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EBay Japan Co., Ltd. DHL has been added to eBay’s official logistics service “eBay SpeedPAK”!

eBay Japan Co., Ltd.
DHL added to eBay’s official logistics service “eBay SpeedPAK”! ~With the introduction of new shipping options, delivery tailored to sellers’ needs is now possible~
eBay Japan Co., Ltd. (location: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Okada) supports cross-border e-commerce (overseas sales) for Japanese sellers by opening a store on eBay, the world’s largest online marketplace. Masayuki (hereinafter referred to as eBay Japan) has announced that it will newly add the delivery service of major courier DHL Express to the official logistics service “eBay SpeedPAK” using the eBay platform, and will start offering it as “eBay SpeedPAK – Ship via DHL”. It will be announced. With the addition of DHL Express shipping options, sellers will be able to choose the most suitable shipping method depending on their product and destination country, allowing sellers to tailor shipping to their diverse needs. In addition, you can send packages even with just one shipment, and even private sellers can use courier service, so you can get your package delivered quickly and at an affordable price.
eBay SpeedPAK is a service that provides the multinational delivery service management program “SpeedPAK” developed by the logistics company “Orange Connex” (hereinafter referred to as OC) to all sellers in Japan as eBay’s official logistics service. Courier service is available for any single piece of luggage. By using eBay SpeedPAK, you can reduce shipping costs by up to 30% (compared with other major courier companies, according to OC research), and contribute to improving work efficiency and business expansion by waiving optional fees and providing Japanese customer support. Masu. [eBay SpeedPAK – Ship via DHL service features] Main target customers: – Those who want to choose the most suitable courier depending on the type of package – Those who want to experience DHL’s delivery service at a discount starting from one delivery – Those to Australia Benefits for those who make a lot of deliveries and those who want to handle delivery-related tasks efficiently in one place: – 25% off fuel surcharges – Free handling charge for lithium batteries (installed in equipment) – Free delivery notification service for private residences (conditions apply) Seller protection applies to users who meet the criteria. Please check this out for details. to use Please proceed by creating an account on eBay’s official shipping platform CPaSS. *You can use eBay SpeedPAK – Ship via DHL by linking your Orange Connex account after creating a CPaSS account. There is no need to link your DHL account. (Reference: eBay SpeedPAK User Guide For inquiries regarding Orange Connex / eBay SpeedPAK, phone number (toll-free): 0800-100-3671 (Monday) ~Sat 9:00-18:00) Email address: Website: [About eBay Inc. and eBay Japan]
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eBay Inc. (listed on NASDAQ, ticker symbol: EBAY) is the world’s leading e-commerce company, enriching the lives of individuals, entrepreneurs, and organizations of all sizes around the world. We operate a marketplace that connects sellers and buyers in over 190 countries and regions. Since its founding in San Jose, California, in 1995, eBay has been one of the world’s largest marketplaces for valuable and unique products. In 2023, there was a total transaction value of over $73 billion. Click here for detailed company information and management site information. [EBay Japan Co., Ltd.] Head office location: Minato-ku, Tokyo Business details: As a Japanese subsidiary of eBay Inc., we provide cross-border e-commerce for Japanese sellers through the online marketplace “eBay”. ” We are providing support.
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