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Home » Lisners Co., Ltd. Launch of “Okuru Kotoba” service to leave parents’ thoughts on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Lisners Co., Ltd. Launch of “Okuru Kotoba” service to leave parents’ thoughts on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Listeners Co., Ltd.
“Okurukotoba” service launched to leave parents’ thoughts on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day
I will listen and tell you things that you cannot hear on your behalf. ……
Listeners Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Mitsuya Kakihata, hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) conducts interviews with more than 3,000 people, mainly business owners, publishes books, and operates web media. “We are releasing “Okuru Kotoba.” Our experienced interviewers will ask you what you want to hear from your loved one right now, and what you may find difficult to hear due to your close relationship, and record them in written, audio, or video form.
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Development background
“Okurukotoba” was born from the actual experience of our
representative Kakibata.
How did my parents meet, and under what circumstances were I born? What did my father and mother really think at that time? There are so many things I want to listen to while my parents are still alive and well, as they approach their 90s, but I can’t listen to them myself now, but I’m sure I’ll regret it if I don’t listen to them now. With this in mind, Kakihata consulted a trusted writer and asked him to interview the parents on his behalf, which turned out to be an irreplaceable time for the parents to reflect on the trajectory of parent and child. For Kakihata, the booklet containing the interviews is a bible that will help him return to his roots throughout his life. In an era where the aging of the population is accelerating and there is an even greater need for listening and passing on information between generations, we believe that it is the responsibility of Listeners, who make a living doing interviews, to provide this valuable experience, which led us to this release.
▼Brand message
[Video 2:] Product Summary
Product name: “Okurukotoba” “listening agency service”
Service start date: May 12, 2024 (Sunday) Mother’s Day
Price: From 300,000 yen excluding tax
・Advance meeting/consultation about what you would like to hear ・Interview・Audio recording・Writing・Editing・Proofreading
・Photography by a professional photographer (lighting equipment included) ・Booklet (12 pages ~)
・Posted on our web media *(only for those who request) *Other options include video shooting, on-site hair and makeup, and reprints.
[Image 2:×1280.jpg] *Booklet image
Product Features
In “Okuru Kotoba,” experienced interviewers ask from a third-party perspective what you want your loved ones, such as your immediate family, to listen to right now, and what you find difficult to listen to because of your close relationship. This is a “listening agency service” that provides texts, audio, and videos by editors,
photographers, etc.
1. You can bring out things that you cannot talk about honestly due to embarrassment due to being a relative.
2. You can delve into things that are difficult to touch on with each other, such as family taboos.
3.The interview itself becomes a special time for reflecting on your life and expressing gratitude.
4.It will be a priceless way of giving back, not things or money. 5. Interviewees can also make surprising discoveries and realizations. -Recommended for the following people-
-Those who are busy and do not have enough time to spend with their parents ●Those who have become estranged from their parents due to a slight misunderstanding.
●If you are thinking of giving your parents a gift that is neither a trip nor an item.
●Those who want to leave a message that transcends generations to their children and grandchildren.
●Those considering business succession
Company Profile
[Image 3:×500.jpg] Listeners is a company with the mission of “Storytelling for Everyone” and aims to become a “hub” that connects people who sympathize with the stories created through interviews. Through “Share Publishing (R),” where multiple co-authors publish a book on one theme, and “LISTEN,” an interview web media operated by our company, we have published stories from over 700 companies and 3,000 people. We are creating a circle of empathy.
Company name: Listeners Co., Ltd.
Location: 2-14-17 Nishiochiai, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo LISTEN Base Representative: Mitsuya Kakihata, Representative Director
Established: June 21, 2001
Business details: Management of web media “LISTEN”* that connects people and companies through stories, publishing and sales of books, magazines, and web media, public relations support, recruitment branding support
Contact information:
Listeners Co., Ltd. Person in charge: Adachi
Service inquiry form: More details about this release: