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Home » SKY PerfecTV Customer Relations and Advanced Media conclude a sales agency agreement for voicebot (speech recogn ition IVR) “AmiVoice(R) ISR Studio”

SKY PerfecTV Customer Relations and Advanced Media conclude a sales agency agreement for voicebot (speech recogn ition IVR) “AmiVoice(R) ISR Studio”

SKY PerfecTV Customer Relations Co., Ltd.
SKY PerfecTV Customer Relations and Advanced Media conclude a sales agency agreement for voicebot (speech recognition IVR) “AmiVoice(R) ISR Studio”
~Leveraging our operational experience to provide high value-added services such as creating scenarios and voice recognition engines~ ……
May 9, 2024 SKY PerfecTV Customer Relations Co., Ltd. Advanced Media Co., Ltd. SKY PerfecTV Customer Relations Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Yasuhiko Shinmaki; hereafter referred to as SPCC) is a subsidiary of Advanced Media Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo; Chairman and President: Kiyoyuki Suzuki,
hereinafter referred to as: We have concluded a sales agency agreement with Advanced Media. “AmiVoice ISR Studio”, with which we have signed a sales agency agreement, will provide high-precision voice
recognition using AI voice recognition AmiVoice, which has the No. 1 market share in Japan*1, easy scenario creation, and a cloud environment. By using this service, you can easily start automating your telephone response.
[Image:×99.png ]
According to the “Call Center White Paper 2023” *2 survey, the adoption rate of voicebots will be 4.8% in FY2022 and 8.2% in FY2023, which is in the market introduction stage. Additionally, when it comes to IT solutions that are planned to be introduced in the future, it ranks second with 24.2% in FY2022 and 22.6% in FY2023, and its use is expected to expand in the future.
SPCC is SKY PerfecTV! Focusing on contact center operations, we have 25 years of experience and know-how gained through trial and error as our strength, and have a track record of implementation in a wide range of industries, from small to large scale, and provide
problem-solving proposals tailored to the needs of companies. is our specialty.
Also, as a user of “AmiVoice ISR Studio”, SKY PerfecTV! By linking a dedicated system that manages program information with an API, we automate the broadcast schedule guidance for approximately 4,000 professional baseball broadcasts per month.
Through this agreement, we will utilize the knowledge gained as a user through the actual use of “AmiVoice ISR Studio” to add value by creating voicebot scenarios and speech recognition engines suitable for each business content and linking with databases. We will provide high-quality services and expand our reach to a wider range of customers.
Furthermore, we will conduct automated telephone calls, including data analysis aimed at reducing mid-call dropouts and improving inquiry completion rates, which are issues with many voicebots, as well as operational aspects such as improving, improving, and managing scenarios and voice recognition engines. We provide comprehensive support.
SPCC and Advanced Media will leverage the strengths and experience of both companies to promote automated telephone call response at contact centers using “AmiVoice ISR Studio.”
[Features of “AmiVoice ISR Studio”]
1. Users can create their own speech recognition engine tailored to the purpose of the voicebot.
Users can create their own voice recognition engine for “customer number”, “product name”, etc. according to the voicebot scenario. In addition, a voice recognition engine for names, addresses, phone numbers, and free speech is also available as standard. Highly accurate and flexible automatic response is possible.
2. Anyone can easily build and operate voicebot scenarios with an intuitive UI Scenarios such as guidance, hearing, branching, and transfer can be created without any code using an intuitive UI. Scenarios can be used immediately, and the series of processes involved in “creation → adjustment → use → improvement”, which is important for improving completion rates, can be executed smoothly.
3. Cloud-based service provision and sample scenarios allow you to start using it in a short period of time
Provided as a cloud service (SaaS), there is no need for telephone equipment or line contracts. In addition, a wealth of sample scenarios such as “overflow call reception”, “callback reception”, “failure reception”, “order reception”, “exemption certificate reissue”, and “telephone intermediary” are provided, allowing you to start using the service in a short period of time.
■“AmiVoice ISR Studio” product page
*1 Source: ecarlate LLC “Speech Recognition Market Trends 2024” Speech Recognition Software/Cloud Service Market
*2 Published by Rick Telecom in early November 2023
【About us】
■About Advanced Media
Established in 1997. Jointly developed and commercialized Japanese speech recognition AmiVoice with Interactive Systems, Inc. (USA). In 2005, we became the first company specializing in speech recognition to be listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s Mothers Market (currently the Growth Market), and became the first company in Japan to turn a profit on a full-year basis in the speech recognition business. With the vision of “realizing HCI (Human Communication Integration),” we aim to have the No. 1 share in the voice recognition software and cloud services market (Source: Joint We are developing a business centered on the voice recognition AmiVoice of the company ecarlate “Voice Recognition Market Trends 2024”). It is used in a wide range of situations as a domain-specific engine such as meetings, medical care, call centers, construction/real estate, and
■About SKY PerfecTV Customer Relations (SPCC)
Since our establishment in 2000, we have operated a multi-channel, multi-site, multi-vendor customer center for the paid multi-channel broadcasting service “SKY PerfecTV!” by utilizing various
cutting-edge technologies.
In 2020, in addition to the use of technology, we have received high praise for the rich services provided by people, such as receiving a three-star rating in three HDI categories, and we are working in various industries such as mail order, manufacturing, and online business. We are expanding our services, such as contact centers and administrative agency services, to our business clients. We will continue to strive to make many end users happy and to contribute to the performance of many companies.
[Inquiry regarding this matter]
Advanced Media Co., Ltd.
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SKY PerfecTV Customer Relations Co., Ltd.
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