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Kimon Tonko|A love without a pulse & a reversal of a difficult situation Practical technique appraisal Hirom i Murano now offers “Authentic fortune-telling|Minori”

Rensa Co., Ltd.
Kimon Tonkou | Unconventional love & reverse victory in difficult situations [Practical technique appraisal] Hiromi Murano now offers “Authentic fortune-telling | Minori”
Rensa Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Tetsuya Takei) will be offering “Kimon Tonkou | Hiromi Murano” on “Honkan Fortune Telling | Minori” from May 9, 2024 (Thursday). We have started offering.
◆Authentic fortune telling | Minori URL: ◆Kimon Tonko|Unconnected love & victory over difficult situations [Practical-based secret technique appraisal] Hiromi Murano
[Image 1:×240.jpg] ■Introducing the content offered Kimon Tonko|Hiromi Murano, a fortune teller who is flooded with inquiries on her fortune telling show at 8pm on Tuesdays. Unlocking the ultimate wish-fulfilling secret technique using “Kimon Tonkou” based on the actual experience of rescuing her from the bottom. The appraisal that promises good luck will reveal your life and love and lead to a major reversal. Enjoy the moment when your destiny changes. ■Supervisor introduction: Air science, azimuth, four pillars of destiny, feng shui, and family appraiser “Hiromi Murano.” She has had a turbulent life since she was a child. After experiencing many hardships such as his parents’ divorce, a large amount of debt, his own divorce, and the risk of his company going bankrupt, he entered the world of Ki science by encountering fortune-telling and learning the importance of direction. We provide appraisals that are sensitive to the feelings of our customers, which we can understand from experiencing the pain of difficult times when things don’t go well. I’m helping you.
Incorporating many good luck methods using oriental divination techniques such as feng shui, pneumatics, and the Four Pillars of Destiny into his daily life, he is involved in various businesses such as real estate while experiencing spiritual growth and peace of mind. ■Introducing the love/fortune-telling media “Minori”
[Image 2:×100.jpg] In 2020, we started planning and operating the love/fortune-telling media “Minori”. We provide free fortune telling and information centered around love columns. “Minori’s Free Fortune Telling & Love Column” URL:■Introducing “Sekirara” Love Column & Free Fortune Telling Media for Women
[Image 3:×100.jpg] From 2022, we will start offering “Sekirara”, a love column and free fortune-telling media for women. From a unique perspective, we deliver information that will help you enjoy nightlife more, as well as the true feelings of men that you have never been able to get into before. In addition, free fortune tellings by popular fortune tellers who are active in various media such as TV and magazines are updated daily! “Sekirara-Adult Love Column & Free Fortune Telling” URL:■Introducing the freelance/job change
service/comprehensive service “Tech Mania”
[Image 4:×90.png ]
“Techmania” is a comprehensive site that provides comprehensive support for job changes, freelance activities, and learning for people who aim to be active in the IT industry from 2021, and provides them with a place to succeed that suits their individual needs. Started operation. We are also updating our engineer blog to deepen engineers’ knowledge! “Techmania -techmania-” URL:■Company overview
[Image 5:×83.png ]
Rensa Co., Ltd.: The origin of the word Rensa is “chain reaction” and “chain of connections between hearts.” Our mission is to contribute to society through manufacturing, connect people’s hearts through products and services, and create smiles. Rensa plans and produces digital content, mainly entertainment content, and provides content through a variety of channels. In addition to apps for iOS and Android, we have established a position in the digital content market for women, focusing on web media for major SNS media.

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