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KAMMUI Co., Ltd. KAMMUI Co., Ltd. launches adventure experience “Kammui Adventures”

[KAMMUI Co., Ltd.] KAMMUI Co., Ltd. launches adventure experience “Kammui Adventures”

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Press release: May 9, 2024
KAMMUI Co., Ltd. launches adventure experience “Kammui Adventures” *Development of themed adventure experiences that incorporate nature and culture for inbound tourists*
KAMMUI Co., Ltd. is a unique adventure travel experience that allows you to enjoy a combination of local culture and nature based on themes throughout Japan.
We will start selling “Kamuy Adventures”.
* ■About “Kammui Adventures”*
Kamui Adventures is a new travel experience that allows travelers to immerse themselves in experiences based on Japan’s unique culture and nature, with a 3-night, 4-day experience tailored to the traveler’s itinerary. In addition to experiencing Japan’s fascinating nature, these adventures set themselves apart from regular travel by incorporating things like visiting temples in Kyoto and shopping in Tokyo. Designed for those who seek a deep exploration of the landscape and culture of the world. Kammui works with regional guides and land operators to provide travelers with unique access to local people and culture, as well as awe-inspiring nature-based experiences. . Travelers interested in these experiences can submit a reservation request through the Kammui Adventures page on Based on this request, Kamuy will provide a customized adventure experience tailored to the traveler by communicating with them about their preferences and interests.
“Kammui Adventures” page on
For more information about Kammui Adventures, please visit: ** ■ *Background of launching “Kammui Adventures”*
Japan National Tourism Bureau
(JNTO) has identified three areas of focus for the Japanese market going forward: adventure tourism, luxury tourism, and sustainable tourism. These types of tourism are believed to not only benefit Japan’s local economy, but also solve the problem of overtourism. Adventure tourism in Japan is a relatively new market, but it is thought that no other destination in the world has four seasons and a diverse natural landscape and culture.

“Our mission is to connect travelers with unique and unforgettable nature experiences while empowering local guides and operators. We plan to create content that will give people an opportunity to explore areas that are unknown to them,” commented Max McKee, CEO of KAMMUI Co., Ltd.
* ■ Two documentaries that symbolize “Kammui Adventures” have been released* “Kammui”
Kamui Adventures has released two groundbreaking videos and stories created by Kamui to provide new inspiration for travelers exploring Japan’s unexplored regions.The first is in San Francisco. Stuart Briosa, a Michelin-winning chef based in
Bird Provisions, The Progress, Anchovy
Kammui Adventures in Hokkaido is a documentary about Kammui Bar) who travels across Hokkaido to explore food and explore the outdoors.

The second film is the documentary “DIRT:” designed and produced for the Texas-based lifestyle brand “Huckberry.”
“Kyushu” is a documentary that explores the history, nature, and culture of this region while following the eastern currents of Kyushu. “DIRT:
Kyushu” has been viewed more than 350,000 times since its release last month.

* “Kammui Adventures in Hokkaido” (Episode 1):*

*DIRT Kyushu:*

* ■ Experiences introduced in the documentary can be booked * The launch includes a number of bookable experiences inspired by the two documentaries, including:

Enjoy Hokkaido’s mountains and lakes with a guide, cycle through whiskey distilleries and natural wineries Explore the gastronomy of Niseko and surrounding areas Focus on subtropical Kyushu, home to the dramatic volcanoes of Kagoshima and Kirishima Enjoy hiking, kayaking in the ocean, and visit a shochu distillery and local shrine. Explore Daisetsuzan, Japan’s largest national park, in a luxury camper and enjoy local cuisine and culture at a facility deep in nature. Travel Experience the history and culture of Miyazaki while visiting local surf spots with local professional surfers
* ■ About Kammui *
Kammui believes in the transformative power of nature and its profound impact on our health and spirituality. We partner with Japan’s leading guides and operators to provide premium adventure and nature experiences.
URL: **

* ■ About KAMMUI Co., Ltd. *
KAMMUI Co., Ltd. has obtained a Type 3 travel business license based on Japan’s Travel Agency Act, and is engaged in the revitalization of local communities under a strategic alliance with Japan Airlines to promote the development of inbound premium adventure tourism. We aim to improve regional development.

* ■ Contact us *
KAMMUI Co., Ltd.
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