, and product information on Rakuten Market, Amazon, Yahoo! Shopping, etc. In addition to the central management system, we also offer many free tools such as Click Post extensions and ranking checkers. All of them have a wide range of users, from light users who have just started mail order to veteran users with over 10 years of e-commerce experience, and are used by more than 40,000 companies in total.
IZUMI Co., Ltd. provides “Crossma”, which allows simultaneous listing on multiple malls starting from Amazon, automatic price and inventory changes, and automation of multi-channel delivery of orders received from each mall. Crossma also provides store construction support, including store opening screening, which requires no effort on the user’s part, and is a service for users who are starting to expand from the product sales field to e-commerce and other malls.
Outlook after group joining
By joining the Crosma group, we will be able to provide services to a wide range of e-commerce mail order businesses, and our goal is to provide further customer experience and service stability.
GoQSystem’s strengths are “thorough customer service (CS)” and “server stability of over 99%.”
We will strengthen this strength with Crossma and provide a
comfortable user experience for existing users.
On the other hand, listing and price updates using Amazon data, which is Crossma’s specialty, is an area that is often requested by GoQSystem users.
By leveraging the strengths of each of these services and aiming for synergistic effects, we aim to provide services that satisfy both Crossma and GoQSystem users.
Comment from the person in charge of Crossma
The EC industry is rapidly expanding. The business class is also becoming more diverse. In order to respond to this trend of needs, GoQSystem and IZUMI (Crossma), which has joined the group, will operate to generate mutual synergy.
With the GoQSystem mindset, we will improve Crossma’s services by increasing support staff, strengthening response capabilities, improving churn, and increasing server stability and speed, as well as adding value to be the optimal solution for existing and new users of any service. We will continue to provide high quality service. Contact information
Public Relations Officer (Sato)
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Crossma (IZUMI Co., Ltd.)
GoQSystem (GoQSystem Co., Ltd.)
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